Talent Management – How to Attract and Retain Employees

In HR we re all familiar with managing employees once they re hired, but have you ever thought about how to manage talent?

Talent management is how HR managers plan not only employee satisfaction, but planning how to select and attract the right people to the organization. In talent management, you don t just think about the employee lifecycle, you think about how to make sure you hired the right employee in the first place! Studies show that today, job vacancies are more time consuming and costly to fill than ever before. By focusing on talent management, you ll be able to seriously cut down on job vacancy rates.

Talent management isn t just for new hires or potential employees you want to attract to your company. Making sure that you manage your current talent and those driving the success of your company is crucial as an HR leader. While it may be difficult and time consuming, it s without a doubt that talent management is a crucial skill needed in your organization! Gallup reports that when companies have consistent performance management programmes, 90% see a direct boost in employee engagement. Gallup research also highlighted that companies with highly engaged employees outperform their rivals by as much as 21% for profitability!

Here we ll take a look at some of the main ways to help you start thinking about talent management and how to maintain it.


Attracting Talent – make job seekers want you

One of the first steps in thinking about talent management is understanding if you are able to attract the talent you need. Every organization struggles to find the right fit for their team, but you ll never find the right fit if you don t have what it takes for them to want to apply in the first place!

When focusing on how to attract talent to your organization, it s essential to be able to look at your company and identify if your organization and roles are well structured. Dig deep into what your company’s purpose and values are – this is how you ll attract the right talent. There are many questions to ask, but here are some examples:

  • Can potential new hires identify what your company culture is?
  • Is your job posting well thought out, straight to the point and most importantly – bringing in the right kind of applicants?
  • Is this position’s salary and benefits high enough to attract qualified talent?
  • Does your company profile attract talent to want to learn more – what makes it stand out?

These are just some of the questions that you can ask regarding how to attract talent. A whopping 82 percent of companies don t believe they recruit highly talented people. By applying these first steps, you set yourselves apart as a company and are able to recruit the highly talented employees you need.

If you re curious about how to get started with building a solid company culture while also engaging your employees, starting an employee handbook with AirMason is your next step! Focused on helping employees connect with their organization, thousands of businesses around the world use AirMason as their key engagement tool. Why not visit today and see how AirMason can transform your organization?


Identifying Talent – what makes potential new hires stand out

Once you ve structured both your organization and your position to attract the high quality talent you need, it s time to take a look at your HR skills and see if you can identify the right talent for your organization. It s hard having to sift through hundreds of resumes for job listings and booking several different interviews trying to find the right fit. We get it!

However, it s important to focus on the proper KPIs and experience to reach the talent you re looking to target. It s estimated that only 5% of the employees in a company make up 95% of the organization’s value, thus finding the right fit is crucial for you to help your business grow and succeed. A company s success starts at the hiring process.

Talent management requires you to gain experience in understanding what separates the top applicants for your position. To achieve this, spend time identifying the skills of your current employees and identify the qualifications and personality traits that make your team exceed as much as it does.  


Onboarding and Engaging Talent – success starts at the beginning 

Once you ve found the right person for the job, it s time to make sure that their onboarding process is smooth sailing and they re engaged right from the start. For most organizations, this is an incredibly difficult task. Only 12% of employees are convinced that their companies have good onboarding programs for new hires, and this number lowers every year.

Onboarding is a difficult and complicated task. We know all about how companies have struggled to get new hires fully engaged in their work and motivated to invest the time it takes to fully integrate within the company. We specialize in helping employers get their employees onboarded and engaged without any hassle or complications. By simply offering you all the tools and resources you need right at the start – a fantastic employee handbook.

AirMason specializes in creating high level fantastic employee handbooks that have helped organizations worldwide reinvent their employee engagement and employee experience. Visit today to see some examples of employee handbooks that have changed organizations in ways never thought of!


Measuring How Talent is Performing – invest time in your new hires

While your new hire transitions from the onboarding stage into truly working for your organization and growing each and every day, it s essential to measure the impact that their work brings into your company. By identifying solid KPIs and analytics to focus on, the impact of your new hire should make waves to your organization. Measuring this is the next step to successfully managing your talent.

By focusing on successfully managing your talent and understanding its impact, you will be able to plan for and understand the metrics needed for new hires at your organization moving forward. When you realize that you have hired an employee who is a perfect fit for your company, the key to successfully hiring new employees will become much more attainable. Succeeding in hiring great employees right off the bat only leads to lower turnover and a happily growing team.


Talent Management is Key

Now that you have a better understanding of how talent management can positively impact your organization, this is a great opportunity for you to go out and plan how to manage your talent in the future. Identifying the perfect fit is not an easy task, however the rewards it brings is incredibly beneficial.

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Tehsin Bhayani

AirMason was born when Tehsin was trying to create a digital culture book, but couldn’t find any solutions in the market that had all the features he needed. In 2016, AirMason officially launched. In five years, AirMason has created thousands of handbooks for more than 1,000 clients around the world.

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