Target Employee Handbook: A Guide for Team Members

The Target Team Member Handbook serves as a comprehensive guide to the policies, guidelines, benefits, and resources available to employees. It provides essential information for new and existing team members to ensure a safe, productive, and supportive work environment. The handbook covers a range of topics, including important policies and guidelines, employee benefits and compensation, training and development opportunities, workplace safety and security measures, and employee resources. Understanding and adhering to the information outlined in this handbook is essential for all Target team members to thrive and contribute to the success of the company. Target’s Chief Executive Officer is committed to upholding these values and policies, emphasizing the importance of ethical decision-making and integrity in guiding our team.

Important Policies and Guidelines

Important Policies and Guidelines

In this section, we will explore some vital policies and guidelines that are essential for every team member to observe. From the code of conduct to work schedule and attendance, dress code, and the importance of upholding confidentiality and data protection, we’ll provide key insights into each sub-section. Get ready to dive into these important aspects that shape a productive and supportive work environment, ensuring harmony and respect among colleagues.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is vital for all employees at Target. It specifies expected behaviors and standards, ensuring a positive work environment and preserving the company’s integrity and reputation.

  • Honesty, Integrity, and Ethical Decision Making: Employees must act honestly and with integrity in all interactions and business dealings, while also engaging in ethical decision making. This involves considering the impact of their decisions on stakeholders, aligning actions with the company’s values, and upholding obligations to all parties involved. Employees are encouraged to contemplate the effects of their choices, provide education on ethical issues, and utilize reporting channels to maintain integrity and compliance.
  • Respectful and Inclusive Behavior: Target values diversity and expects employees to treat each other, customers, and partners respectfully. Discrimination, harassment, or disrespectful behavior is not tolerated.
  • Professionalism: Employees should maintain a professional attitude and appearance at all times. This includes being punctual, following dress code guidelines, and displaying a positive and customer-friendly attitude.
  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations: Employees must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including those related to safety, data protection, and privacy.
  • Use of Company Resources: Employees should responsibly use company resources, such as electronic devices, internet, and company-owned vehicles, for legitimate business purposes.

An example highlighting the importance of the Code of Conduct is the story of Sarah, a Target team member. Sarah witnessed a customer accidentally dropping an expensive item in the store. Immediately, she picked it up and returned it to the customer, demonstrating honesty and integrity by doing the right thing. This action reflects the values outlined in the Code of Conduct.

Target Team Member Handbook

Work Schedule and Attendance

When it comes to work schedule and attendance, every target team member should follow these guidelines:

  • Arrive on time: Being punctual is crucial for maintaining productivity and teamwork. It shows respect for your colleagues and helps ensure a smooth workflow.
  • Follow the designated schedule: Stick to your assigned work schedule and any communicated changes. This ensures proper coverage and effective planning.
  • Notify in advance for absences: If you can’t attend work due to illness or personal reasons, inform your supervisor as soon as possible. Proper communication helps manage workloads and ensures smooth team functioning.
  • Request time off in advance: If you need vacation or personal time, submit your request following company policy. This allows for proper planning and workload distribution.
  • Take breaks as scheduled: Follow the allocated break times provided by your schedule. This allows for necessary rest during the workday.
  • Notify of any schedule conflicts or changes: If you have conflicts with your work schedule or any changes that may affect attendance, inform your supervisor promptly. This allows them to make appropriate arrangements and minimize disruption.
  • Adhere to attendance policies: Understand and follow the company’s attendance policies, including clock-in/out procedures and accurate record-keeping.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively manage your work schedule and attendance, promoting a productive and efficient work environment.

Dress Code

When it comes to the dress code at Target, all eligible team members must adhere to specific guidelines designed for those who represent Target to customers. It is important for these team members to dress professionally and wear clean, neat clothing. This includes wearing a red top and khaki pants or skirts as part of the Target uniform.

Additionally, it is necessary for eligible team members to wear closed-toe shoes that are clean and in good condition to ensure safety. While minimal jewelry is allowed, it should not be distracting or pose a safety hazard. Handbags and backpacks should be stored in designated areas and should not interfere with work responsibilities.

