HR Transformation – How to Improve HR in 2022

How do you know if your HR department is optimized for 2022?

In the past couple of years, businesses and departments have seen a digital revolution – employees working from home and virtual meetings are now the norm. HR s been affected by this change just the same, if not more! Around 85% of global leaders reported accelerated digitization at their company since the pandemic began, talk about a transformation!

In 2022, companies are now expecting digital business remodelling in ways never seen before. In one way, organizations are relying on their HR departments to influence business strategies through human capital management. In another way, companies expect HR to digitize and automate in any way possible. All of this is on top of having to navigate a worldwide pandemic! Sounds easy enough right?

More than 60% of HR professionals said that having technology in place before the pandemic helped with a smooth transition to remote work. Moving forward, your organization needs to make HR transformation a priority. To be able to seamlessly integrate into the demands of the digital world – you ve got to give up on some of the old ways of doing business.

Your organization s HR transformation is vital to the success of both your organization and your employees. Keeping your employees in mind with how to positively and efficiently change your HR department is crucial. It s not just about being business-focused – you have to be people-focused.

Let s take a look at some of the best ways you can transform your HR department in 2021 to meet the demands of a digital world while also improving your organization in any way possible!


Can you confidently say your current HR policies are up to speed?

You must be excited to learn all about how to give your company a digital revolution – but you ve got to take it step by step. Before jumping into any technology or tactics that ll completely transform your company, it s important to start by reflecting on what your current HR situation looks like. What that means is taking a look at how your HR is currently collaborating with employees and if you re doing enough to seamlessly merge the two.

We get it, it can be hard to really dig deep and self-criticize how your company is running. It s easy to just say We re doing the best we can! and completely ignore the issues at hand, but for an HR transformation that just won t cut it. HR transformation is about recognizing and admitting that large changes need to be made to rise up to the challenges your team is facing.

When was the last time your company updated their policies or benefits? Do your employees know about your current benefits and policies? If it s tough to answer those questions, you must take time and look into using AirMason to help build and show off all your policies and benefits! We re focused on building employee experience while making onboarding incredibly easy. We re here to help you take the next step in building out an incredible employee handbook that helps you grow your company instantly!


Collecting Data and Analytics is the new reality for transforming HR

Before the rise of interest in employee experience and employee engagement, your HR department probably wasn t as connected with employees as it should have been. While there may have been countless efforts invested in finding ways to improve that in the past – we need to get real. The shift to digitized and remote work is not going anywhere. HR departments now need to accept the concept of using data and analytics to understand how their employees are feeling about the company.

To explain, many organizations have been putting in a substantial amount of effort in understanding how employees view their organization through a statistical and analytical frame, rather than just collecting opinions and thoughts. 69% of senior leaders credit much of their success during the pandemic to culture as it helps successful change initiatives happen.

However, to reach that culture you need to be able to quantify your HR KPIs. Our friends over at ToolBox HR have an excellent article showcasing some of the different metrics to collect data on. Focusing on collecting this data is just another step in digitally transforming your HR department. Understanding your employees needs and wants is a step that can t be missed when looking to transform your HR.


Don t be afraid to ask your employees what they would change about HR

While HR transformation is valuable from a business perspective, it s important to remember who HR is supposed to serve first – employees! One of the key ways to focus on how to transform HR is by prioritizing the different needs of employees and what they believe are the largest challenges they face. Remember – every employee experience is different. Now we understand you may not be able to perfectly satisfy every employee – that s difficult even in a smaller business made up of a few people! However, making employee voices be heard and seeing to the needs you know you can fix just takes your company a step in the right direction. 

One example of challenge employees face is the mental health struggles that have come with working remotely and minimized socialization. Earlier this month, we touched on and covered some of the larger mental health challenges employees face and what HR policies are required to support employees during these troubling times.

HR transformation isn t just about finding ways to make HR run more efficiently or evolve the way that HR is done from the physical world to a digital one. Most importantly, it should be about how to support your employees in new and creative ways. For employees, this is the best transformation they could hope for. An HR department that focuses on employee satisfaction above any other innovation or transformation. After all, employees are what lay the foundation for a successful company.


Onto the best technology for HR Transformation 

Finally, one of the most efficient ways to transform your HR department is by finding new technology and tools designed to help your HR department flourish. Technology and software are key to a thriving HR transformation.

One of the first technologies that come to mind is finding or improving your HRIS system to one that impacts your organization and employees more positively. We ve taken a look at some of the best HRIS systems available – feel free to take a look at our recommendations and see which is best for you! (inbound link)

Another technology that you can use to transform your HR department is AirMason, your essential tool in onboarding and employee engagement, designed to help your employees gain the most they can from their employee handbooks! Helping thousands of organizations grow and ease their onboarding process, we make sure that your employees are engaged the moment they re hired and focused on their handbooks and the policies within them. A successful company starts at the beginning of your employees journeys – make onboarding easy today.


HR Transformation for your Organization

Throughout this article, it s been made clear that there are several different strategies to take when focusing on transforming your organization s HR department. Only you know what s best for your team and structure, but there s no doubt in mind that in this day and age HR needs to be consistently transforming and innovating itself and its company.

One of the first ways to innovate your organization is to try AirMason and help your employees at the very first step – onboarding and acclimating into their new organization! Click here to book a free demo with the AirMason sales team specialized in finding you ways to improve your employee engagement and grow your onboarding in the easiest ways possible.

Tehsin Bhayani

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