AirMason Employee Handbooks – Building the Best Employee Handbooks with AirMason

Don t let your handbooks be boring – this is your chance to showcase what your company is about 

Employee handbooks are the new way to improve and grow your employee experience. But employee handbooks should never just be filled with long and boring blocks of text and legalese. With AirMason, the team will find creative ways to beautifully showcase not just your company policies and benefits, but your company culture and story. 

Your AirMason employee handbook is the next step in growing your employee experience and reinventing how your employees succeed in your company. It s always important to focus on your employee handbook and the benefits that it brings to your team.

When you first start thinking about improving onboarding and employee engagement, fixing your employee handbook likely isn t the first thing that comes to mind. That s because you re not seeing the benefits of a well-made employee handbook! Curious what we mean by that?

An AirMason employee handbook isn t just a fancy handbook made in our software – it s a tool to revolutionize how your company relates to its employees. In today s article, we re going to take a look at how exactly an AirMason employee handbook can change your organization. We ll take a look at:

  • Check out the benefits of an AirMason employee handbook and see examples of past handbooks made with AirMason.
  • AirMason features that you ll love
  • Employee handbook benefits
  • How to get started with AirMason

Now, what are you waiting for – let s jump right into it!

Examples of AirMason employee handbooks

Even better than just telling you about how AirMason employee handbooks make a big difference – we ll show you. AirMason specializes in building beautiful visual handbooks that showcase your policies and benefits in ways that a great big text document can t. Let s be honest, your employees were never going to read that boring document you put together for them – until now.


If you re curious about what a fully built-out employee handbook can look like on AirMason – look no further! This mountain of an employee handbook is a key tool in engaging employees and serving as an essential and useful everyday resource – and it s beautiful. This is a great example of an employee handbook filled to the brim with stunning visuals and designs as well as all the necessary employee policies needed to get the job done and become the ultimate resource for your company. Employees often struggle with not being able to fully take the time to read giant word documents that handbooks are usually set up in – this fully gets rid of that problem!

Employees need to be engaged even when they re reading your handbook. In fact, over 60% of employees say they avoid consulting their employee handbooks due to outdated or hard-to-find policies. Studies show that employee engagement is most crucial from a fundamental level. So making sure that you have a resource for your employees to access that answers all of their possible questions are a great start!


Curious about how you can use colour and beautiful images to showcase your company culture? This AirMason employee handbook is a perfect example of just how impactful a visual employee handbook can be! These images and visual tools just wouldn t be possible in a boring word document filled with endless text. Your employee handbook needs to highlight what your company is about – after all, this is what your employees turn to for guidance. An employee only matches the same energy their company puts in to succeed. Be the company your employees look up to.

Showcasing your company culture is essential – and the best way to do that is by taking the time to add images and visual elements to your handbook. By building out your company culture, your employees will engage and connect more with what your company stands for which will make them want to grow with your company – rather than search for the next best opportunity.


Sure images and colour are always great to add in – but how about videos? With an AirMason employee handbook, you can add videos directly into your handbook without a problem, allowing for a variety of options when it comes to showcasing your employee handbook. Being unique starts from within – show your employees what sets your company apart from the rest starting with your employee handbook.

Want to add in a demo on how to use your HRIS system or another software you use? That s easy – just add in a video of the demo! Or how about adding in a video of your CEO/founder speaking more about what makes your company so special? With just a couple of clicks, it s easy to get that all implemented.


A lot of the examples we showcased have been some pretty big organizations, but no worries. If you re curious about how an AirMason employee handbook would look for a smaller company – here s a fully built out handbook to show off exactly that! Focused on getting employees to read and engage with policies and benefits, Airmason employee handbooks are perfect solutions for both small and medium-sized companies.


Our final example of a fantastic AirMason employee handbook highlights how you can add GIFs into your handbook to make it more animated and interesting! Take a look at this beautifully crafted and easy-to-navigate handbook – this is what you can achieve today using AirMason s easy-to-use software and talented team! This is just another example of one of the hundreds of AirMason features that you ll be able to start using instantly to help grow and nurture your employee experience.