Furthermore, maintaining good personal hygiene and grooming is vital. This includes having clean hair, trimmed nails, and being free from strong odors or scents. To maintain a professional appearance and ensure customer comfort, any visible tattoos and excessive piercings should be covered or removed while on shift. If eligible team members wish to wear religious or cultural attire, they should discuss it with a supervisor or HR representative.

Following the dress code is crucial in creating a consistent and professional image for Target team members. It not only helps maintain a positive shopping environment but also promotes brand consistency.

Harassment and Discrimination

Harassment and discrimination can have a negative impact on the work environment and the well-being of employees. At Target, we are committed to maintaining a safe and inclusive workplace for all our team members. We strictly prohibit any behavior that goes against this commitment.

Target’s policy on harassment and discrimination ensures that every employee is treated with respect and dignity. This policy applies to all aspects of employment, including recruitment, hiring, promotion, and termination. We strictly prohibit discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other protected characteristic.

If an employee believes they have experienced harassment or discrimination, we urge them to immediately report it to their supervisor, manager, or the Human Resources department. We take all reports of harassment and discrimination seriously and will promptly investigate and address any incidents. We maintain confidentiality, and we do not tolerate retaliation against employees who make good faith reports.

To prevent harassment and discrimination, we provide training and educational programs. These programs aim to create a workplace culture that promotes respect and inclusivity. We encourage all team members to actively participate and contribute to maintaining a positive work environment.

By prioritizing the prevention of harassment and discrimination, Target fosters a team-oriented culture that values diversity and ensures equal opportunities for all employees. Any complaints are thoroughly addressed, and appropriate disciplinary action is taken when necessary. We are committed to continuous improvement and providing support to ensure a workplace free from harassment and discrimination.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

Confidentiality and Data Protection are crucial at Target. The company values privacy and security greatly.

1. Protect customer data: Target team members must safeguard customer information, including personal details and payment data. Violations of confidentiality can lead to legal action.

2. Handle company data safely: All employees must treat internal and proprietary information carefully, such as trade secrets and financial data. Unauthorized disclosure or misuse can harm the company’s advantage and reputation.

3. Follow data protection policies: Target has strict policies in compliance with laws and regulations. Sensitive information is only accessed and used by authorized individuals for legitimate business purposes.

4. Report breaches: If you find potential breaches, report them promptly to your supervisor or department. Quick action can mitigate the impact on customer and company data.

5. Training and awareness: Target provides training and resources to enhance employee understanding of confidentiality and data protection. Stay updated on policies and best practices.

By following these guidelines, you contribute to maintaining customer trust and Target’s security. Confidentiality and data protection are everyone’s responsibility and essential for the company’s integrity.

Employee Benefits and Compensation

Employee Benefits and Compensation

Target is committed to offering competitive compensation to its team members, ensuring their financial well-being is supported. Additionally, our family centric benefits showcase our support for employees’ life outside of work. Discover the incredible perks that await you in our employee benefits and compensation package. From comprehensive health insurance coverage to enticing retirement plans, employee discounts, and generous paid time off, we’ve got you covered. Prepare to be amazed by the range of benefits that will enhance your wellbeing and reward your hard work. Let’s delve into each of these enticing aspects and see how they contribute to making our team member experience truly exceptional.

Health Insurance

When it comes to health insurance, the Target Team Member Handbook provides important information and guidelines. All team members are eligible for health insurance coverage if they work 30 or more hours per week. Target offers medical, dental, and vision coverage. Team members pay a portion of the health insurance premiums, which varies depending on the chosen plan. Target’s health insurance plans have a network of doctors and healthcare providers that team members should familiarize themselves with.

Health insurance plans cover preventive care services, such as check-ups, vaccinations, and screenings, at no or low out-of-pocket costs. Target’s health insurance plans include coverage for prescription medications. Team members should review the formulary for covered medications and associated costs. Team members should understand how to submit health insurance claims and provide any necessary documentation. The Target Team Member Handbook provides information on dependent coverage and coverage during family leave or other extended absences. In alignment with our medical office employee handbook, this ensures comprehensive support. Target has an annual open enrollment period for team members to make changes to their health insurance coverage. Team members should be aware of this period and any deadlines. By understanding the details of Target’s health insurance options, team members can make informed decisions about their coverage and ensure access to necessary healthcare services.

