Building Your Company’s Mission Statement

Every company needs a mission statement. 

Both you and your employees benefit from knowing exactly what the purpose of your business is. Following this and focusing on what your organization strives to achieve is key to building company culture. Whether it’s a long and well-detailed statement or short and sweet, discovering your mission statement and company goal is the stepping stone to the growth of your business.

You might see mission statements as something small or unnecessary, but their impact is immense.

In this modern age, companies need to be more than just businesses operating to gain profits. You need to have a clear and focused vision of what your company is and what you want it to be. Your mission statement is the key to solving this and helping your company push itself to its greatest potential.

What exactly is a mission statement? Just think – what sets your company apart.

There is a reason you think your company can be the best in its industry. Beyond that, there s a reason you want it to reach heights no other company has reached. Make that reason known. Besides the fact that it attracts people to want to know more about your company, your mission statement helps employees understand why exactly they re working at your company. It also gives a reason to potential employees to seek out your company to work at.

What would be the sole thing your company stands for that would stand out against the crowd if you were a job seeker or a potential customer? Your company s mission statement is the foundation upon which your company s success relies. If it s not clear or it doesn t stand out – your company will get lost in the crowd. 


Word spreads. Make those words count.

If you could only use twenty words or less to draw someone into your company, what would they be? Making an impact that lasts through your mission statement is a surefire way to get the message across clearly. Think of something like a superhero catchphrase – or even those catchy commercial jingles that you just can t seem to get out of your head. There s a reason it sticks – even when you least expect it to. 

These companies know what makes a good mission statement. Whether it s through some sort of repetitive tune or even a cheesy one-liner – they make it stand out. Thinking outside of the box is what hooks people in. Remember – no one remembers the companies that have a boring mission statement. Having a few words that truly showcase what your company represents rather than a textbook definition of what exactly your company is making a world of difference. 

Take a company like Patagonia for example – We re in Business to Save Our Home Planet. Straight to the point in just a few words and strong enough to make an impact. The mission statement is clear and it s obvious that the company understands exactly what they stand for. It directly showcases the company s commitment to helping the environment and saving the earth. What lasting image of your company do you want to leave through your mission statement?

Even a company like JetBlue airlines knows exactly what message to send across with their mission statement. JetBlue s mission is to inspire humanity both in the air and on the ground. Wow – that really sticks, doesn t it? Words like inspire and humanity are great keywords to think about when wondering what will make your company s mission statement stick out against the rest. Just think – what keywords truly define your company and what it stands for? 

However, there s something else that is just glaringly obvious that these companies mission statements have in common – the bigger picture. They don t just make their statements about their product or what they can offer the consumer. They talk about what they can offer the world. Inspiring humanity and saving our home planet – does it really get any better than that? 

These are the things to consider when creating your company s mission statement. Even going so far as to have a page on your company s website that is fully dedicated to your mission statement and what your company brings to the table makes a world of difference. If you re struggling with this – no problem! AirMason is here to help you create the perfect mission statement with a great team of copywriters as well as the perfect website to showcase exactly what your company is about. Take a look at our site today to see some great examples of companies that have completely revolutionized their company branding and perfected their mission statement.


The checklist to a perfect mission statement.

So you ve seen the examples – now what? You want to know exactly what to keep in mind when framing the perfect mission statement. Well lucky for you, we ve got exactly the tools necessary to help you on your path to understanding how to brand yourself. 

  • Make it achievable. Your mission statement should be big. It should be bold. But it should also make sense. Think about what goals you want your company to accomplish and when. Thinking both short and long term can set you up for crafting the mission statement you need. What is the ultimate dream situation for your company? What do you want it to turn into? Something that falls in line with your company s values that s also something you know your company can believably reach sets the stage for your company s employees to be successful. But remember – you can never dream too big
  • Be clear and use simple language. No one wants a long, drawn-out mission statement. Using exciting words that are straight to the point and aren t overly complicated hooks people in. It s what makes them want to look into what exactly your company is about. Don t overthink it. Keeping it short and sweet is enough to convey core values your company has and what exactly it represents. 
  • Be Inspirational. This is far and beyond the most important point. Make your company shine. This is your chance to highlight exactly what it is your company has to offer. Pull out all the stops and don t be afraid to get creative. Think of your company on a worldwide level. How can it reach an audience of millions – even billions? Your company s mission statement is a direct reflection of what makes your company different from all the rest. This is your opportunity to prove that to the world in a few simple words. It seems like a big job – but if you want to be the best you have to make everyone believe that you are. 


Make your company s one-of-a-kind mission statement today.

You ve seen the examples and you have the steps necessary to build out the mission statement that s perfectly suited to your company. So what s next? If you have millions of ideas but are confused on how to get started piecing them together or just need the right resource to set your company on the right path for growth – AirMason is here for you. 

Your first focus should be taking a look into AirMason and starting an employee handbook that your employees won t be able to put down! Your organization is unique, why not create a handbook that showcases that? At AirMason we ve helped countless organizations just like yours grow their employee engagement easily with an onboarding process that does wonders. If you re curious about how we can help you, book a free demo with our sales staff today by clicking here!

Tehsin Bhayani

AirMason was born when Tehsin was trying to create a digital culture book, but couldn’t find any solutions in the market that had all the features he needed. In 2016, AirMason officially launched. In five years, AirMason has created thousands of handbooks for more than 1,000 clients around the world.

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