AirMason employee handbook features that you ll love

As we mentioned, there are hundreds of features we have that ll get you loving your new AirMason employee handbook. We ve taken the time to highlight some of our favourite features below and what makes them so special!

Accessible anywhere and anytime

One of the biggest advantages of AirMason is that your employees don t need to dig through their emails to find their employee handbooks. We host our handbooks privately on the web, meaning your employees can access information whenever and wherever they are! Easy right? We ve really thought about everything to make your life easier.  

HRIS integrations and SSO

Odds are you use an HRIS system already. That s great for us! We integrate smoothly with almost every HRIS out there so you can feel free to just drop your employee list into AirMason automatically.

Don t know what SSO means? Don t worry – we re here to help guide you through this. It means Single Sign-On, letting you sign on using an account you already have from somewhere else, like Google or Microsoft. Our team is filled with talented people to help you every step of the way and introduce you to new tools to make navigating your employee handbook easy for your company and its employees.

Signature reporting

After spending so much time writing an incredible employee handbook, you want to make sure your employees spend time actually reading it. That s why AirMason comes with custom-built features to make sure that you monitor how and when your employees are reading your employee handbook.

These are just some examples of features that we love and see clients use every single day! If you re curious about more features or want more information, check out this past article we wrote on more of AirMason s features that you ll want to know about!

AirMason employee handbook benefits are limitless

Building employee handbooks have an incredibly wide-scale lasting effect in an organization, and building an AirMason employee handbook will no doubt bring on several benefits. In this section, we ll be outlining just three of the main benefits of taking the time to use AirMason to build a spectacular employee handbook.


Be honest – your onboarding process is most likely a mess. Either new hires don t get enough time or training to make sure that all of their questions are instantly answered or the integration into the company isn t nearly as seamless as it should be. Most employees say that their organization doesn t do enough when it comes to onboarding new hires. Most managers agree and say that there s too much work that needs to be done to fix all of the inefficiencies in their onboarding process.

However, with an AirMason employee handbook, you can take away all of the stress and problems with your onboarding process. Avoid the headache that the onboarding process brings by providing employees with a handbook that truly improves onboarding and answers all questions an employee might have. Your new hires will instantly become more engaged and interested in your organization! Not only that – but it makes it easier on you and looks better on your company. A company that cares about its employees will always reap the rewards when it comes to results.

Employee experience

Employee experience is a growing concept within the HR world. Organizations strive to create experiences for employees that convince them to work their hardest and stay in the organization – making turnover a thing of the past. An AirMason employee handbook is a tool that s absolutely necessary when wanting to grow employee experience. By offering a resource to all employees that lets them access crucial information at any time while also building their knowledge and connection to the company, you re creating an employee experience that will help your team thrive! You have to make your company story and its origins known. Otherwise, how will your employees know what to look to for motivation?

Document control

Your onboarding process right now is likely split between a million different documents all over the place – we don t blame you. By creating an AirMason employee handbook, you re able to centralize all these documents into one place easily. On top of that, if you have any changes you need to make, they can be updated instantly within the employee handbook and pushed out for all employees to see without sending out new documents or wasting precious time. AirMason employee handbooks save you time and stress when it comes to making sure that all documents are in one online employee handbook rather than all over the place!


How to get started with AirMason today

We d love for you to see how AirMason can help you grow your organization to new heights you would ve never before thought to reach! Whether you have an older and not updated employee handbook or are looking at starting something fresh – we re here to help guide you every step of the way! Our small business employee handbook guide is perfect for any sized business looking at how to plan and create a set of benefits and policies perfect for their company.

Every organization is different and there s a lot to plan out. However, we also offer design and copy services here at AirMason specifically built with you in mind. If you re curious about how to get started, please feel free to set up a free demo with one of our fantastic sales staff to learn more about how exactly AirMason can help benefit you today!

Tehsin Bhayani

AirMason was born when Tehsin was trying to create a digital culture book, but couldn’t find any solutions in the market that had all the features he needed. In 2016, AirMason officially launched. In five years, AirMason has created thousands of handbooks for more than 1,000 clients around the world.

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