Retirement Plans

Retirement plans are essential for employees’ financial well-being. Companies provide these plans to assist employees in saving and investing for retirement, typically offering options like 401(k) or pension plans.

Employees can contribute a portion of their salary, and employers often match a percentage of their contributions, significantly boosting their retirement savings.

Retirement plans come with tax benefits, as contributions are tax-deductible and earnings grow tax-deferred.

Employees have a range of investment options within their retirement plan, including stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.

By consistently contributing, employees can build a secure financial future.

It is crucial for employees to regularly evaluate and adjust their retirement plan contributions and investment strategies to align with their changing financial goals.

Retirement plans offer peace of mind, ensuring that employees are actively saving for their future.

Employee Discounts

Employee discounts are a valuable perk offered by many companies to reward and incentivize their employees. These discounts range from a percentage off the retail price to special promotions and exclusive deals. Through these employee discounts, employees can save money on clothing, electronics, travel, and entertainment. The specific discount percentage may vary depending on the company and its retail partners. To find out more details about these employee discounts, employees should refer to their employee handbook or contact their HR department. It’s important to note that these employee discounts not only provide savings but also boost employee morale and engagement, showing appreciation for their hard work. However, employees should also be mindful of any limitations or restrictions that may apply to the discount program.

Paid Time Off

When it comes to paid time off, Target team members enjoy various benefits that promote work-life balance and well-being.

Generous vacation days: Target provides team members with vacation days based on their years of service. After one year, team members may receive 10 vacation days.

Personal days: In addition to vacation days, Target also offers personal days that can be used for any personal reason or emergencies. Team members may receive 5 days per year to use at their discretion.

Sick leave: Target provides paid sick leave to allow team members to take time off when unwell without worrying about losing income.

Holidays: Target offers paid time off for major holidays, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, to ensure team members can spend time with family and loved ones.

Flexibility in scheduling: Target offers flexible schedules to accommodate personal and family needs. Team members can request time off in advance or swap shifts with other team members when necessary.

Bereavement leave: Target provides paid time off to attend funerals and handle bereavement matters.

These paid time off benefits demonstrate Target’s commitment to supporting team members’ well-being and providing opportunities for rest and rejuvenation.

Training and Development

Training and Development

Get ready to level up your skills and unleash your potential with our comprehensive Training and Development section. From the seamless Onboarding Process to exciting Skills Enhancement Programs and Career Advancement Opportunities, we’ve got you covered.

Looking for inspiration? Explore our selection of success stories and company handbook examples that showcase the impact of our training initiatives on employees’ growth and the organization’s success. So, buckle up as we dive into a world of growth, learning, and endless possibilities. Let’s pave the way for your professional success!

Onboarding Process

The onboarding process for new Target team members is a comprehensive series of steps designed to properly introduce, train, and integrate them into the team. The steps include:

1. Orientation: New team members attend an orientation session where they learn about the company, its culture, and their role.

2. Paperwork: During onboarding, new team members complete various paperwork, such as tax forms, direct deposit information, and employee agreements.

3. Training: Target offers comprehensive training programs to equip new team members with the necessary skills and knowledge. This includes both online modules and in-person sessions.

4. Introduction to Team: New team members have the opportunity to meet their colleagues and supervisors, which is crucial in building relationships within the team.

5. Job Shadowing: New team members participate in job shadowing opportunities to learn from experienced team members and gain practical knowledge.

6. On-the-Job Training: As part of the onboarding process, new team members gradually start performing their job duties under guidance and supervision, allowing them to gain hands-on experience.

7. Feedback and Performance Evaluation: Throughout the onboarding process, new team members receive valuable feedback and performance evaluations to track their progress and identify areas for improvement.

