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Writing out employee handbooks is a tough job. Believe me, we ve been doing it for companies for 5 years now! But one key way to make things easier is by going and taking the time to find samples of fantastic employee handbooks to help inspire you to build your very own! Everything from design and visuals to policies and regulations can be looked at and used as a tool to help you make your employee handbook a breeze to write up. Today we ll take a look at some of the best sample employee handbooks out there to help you make writing your new handbook an easy task!

Don t forget that creating your very own custom-made employee handbook doesn t have to be stressful or even something you have to do on your own. With AirMason, we have a talented team of skilled professionals that can work with you to create the handbook of your dreams. With countless beautifully crafted sample handbooks, you can get a great idea of just how you want your handbook to look today. Now let’s jump right into taking a look at some of these gorgeous handbooks!



So, why not start out with one of the giants of the tech and entertainment industry? Take a look at the Netflix employee culture guide. What first speaks to you? Is it the gorgeous array of visuals and colours – not too obnoxious, but the complete opposite of bland? Maybe it s the lists of catchy one-liners and expectations set out by Netflix in what they expect of their employees. Either way, it s safe to say it has it all. 

Not only does Netflix allow their company image to shine throughout their employee handbook, but they genuinely make it interesting to read. I don t know about you, but I usually wouldn t think it could possibly be that exciting to sit and read through a company s handbook. Well, Netflix proved us all wrong. The beautiful visuals coupled with stunning company photos are simply a given – but how does the content stand out to you?

Depending on how you want to showcase your company to your employees, you may want to focus on different aspects of the work more than others. For example, if you re a construction company you may want an employee handbook designated for really narrowing in on health and safety regulations and workplace conduct and policies. Whereas if you re a video game studio, you may want to really highlight company culture and what it is about your company that makes it so incredible to work at. For Netflix – they took the latter approach. 

Flipping through the pages of the Netflix employee handbook you can see they value the human experience. The key phrase that keeps popping up is stunning colleagues. They continue to list all of the traits and qualities of what makes their employees so valued or – stunning. They even go on to say that they specifically don t want to focus their attention on overly detailed policies. Rather, they want to focus on what makes a good employee or manager – and what things to avoid. They zero in on what they consider to be an efficient employee and state 9 behaviours and skills they honour in their colleagues as well as what makes a responsible person. Ending off the employee handbook by stating that employees grow and accomplish amazing things and may even go beyond their company – and that s okay.



While Netflix was big on short and exciting one-liners, Uber takes a different approach. Again, with gorgeous visuals that truly captivate Uber s persona – city views, horizons and landscapes – they know what they re doing. On the other hand, they start off a bit differently. The first thing you see is a letter from the CEO. This goes on to explain how exactly Uber came about and what its mission statement is. This adds a great little personal touch from the CEO connecting with their employees as well as a good introduction into the company.

They even go on to add a video with commentary from different Uber employees across many different departments. Yes, that s right – with AirMason, you can easily incorporate videos into your employee handbook. This is a great way to give a warm welcome to new hires who are trying to integrate as seamlessly as they can into the company. It makes them feel like they re not alone

Uber goes on to focus their attention on a different kind of workplace aspect – diversity and inclusion as well as the social impact the company makes in communities. They pride themselves on trying to be the most equitable and inclusive workplace on the planet. As well as setting initiatives for mentoring programs to young people from some of their greatly talented and skilled engineers. They strive for supporting communities in need such as providing disaster relief services as well as creating public health campaigns across the globe. The only policy they showcase directly in their employee handbook is one for Equal Opportunity Employment Policy. Uber makes its motive clear to employees – by reaching for excellence by connection through community



Patagonia takes a similar approach to Uber when focusing on the content in their handbook – but really amps it up on a worldwide level. We re in business to save our home planet. Patagonia s mission statement has it all. The impact, the enormity, and the big bang. It s definitely hard to forget. By building the best products while trying to avoid causing as much unnecessary environmental harm as possible and implementing solutions to the environmental crisis – they do an incredible job of showcasing it in their employee handbook. This is what the power of an unforgettable mission statement can give your employees – a purpose

Then a list of interesting and funny anecdotes about the founder – all personable and a welcoming reminder to new hires that they can settle into the company with ease. Besides information about steps and initiatives the company takes to help solve the spread of the environmental crisis, no policies are directly mentioned in the employee handbook besides core values. As well as a quick note at the very end of what a new hires first day would look like – Patagonia knocked it out of the park.

Struggling to come up with a stellar mission statement? No problem – AirMason is here for you. With our talented team of copywriters, we strive to help you with writing that perfectly catchy one-liner you need or even the entire content of your employee handbook! 



The Diaconia employee handbook and culture guide is seriously beautiful. Besides some seriously stunning visuals in which the company has opted for choosing gifs and animated graphics throughout a gorgeous colour scheme – Diaconia s employee handbook focus is on something a little different. 

This handbook is truly focused on the employee experience in mind. They strongly vouch for valuing the employee’s mind and nurturing it. While not as policy-based – Diaconia believes the way to take great care of customers is through first taking great care of their employees. Every employee wants to feel as though their company has their back – but their core values fall directly in line with helping their employees excel through growth. Supporting intellectual creativity and curiosity by promoting diverse thinking and unconventional solutions to problems – employees at Diaconia can truly be individual. 


So you ve seen what incredible employee handbooks can look like – what next?

Employee handbook samples are a useful and necessary tool to be able to get the most out of your handbook. It s not an easy job to get it all figured out and make a gorgeous employee handbook – especially when you may feel threatened by giants like Netflix or Uber. But the most useful resource is right in front of you – use these employee handbook samples as inspiration. It ll make the entire process much smoother and will help both you and your employees seamlessly connect in the onboarding stage and beyond.

But don t worry – you don t need to do it all on your own – AirMason is here to help. You ve seen even just with these examples what amazing work our team here is doing. Working together with our graphic designers, copywriters and even marketing if need be – you can build the perfect custom-made employee handbook and image you d like to create for your company.

If you re curious about learning more about AirMason and how you can create a beautiful employee handbook, book a free demo with our sales staff today to see how and why AirMason is the most trusted employee handbook software in the world!

Tehsin Bhayani

AirMason was born when Tehsin was trying to create a digital culture book, but couldn’t find any solutions in the market that had all the features he needed. In 2016, AirMason officially launched. In five years, AirMason has created thousands of handbooks for more than 1,000 clients around the world.

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