Employee Handbook Content Checklist

The best way to create an employee handbook or a culture book for your company is to use a sample employee handbook for reference. It can be intimidating to start from scratch, but having a checklist of important topics can help streamline the process and ensure that all necessary information is included.

There s a lot that you need to cover! Below, we ve put together a list of topics that are commonly included in effective employee handbooks. Feel free to use this as a template for your own best employee handbook for small business checklist.

This checklist is made primarily for office jobs, but can be helpful for all types of jobs.

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About the company

  1. Our mantra
  2. Who we are as a company
  3. Our history / timeline
  4. Our values
  5. How our teams / employees are organized

Your first days

  1. What to expect
  2. Training schedules
  3. Tools we use
  4. Who should I contact for X?


  1. Best practices for creating a user-friendly table of contents for your digital employee handbook include:
  2. Working from home
  3. Vacation time / holidays
  4. Sick leave / family leave
  5. Absence / lateness
  6. Confidentiality
  7. Using your phone at work
  8. Time-wasting sites at work

Good to know s

  1. General work hours
  2. What people wear
  3. Can I bring my dog into work?
  4. Lunch breaks!
  5. Desk decor
  6. Team outings / events (ie. happy hour)
  7. Candidate referral program
  8. Performance reviews
  9. I m the first/last one at work. What should I do?
  10. How can I use my company credit card?


  1. Payment schedule
  2. Bonuses
  3. Promotions

These are the essentials for an office job environment, but we recommend showcasing your organization s corporate culture by including team photos, funny memes, etc. as well. Keep in mind that your handbook should be an enjoyable read If it s enjoyable, employees will take more time reviewing it and are more likely to take in the information, and adhere to it.

You should have a legal document that employees sign, but you should also have a handbook that your employees will read. It s important to outline key information for new hires to get up to speed quickly.

If you haven t already, check out AirMason  it s our tool to build your own employee handbook.

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