By following this comprehensive onboarding process, Target ensures that new team members are properly introduced, trained, and integrated into the team. This sets them up for success in their new position.

Skills Enhancement Programs

Skills Enhancement Programs are crucial for the professional development of Target team members. These programs play a vital role in improving skills and knowledge across various areas, enabling employees to excel in their roles and contribute to the success of the company.

  • Training sessions: Target offers a wide range of training sessions to enhance the skills of team members. These encompass customer service, leadership, inventory management, and sales techniques.
  • Cross-training opportunities: Team members have the opportunity to participate in programs that help them acquire new skills and gain experience in different departments. This diversified experience enriches their knowledge and prepares them for future roles.
  • Mentorship programs: Experienced team members provide support and guidance to new employees, helping them rapidly acquire the necessary skills for their roles.
  • E-learning courses: Team members can access a variety of e-learning courses that enhance their skills at their own pace. These courses cover topics such as technology, communication, and problem-solving.

Fact: According to a survey, 80% of Target team members reported a significant improvement in their job performance after participating in Skills Enhancement Programs.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Career advancement opportunities at Target are abundant, allowing employees to genuinely thrive and evolve in their professional journeys. These remarkable opportunities not only foster the growth of individual skills but also enhance the potential for success within the company.

One significant way Target provides opportunities for career advancement is through internal promotions. The organization highly values and recognizes the talent within its own ranks, continuously promoting employees from within. As employees demonstrate exceptional performance and meet the promotion criteria, they can advance to higher positions with increased responsibilities. These internal promotions serve as an acknowledgment of achievements and help individuals cultivate their proficiency in their chosen fields.

To further broaden employees’ horizons and increase their value as contributors to the company, Target also offers cross-training programs. These programs allow employees to expand their skill sets and knowledge by working in different departments or areas of the company. By participating in these cross-training initiatives, employees become more versatile and can effectively contribute to various teams or functions.

Recognizing the importance of nurturing future leaders, Target has put in place comprehensive leadership development programs. These programs aim to groom high-potential individuals for future leadership roles by focusing on developing essential leadership qualities. They also provide participants with the necessary tools and resources for their career growth.

Target also emphasizes the value of seeking guidance from experienced mentors or coaches within the organization. Through mentoring and coaching programs, employees are encouraged to seek valuable insights, advice, and guidance from these seasoned professionals. This guidance plays a vital role in helping employees navigate their career paths effectively.

Another way Target invests in employee development is by providing access to a wide range of education and training opportunities. This includes workshops, seminars, online courses, and other resources that contribute to boosting employees’ knowledge and skills. By offering these educational resources, Target prepares its employees for advancement and ensures they are well-equipped for future challenges.

With its unwavering commitment to providing career advancement opportunities, Target creates a clear pathway for growth and development. By prioritizing the professional progression of its employees, Target cultivates a motivated and skilled workforce that significantly contributes to the overall success of the company.

Workplace Safety and Security Measures

Workplace Safety and Security Measures

In the world of workplace safety and security measures, we find a plethora of essential knowledge to navigate. Brace yourself for an exploration into emergency proceduressafety guidelinessecurity protocols. Discover the keys to ensuring a secureprotected working environment. From handling unforeseen events to following strict safety protocols, this section will equip you with the necessary tools to keep you and your team safe and sound. Get ready for a deep dive into workplace safety like never before.

Emergency Procedures

During emergencies, it is crucial to follow proper emergency procedures to ensure workplace safety and well-being. Take these steps to maintain a secure environment:

1. Immediately and calmly evacuate the building, leaving personal belongings behind. It is important not to use elevators.

2. In case of encountering smoke or fire, it is advisable to crawl low to avoid inhaling smoke and to protect yourself from the heat.

3. Assemble at the designated meeting point outside the building to account for all team members and ensure everyone’s safety.

4. If someone gets injured, promptly call for medical assistance or notify designated first aid responders.

5. It is essential to follow instructions provided by emergency personnel, such as firefighters or security officers.

6. Do not re-enter the building unless authorized personnel deem it safe to do so.

7. During natural disasters, like earthquakes or severe weather conditions, seek shelter in designated safe areas and adhere to specific instructions for safety.

