Top HR Professionals Share Their #1 Culture Building Tips

Company culture is important not only does it give your company an identity, but it allows for high levels of employee engagement and longer employee retention. According to WebMD, having happy employees allows for better performance and an inviting, positive work environment allows for that.

Culture doesn t need to equal team lunches and stand out perks, it can be as simple as having a company mission that your employees agree with or allowing for transparency within the office.

To help our readers learn more about building company culture, we reached out to our champion AirMason users and asked the following question: What is your number one tip for building company culture?

My #1 tip for building company culture? It s listening, building a plan, then finally implementing change, after marrying employee feedback with big picture goal planning. Building realness and vulnerability into the company culture is essential to our success. It creates transparency within our organization, being able to have an ecosystem in which we treat each others opinions and struggles with respect. We strive for better through listening.

Lora Ladd, Founder & CEO of The Tidy People

Everyone knows that tone is set from the top. As a result, Stream s leadership goes beyond management by walking around our C-level executives hold townhall meetings, small group meetings, and guest star at department meetings outside their org chart. Our leaders listen, implement, and show employees exactly how they re making a difference.

Carolyn Lam, Associate General Counsel VP at Stream

Building and maintaining company culture isn t easy, but it is extremely important. Culture can make or break your business. My best tip for company culture is to establish your values early on and stick to them no matter how large you grow. Having check-ins with your team to remind them of these values so they stay top of mind is also key in maintaining a strong culture for employees.

Loren Rochelle, CEO & Co-Founder of NOM

When you re building your team, think about culture contribution rather cultural fit. Don t limit yourself to hiring the same people over and over again who fit into your existing team.

Emma Hunt, Head of Talent at Looka (formerly LogoJoy)

Never underestimate the importance of trust. Building a high trust culture requires significant effort, time and resources, but the impact on performance and team engagement can be beyond measure. I ve never encountered a team let down by investing in high trust culture. Yet, how many of us can recount unfortunate experiences of teams lacking trust?

Charles Dimmler, CEO & Co-Founder of Checkerspot

My number 1 culture tip is to create a strong sense of belonging. Culture is the glue that keeps your company (community) together. To build strong cultures you have to answer 2 questions at the leadership level Why should people want to work here? What is causing people to continue to want to work here? Find out what creates belonging and that is a foundation for a strong culture.

Aldeen Simmonds-Thorpe, Chief HR Transformation Officer & Coach at Aldeen Simmonds-Thorpe Consulting Inc

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