18 Questions Every New Hire Wants Answered

Starting a new job is a big transition for most of us. New hires are often anxious and full of excitement at the prospect of their new roles. Usually, they need a lot of questions answered. At AirMason, we re trying to help organizations address these questions in their employee handbooks, and thus, reduce the stress associated with starting a new job.

We asked 100 people what they would have liked to know when starting their jobs. Participants were happy to ask some of these questions, and felt less comfortable asking other questions.

All of these questions are general enough to answer in a new hire handbook (which you can build with our tool, AirMason).

  1. When do people generally come in / leave?
  2. What do people wear?
  3. Can I bring my dog to work?
  4. What s the deal with lunch breaks how much time do people generally take?
  5. Do you guys do performance reviews?
  6. Can I work from home? How often?
  7. How many sick days do I get?
  8. How many vacation days to I get?
  9. I m the first/last one at work. What should I do?
  10. How can I use my company credit card?
  11. What if I want to buy something work-related?
  12. How does the team communicate?
  13. What tools does the office use?
  14. Can I use my phone at work?
  15. When do I get paid?
  16. How do bonuses work?
  17. What s the organization structure? Is there an org chart I can keep for reference?
  18. Where should I turn to ask questions?

People only want to ask so many questions, which is why we believe in answering all of the important (and, in some cases, not so important questions) right off the bat. This creates clarity and removes some of the anxiety associated with starting a new job.

If you want to be able to answer these questions easily for your new hires. Try AirMason Handbook Builder. Get beautifully designed handbook templates, create all the content in a jiffy by answering a few questions and easily share it with your employees using a link or as a PDF.

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