8. Avoid spreading rumors or providing misinformation during emergencies. It is important to listen to official announcements for accurate updates.

9. Report any concerns or observations regarding the emergency to your supervisor or designated emergency contact.

10. Regularly review emergency procedures and actively participate in drills and training sessions to stay prepared.

Remember, being familiar with emergency procedures and being prepared ensures the safety of everyone during times of crisis.

Safety Guidelines and Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment

When it comes to safety, following guidelines is crucial for a secure work environment. Here are some important safety guidelines to adhere to:

  • Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) like safety goggles, helmets, gloves, and safety shoes.
  • Regularly inspect and maintain tools and equipment to ensure they are in good working condition. Report any defects or malfunctions immediately.
  • Follow proper lifting techniques to prevent injuries. Lift heavy objects with your legs, and ask for assistance if needed.
  • Keep work areas clean and organized to minimize tripping and slipping hazards. Report any spills, leaks, or obstructions to your supervisor.
  • Observe proper handling and storage procedures for hazardous materials. Follow safety data sheets (SDS) guidelines and use recommended precautions.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and follow designated walkways and pathways. Avoid shortcuts that may compromise safety.
  • In case of emergencies, know the location of emergency exits, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and other safety equipment.
  • Report any safety concerns or incidents immediately to your supervisor or the designated safety officer.
  • Participate in safety training programs and follow all safety policies and procedures implemented by the company.

Remember, safety is everyone’s responsibility. By following these guidelines, you can contribute to a safe and secure workplace for yourself and your colleagues.

Security Protocols

When it comes to security protocols, Target prioritizes the safety of its team members and customers. Here are the key security protocols implemented:

Access control: Only authorized personnel have access to restricted areas.

Video surveillance: Target has a comprehensive video surveillance system to monitor and deter security threats.

Alarm systems: Reliable alarm systems detect unauthorized entry and trigger a response from security personnel.

Emergency procedures: Well-defined procedures are in place for fire, natural disasters, and medical emergencies.

Security training: Regular training enhances team members’ awareness and preparedness for identifying risks and reporting suspicious activities.

Implementing these security protocols ensures a secure environment for employees and customers at Target. The company’s commitment to security is reflected in its continuous efforts to enhance and update its measures.

In 2013, Target experienced a significant security breach, resulting in the theft of personal information from millions of customers. This incident highlighted the importance of robust security protocols and the need for continuous improvement in protecting sensitive data. Target has since invested in strengthening its security infrastructure, implementing advanced technologies, and enhancing security training programs to prevent future incidents. The company remains focused on security protocols to ensure the trust and confidence of its customers.

Employee Resources

Discover a treasure trove of support and tools in the Employee Resources section. From essential company policies and forms to invaluable employee assistance programs, this section has got you covered. Plus, explore the technology and communication tools that will streamline your workflow and boost productivity. Get ready to unlock the resources you need to thrive in your professional journey!

To further support our commitment to maintaining a transparent and ethical workplace, Target Corporation introduces the Target Integrity Hotline. This confidential reporting channel is available 24/7 for team members to report any ethical concerns or business misconduct anonymously. By fostering an environment where concerns can be raised without fear of retaliation, Target Corporation ensures that integrity remains at the core of our operations. Additionally, Target encourages our team members and suppliers to engage in responsible business practices, including ethical sourcing and participation in multi-stakeholder initiatives, reinforcing our dedication to high ethical standards across all aspects of our business.

Company Policies and Employee Handbook Forms

When it comes to Company Policies and Forms, understanding and complying with them is essential for all employees. Here is a list of important aspects to consider:

Familiarize yourself with the company’s code of conduct, which outlines expected behavior and ethical standards for employees.

– Ensure you are aware of the company’s policies regarding work hours, breaks, and attendance to maintain punctuality and proper attendance records.

– Follow the guidelines provided by the company regarding appropriate attire for the workplace to maintain a professional appearance.

– Understand the policies and procedures in place to prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace, and know how to report any incidents that may occur.

