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We re the world s top employee handbook builder for a reason – let s talk about why.

AirMason has helped over a thousand clients save time, money and stress with our digital handbook solutions. With easy-to-design handbooks that are creative, easily updatable and can be distributed anywhere with just a click, AirMason is the right choice for your organization. 

Focused on helping make onboarding easy, employee engagement instant, and centralizing all your documents in one easy-to-access online location – AirMason has features you just won t find anywhere else. Make life easier for you and your employees. Don t waste any more time – check out AirMason today.

We re industry leaders in HR and are committed to helping you grow your organization. Today, we ll take a look at the many AirMason features to help you cover all your bases. There is no competition – AirMason is the world s most trusted employee handbook builder for a reason.

Let s get started!


Easy to design handbooks with pre-built templates

One of the best parts about AirMason is the design capabilities! Our web-based software lets you edit, design & update your content easily with just a couple of clicks! No need for complicated software or hiring a designer to create a beautiful and stunning employee handbook. We also offer several beautiful pre-built templates for you to get an idea of what your dream employee handbook looks like.

Employees hate reading giant documents of boring legalese. Odds are they ll never invest the time in learning about all the policies and benefits you have to offer because of it! By creating a visual and stunning handbook, your employees just won t be able to put it down.

If you re interested in what an AirMason handbook can look like, visit our homepage to see some samples! (Psst! My favourite is this Diaconia one that showcases gifs!)


Instant updates with version control

There s a solid chance that you re going to be updating policies and benefits often. Guess what – AirMason even offers instant updates to handbooks on top of version control!

Our instant update feature is incredibly useful since our custom-built software will let you email and send out your handbook to all of your employees every time you publish changes! Imagine that! Or if that s not your style, you can update your handbook so the next time someone reads it ll show the changes, but won t send notifications every time. Completely eliminating the need for you to send those mass emails every time there s been a change!

Accidentally overwrite an important policy you shouldn t have changed? Don t worry – we ve got you covered. We also offer version control so you can go back in time and restore your old pre-edited version. Pretty great right?

Accessible anywhere and anytime

One of the biggest advantages of AirMason is that your employees don t need to dig through their emails to find their employee handbooks. We host our handbooks privately on the web, meaning your employees can access information whenever and wherever they are!

This is perfect for employees who may have a random question pop up but feel too worried or embarrassed to ask where to find the employee handbook. It s just a URL search away!

Worried about random people reading your handbook? Don t worry – we ve thought that through too. Our next point covers all of your worries!


HRIS integrations and SSO

Odds are you use an HRIS system already right? That s great for us! We integrate smoothly with almost every HRIS out there so you can feel free to just drop your employee list into AirMason automatically. No need to do any manual work or update every time there s a new hire! Wow – doesn t that make onboarding so much easier? Save time with our employee handbook creator’s HRIS partnerships, or manually import them via CSV file.

Do you know what SSO means? Don t worry – we re here to help guide you through this. It means Single Sign-On, letting you sign on using an account you already have from somewhere else, like Google or Microsoft. This is useful because it means that employees will have to log in to read your handbook (meaning that not just anyone has access) and your employees won t need to make a new account; they can just sign in with whichever platform your organization already uses.



Signature reporting

After spending so much time writing an incredible employee handbook, you want to make sure your employees spend time actually reading it. That s why AirMason comes with custom-built features to make sure that you monitor how and when your employees are reading your employee handbook. The last thing you want is someone who hasn t even looked at your handbook and isn t aware of any of your policies! But with our beautiful handbooks – that won t even be a problem.

Time spent reading handbooks

As the owner of your employee handbook, AirMason allows you to see how long each employee has spent reading your employee handbook. We know that employees can be incredibly busy. However, as an HR leader, it s absolutely essential to make sure employees spend enough time reading your policies!

Signature reminders

Sometimes employees can be so busy that they forget they have an employee handbook to rely on in the first place! With AirMason you can avoid this easily. Our software lets you automate signature reminders to employees as often as you like until they take the time to read your handbook. No need to worry about people not even knowing the handbook exists! You can even send customized email reminders to track down any outstanding signees at a frequency of your choosing!


Unlimited handbooks per account

There may be times where you need to create different handbooks for different occasions. We ve seen past clients split up handbooks depending on position, state, tenure, and a million other reasons! Feel free to create and divide to your heart s content. Here at AirMason, we let our clients make as many handbooks as they like without any extra charges or hidden fees – we want to make sure all of your employees receive the perfect handbook! 


User permission control – collaborate if needed!

Writing and designing a handbook can be a long process. Especially if you have a bunch of policies or a bunch of other HR tasks you need to balance at the same time. Don t worry – we completely understand! 

One fantastic solution to this is AirMason s built-in collaborative tools to let you get your co-workers in on the handbook! Our permission controls let you expand your team of help easily and even allows you to only assign certain tasks and responsibilities for certain users. Don t try to do everything yourself! Feel free to delegate – that s what a team is for.

Speaking of taking a lot of time, have you ever considered letting us design your handbook for you? We ve got a fantastic team of graphic designers who know AirMason like the back of their hands. Why not let them build you an incredible handbook while you reap the rewards! Book a demo today and let us know about your handbook needs!


Competitive pricing

No matter what size your business is, AirMason offers competitive pricing suited to your business needs. With startup and small business plans as well as an enterprise-level, we re here to offer fantastic software at price points that make sense without needing to sacrifice any features. You re only charged for the size of your company! We also offer discounts if you purchase yearly subscriptions. The benefits never seem to end – we know!

If you re curious about the different AirMason plans offered, feel free to take a look over at our pricing page and learn more information about how AirMason can help you!


Video and GIF support – easy image support

Earlier we mentioned our fantastic Diaconia handbook! We love the use of gifs and colour in this handbook. Here at AirMason, our easy-to-use employee handbook creator allows you to upload images, GIFs and videos to personalize your handbook. Transform your handbook to become personalized and interesting to all of your employees with visuals that make them actually want to refer to it!


AirMason – Your new employee handbook builder

Employee handbooks are essential to any growing business. We know how hard it can be to onboard and engage employees, and we don t blame you for struggling. We ve seen many companies struggle with the same issues, looking for ways to save time, money, and stress in any way possible.

Luckily, AirMason is here for you. We understand the responsibilities HR has, and we want to make your job a million times easier. We ve helped thousands of companies engage employees and reinvent their relationships with their teams. If you re interested, our homepage has testimonials of some of the clients we ve revolutionized!

We d love to get the chance to speak with you about how an employee handbook can totally transform your organization. Our fantastic sales team is here for a free demo to help you see the difference that AirMason makes and learn even more about the features that make AirMason the world s most trusted employee handbook. We look forward to speaking with you and can t wait to get started on your new employee handbook!

Tehsin Bhayani

AirMason was born when Tehsin was trying to create a digital culture book, but couldn’t find any solutions in the market that had all the features he needed. In 2016, AirMason officially launched. In five years, AirMason has created thousands of handbooks for more than 1,000 clients around the world.

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