The Benefits of an AirMason Employee Handbook

Time to throw out that boring, old handbook it wasn t doing you any favours. Say hello to a brand new AirMason handbook!

Most growing companies focus on having an employee handbook at some stage of their company life. However, for many of them, it s made once and then completely forgotten about. Most companies don t update their policies and just leave a giant mess of a word document that employees never really read. You can t even blame them. But have you ever considered the benefits of building a well-made employee handbook designed to actually help employees? Today we ll be listing the benefits of starting an AirMason employee handbook, built with your employees in mind.

Employee handbooks shouldn t just be this boring document that s ignored the moment an employee joins a company. It should be your first opportunity to show employees what your company stands for and what your employees will be a part of from here on out. Consider using AirMason to reach all of your onboarding, employee engagement and employee experience goals!

There are several benefits to creating an employee handbook in general, but with AirMason you can elevate all of these benefits to new heights! Rather than just having a great big text document filled with copy-paste policies you used from some website by creating a unique and interesting handbook you re able to showcase just how unique your company is. 


AirMason Employee Handbook Benefit #1 Easier Onboarding

Every time an employee was hired at your organization, you probably had to send them over a pdf document full of text that was your employee handbook , right? Just a giant colourless document that showcases nothing about company culture or anything interesting about your workplace. Are you sure they even took the time to read and learn everything? Because guess what they most likely didn t.

Your onboarding process is incredibly important! For starters, it s important to make a great first impression to your new hire that this company is the perfect place for them to be right now. The employer-employee relationship is a mutual one. Sure you ve chosen to hire them, but they re also choosing to bring their unique skill set to your company. You should always be working to show your employees why your company is their best choice not their only one. 

These new hires need guidance the first couple of weeks at the company, and there s no better guidance than providing them with an employee handbook custom-made to help them learn about everything they ll need while working there!

Any policy-related questions that come to mind? It s in the handbook. Want to learn more about how the company started and what it stands for? Just check the handbook. Employees won t read a handbook that s just endless paragraphs of legalese with no life or individuality. Can you really fault them for that? It s time to take a look at AirMason today and learn about how to individualize your handbook.

The second reason onboarding is so important is that it sets your employees on an engaged path to working hard for your company. Rather than just sitting them down and getting them to start working by showing them an onboarding process featuring care and attention, you re guaranteeing success for your employees moving forward!

AirMason Employee Handbook Benefit #2 Grow Your Company Culture

Whether your company’s focus is on a chill environment with flexible deadlines or a tougher sprint-focused company that s constantly raising the bar you ve got a company culture and you need to show it off! For most organizations, company culture just isn t that much of a focus. In reality, it s a pretty big mess when companies actually sit down and try to figure out what their company culture is like!

For current employees and potential employees, company culture is incredibly important as it dictates what your employee journey will be like. Employees have very little control over the culture they re put into, however, it s one of the largest things that will impact them and how they view the company. The difference in expectations, pressure, deadlines, focus, etc. is vast when examining different company cultures.

With an AirMason employee handbook or culture book, you re able to place yourself more in control of the culture surrounding you. Employees will have a better idea of the work expectations put on them, and be more knowledgeable regarding what benefits they have access to within the company. For example, building a culture book outlining why certain deadlines are strict, or how the company envisions itself to be in a certain amount of years only helps employees understand the culture of their work environment.

This focus on company culture keeps you and your employees on the same page! Don t forget to include company culture in your employee handbook!


AirMason Employee Handbook Benefit #3 Instant Employee Engagement

A well-written and unique employee handbook engages your employees the moment they read them. Take a look at our Netflix and Diaconia sample handbooks from our website, here you’ll see many AirMason employee handbook benefits! When an employee takes the time to sit and read their employee handbook, instead of finding it a bore and waste of time, they gain access to a tool that ll stick with them for the entirety of their lifetime at your company. What could be more important than that?

When an employee first looks at an AirMason employee handbook, they re met with colours, images and copy that s actually readable and enjoyable, not just paragraphs of boring legal text. The software behind AirMason makes it easy to be able to design this handbook in a myriad of ways that work best for your employees, but nonetheless shows them more about their company than a text document would. Employees want to be engaged they want a reason to feel motivated to continue to choose your company. It s your job to give them that reason.

It s getting harder and harder to properly engage workers in the modern workforce, however by taking the time to learn about AirMason and its impact on your employees you ll set your organization up for instant engagement every single time your employees need to access their handbook.

AirMason Employee Handbook Benefit #4 Grow Employee Experience

Do you think your employees are currently getting the greatest employee experience they can get? Some people define the employee experience as the variety of aspects of employment that an employee can face while working at your company. In reality, many different aspects make up the employee experience. This is all dependent on how you want to make your company stand out. People often see their employee experience as a journey within their organization.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to build the employee experience that your employees will talk about and remember when working for your company and long after their employment with your company will end. With this in mind, concepts such as employee engagement, work culture, and the benefits provided to employees are just some of the aspects that make up the idea of employee experience.

In layman s terms what do you want your employees to experience at your company? What are the experiences you want them to remember for life? Whether they work for your company for 2 years or 12 years, what about your company do you want to stand out in their mind? This simple question gets more and more complex the more you think about it. Your employees are much more than replaceable 9-5 assets that can be swapped without a care in the world. They are a living and breathing part of your company.

With this in mind, the question should more so be how can I give my employees the best employee experience possible?

An AirMason employee handbook solves that question, by being the first stop when it comes to employee experience. One AirMason employee handbook benefit is that you re able to list out all of the positive impacts your organization brings to the employee experience showing your employees the positives of working here.

It s not an easy task to build a positive and unique employee experience for all of your employees, but the very first step is showing them all of the benefits and positives you can bring to their work experience. The things that motivate them to want to grow with your company. 

AirMason Employee Handbook Benefit #5 Centralize All Your Documents

Your employee handbooks are probably saved as PDFs right now, right? They ve either never been updated, or if you have anything new to add in you just add in an entirely new document? You could say you use more of an employee folder book rather than an employee handbook.

Your employees shouldn t have to read through a bunch of different documents to find the information they re looking for and they especially shouldn t have to struggle to find out which policies are old and which ones are new. Make the employee experience as easy and seamless for your employees as possible it makes a big difference in their outlook of the company.

One AirMason employee handbook benefit is that with our instantly updatable software, you can easily change, delete or add policies and benefits with just a couple of clicks! Don t stress about needing to deal with non-editable PDFs or having to make entirely new handbooks whenever something needs to change. With AirMason anything can be changed at any time!


Start updating with AirMason today!

As you can see here just briefly the possibilities with AirMason are endless. Your employees deserve the best employee handbook they can find and the only place you ll find that is here with AirMason! We ve helped the world s top companies build employee handbooks that just make sense allowing them to grow all aspects of their organization with just a couple of clicks.

If you re curious about learning more about AirMason and how these many benefits can impact you instantly, book a free demo with our sales staff today to see how and why AirMason is the most trusted employee handbook software in the world!

Tehsin Bhayani

AirMason was born when Tehsin was trying to create a digital culture book, but couldn’t find any solutions in the market that had all the features he needed. In 2016, AirMason officially launched. In five years, AirMason has created thousands of handbooks for more than 1,000 clients around the world.

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