– Be aware of the policies surrounding the protection of company and customer information, ensuring you handle sensitive data appropriately.

Additionally, be familiar with the various forms that might be required in different situations:

– Familiarize yourself with the process and forms required to request time off, whether it be for vacation, personal reasons, or medical leave.

– Understand the procedures and forms necessary to submit expense reimbursements, ensuring that all required documentation is provided.

– Know the circumstances that require the completion of a conflict of interest form, disclosing any potential conflicts between personal and professional interests.

– Understand the performance evaluation process and the forms that need to be completed, providing feedback on your performance and setting goals for improvement.

By familiarizing yourself with company policies and completing necessary forms, you can ensure compliance and contribute to a positive and productive work environment.

Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) support the well-being and productivity of employees. Target’s EAPs offer services to help team members address personal, emotional, and professional challenges.

Employee Assistance Programs enhance the well-being and effectiveness of team members, showing Target’s commitment to holistic employee well-being.

Technology and Communication Tools

When it comes to technology and communication tools, the Target Team Member Handbook provides resources to enhance productivity and connectivity in the workplace.

  • Workstation Equipment: Each team member is provided with a computer or laptop equipped with necessary software and tools for efficient task performance.
  • Communication Software: Target uses email, instant messaging platforms, and project management systems to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration among team members.
  • Intranet Portal: Target’s intranet portal serves as a centralized hub for accessing company-wide information, policies, and resources. It allows team members to stay updated and informed about important announcements, events, and documents.
  • Mobile Applications: Target offers mobile applications for accessing work-related information on the go. These apps provide a convenient way to check schedules, request time off, and stay connected with colleagues.
  • Training and Development Resources: Target provides online training modules and courses through its learning management system, allowing team members to acquire new skills and knowledge for professional growth.
  • Teleconferencing and Videoconferencing: Target uses teleconferencing and videoconferencing tools for remote meetings and collaboration. This technology enables team members from different locations to connect and collaborate effectively.
  • Technical Support: Target has a dedicated IT support team that offers assistance and troubleshooting for technology-related issues. Team members can reach out to this support team for any technical difficulties they may encounter.

To make the most of these technology and communication tools, team members should have a strong understanding of how to utilize them effectively. Regularly updating software, attending training sessions, and staying informed about new features and updates will help team members optimize their use of these tools.

1. Can I access the Target Team Member Handbook online?

Yes, you can access the Target Team Member Handbook online. The handbooks for this year are available for download on Workday, and you can also find them on the subreddit’s “Current TM FAQ” page. The Workday link provides access to all team member handbooks, including those for stores, distribution, and headquarters.

2. Is there a social media policy mentioned in the Target Team Member Handbook?

Reddit and are not specifically mentioned in the social media policy, it is still important to behave as though they are. Target team members should always represent the company positively on social media platforms and refrain from sharing confidential information or engaging in any behavior that could harm the company’s reputation.

3. What are the dress code requirements mentioned in the Target Team Member Handbook?

The dress code requirements for Target Team Member Handbook allows solid color pants or skirts to be worn, with black pants being acceptable. Additionally, Drive-Up Team Members are now allowed to wear shorts, extending the privilege previously given to Front of Store Attendants and certain overnight positions. However, it is important to note that headphones/earbuds are not allowed to be worn while working as per the company policy.

4. Can I add stickers to my Target name badge?

No, according to the Target Team Member Handbook, stickers are not allowed to be added to name badges. Name badges should remain clean and legible to ensure clear identification for guests and team members.

5. Where can I consume food and drinks while working at Target?

According the Target Team Member Handbook, food and drinks are only allowed to be consumed in designated break areas. They should not be brought onto the sales floor or near powered equipment to ensure a clean and safe working environment.

6. Are minors allowed to operate certain equipment mentioned in the Target Team Member Handbook?

Yes, minors are allowed to operate the cart mover and load the baler as stated in the Target Team Member Handbook. However, they are not allowed to operate the baler itself. It’s important to prioritize safety and follow all guidelines and restrictions when engaging in equipment operations.

Important Disclaimer:

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