Employee Training and Development 2022 – Grow your Team

When was the last time one of your employees went through any training? If the answer is one time 5 years ago – this one s for you.

For a lot of organizations, training and development just isn t a top priority anymore. Have you provided enough opportunities for your employees to grow and develop? While initial job training is essential and crucial to having your employees work effectively, the most important aspect of employee training and development is opportunities to grow further than just the hiring stage. According to the Huffington Post, companies who invest in training see 24% higher profit margins.

The success of your business is a direct result of the success of your employees. You need to focus on providing training and development opportunities for all of your employees for a variety of reasons. Investing in the growth of your employees is the first step to growing your business to heights you never thought possible.

Employees always have more to learn. The skills they bring to the table and develop directly impact the growth of your company and its potential. In this article, we ll be taking a closer look at the goals that can be achieved by focusing on employee training and development in your organization!


Goal #1 – Employee Training and Development Increases Effectiveness and Engagement

No matter the size of your company, every employee has a set of tasks they need to complete day in, day out. It s a no-brainer – it s absolutely vital in keeping your company up and running. From a business sense, ideally, you d have the best employees performing at their peak efficiency and productivity at all times.

In reality, while that s an easy concept to imagine, it s much easier said than done. However, the one way around this is to consider training your employees and providing them with the necessary skills needed to improve their efficiency. A recent study found that 94% of employees agree to stay longer at a company if it invests in their training. This is primarily due to employees believing that an employer who invests in training believes that they have the potential to grow with the company – not just slave over it.

Employees who feel valued and desired in their company perform at much higher efficiencies than non-engaged workers, especially when you keep in mind that 84% of employees at top-performing companies receive all the professional training they need. The training they offer their employees is the reason they’re a top-performing company! 

93% of employees said that well-planned employee training programs positively affect their level of engagement. You want to give your employees a reason to be excited about their work – everyone wants a reason to dream big.

Speaking of engagement, AirMason is a valuable tool used to grow and develop employee engagement in your organization. An online employee handbook allows you to build and grow engagement instantly. Employees heavily value being able to easily reach all the policies and procedures they need anytime and anywhere! There s nothing better to make your life easier than avoiding the hundreds of questions from employees that can be easily answered in a beautiful employee handbook.


Goal #2 – Inefficiencies and Incidents are Reduced with Employee Training and Development

Have you ever worked somewhere where you ve spotted a process being done incredibly inefficiently? One that was still being used and kept around because either no one knew any better or because that s how it s always been ? These inefficiencies are a result of either improper training, or no training in the first place.

You d be surprised by the amount of mistrained people working at companies. In fact, 41% of managers overseeing three to five employees say they have had no training at all. 59% of managers overseeing one to two employees say the same. By investing time into proper training and focusing on developing your employees, you will save a large amount of time, money and energy with your workers performing at much higher efficiency.

The right training leads to the right questions being asked which leads to unexpected ideas and innovation by motivated and engaged staff. When employees aren t scared to ask questions and feel like their employers have their backs, the road to making mistakes is greatly reduced. 

This same concept applies to industries where there is potential for work-related accidents and incidents. Proper training is even more crucial in these workplaces as perfecting employee training for necessary procedures and methods is the backbone of a functioning workplace.


Goal #3 – Employee Training and Development Helps you Reach the Unattainable

Organizations without question want to grow and expand as much as possible within their industries. While that does take a large amount of time and effort, by investing in employee training and development, your employees will make that dream quickly achievable before your very eyes. 

To explain, by training your employees to reach high levels of expertise and productivity, they will perform at much higher levels which will indisputably grow and expand your business faster than you ve ever seen before. Employees want to feel seen. By making them feel valued by investing time into their success – you ll watch your company absolutely flourish.

Employees who undergo training and development consistently grow and improve themselves, vastly increasing the ROI spent training them and helping them master their skills. In fact, 60% of workers embarked upon their own skills training last year, highlighting an unmet appetite in the workforce for greater knowledge. Instead of having your employees have to provide training for themselves in ways that might be inefficient, focus instead on providing them with the training they need to skyrocket your company s growth!


Goal #4 – Lead your Employees into Senior Roles to Avoid Dreaded Turnover

Since your employees are on a path to emerging as top performers in their field, it only makes sense to have them develop into senior roles within the company rather than heading off to a competitor. Deloitte reports that the cost of losing one employee can range from tens of thousands of dollars to 1.5-2X their annual salary, and this range can be even higher if the employee is highly trained and essential to your organization.

With this in mind, it s incredibly important for you to offer your employees the ability to grow within your company. All the training and development they will undergo will mean that in time, they will expect to step up into a more senior role with more responsibilities and skill requirements. 43% of employees say that they would leave their current role for career advancement.

This means you should be prioritizing building on the right policies and culture to help your employees map out and understand their potential career progression – hopefully within your company. 


Employee Training and Development is the Answer – it s time to invest in your employees now

Your employees are what pushes your organization forward. The more your employees are engaged, trained and developed for their tasks, the more your organization pushes and strives to reach the next best level. Investing in employee training and development is an easy and efficient way to maximize employee experience, and we look forward to seeing how your employees grow!

AirMason is an expert when it comes to helping organizations build and develop their online employee handbooks to build employee engagement and experience with just a couple of clicks. Click here to book a free demo with our fantastic team and see the difference that AirMason can make for you!

Tehsin Bhayani

AirMason was born when Tehsin was trying to create a digital culture book, but couldn’t find any solutions in the market that had all the features he needed. In 2016, AirMason officially launched. In five years, AirMason has created thousands of handbooks for more than 1,000 clients around the world.

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