Thermo Fisher Scientific Employee Handbook Example

Key Takeaways:

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a comprehensive Total Rewards Program, providing employees with a range of benefits and recognition for their contributions.
  • Employees at Thermo Fisher Scientific have access to a variety of benefits, including healthcare, retirement plans, and support resources through the YBR website and benefit management tools.
  • Implementation of Workday Time Tracking at Thermo Fisher Scientific has streamlined HR processes, improved productivity, and contributed to a positive onboarding experience and effective time management for employees.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Overview

Thermo Fisher Scientific, a leading scientific research company, is the focus of this section. We will delve into its background, formation, and its diverse business segments and offerings. Get ready to uncover valuable insights into Thermo Fisher Scientific’s impressive track record and the wide range of products and services it provides to the scientific community and beyond. Expand your knowledge of this pioneering company and its impact in the world of scientific research.

Background and Formation

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a top global purveyor of scientific research services and products. Its roots can be traced back to its 2006 merger of Thermo Electron Corporation and Fisher Scientific International Inc. This melding of two industry leaders brought together their knowledge in scientific study and laboratory equipments.

Since then, Thermo Fisher Scientific has ballooned into a business with activities in over 50 nations. Its dedication to originality and customer contentment has enabled it to secure a strong foothold in multiple scientific realms, such as life sciences, healthcare, and diagnostics.

Thermo Fisher Scientific continues to invest in investigating and developing cutting-edge answers that tackle the ever-evolving requirements of the scientific populace. Thanks to its wealthy past and commitment to brilliance, Thermo Fisher Scientific has become a reliable ally for scientists, investigators, and healthcare pros around the globe.

Business Segments and Offerings

Thermo Fisher Scientific provides customers with a range of products, services and technologies. They have solutions for life sciences research, healthcare diagnostics, environmental monitoring and industrial applications.

Let’s take a look at the table:

Business Segment Offerings
Life Sciences Solutions Gene editing tools, cell culture media, reagents, next-gen sequencing
Analytical Instruments Mass spectrometers, gas chromatography systems, electron microscopes
Specialty Diagnostics Diagnostic kits for infectious diseases and genetic testing
Laboratory Products Consumables such as laboratory plastics, glassware, equipment
Research Services CRO services for drug discovery and development

Thermo Fisher Scientific customizes products to suit customers’ needs. Plus, they offer technical knowledge bases, online training modules and application-specific customer support teams. This company is committed to staying ahead of scientific advancements, so customers have access to the latest technologies.

Now, let’s get ready for fantastic employee perks at Thermo Fisher Scientific!

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Employee Benefits at Thermo Fisher Scientific

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, employees are well-versed in the multitude of benefits they receive. From the comprehensive Total Rewards Program to the convenient YBR Website and Benefit Management Tools, this section will unveil the array of advantages that come with being a Thermo Fisher Scientific employee. Additionally, we will explore the recognition and awards employees receive for their exceptional contributions to the company’s success.

Total Rewards Program

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a Total Rewards Program that goes beyond traditional benefits. It focuses on employee satisfaction and recognition.

To prioritize health and well-being, they provide comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage. Plus, they offer fitness reimbursements and mental health support resources.

Employees can reap financial rewards too, such as competitive salaries, bonuses, stock options, and 401(k) contributions. There are also flexible work schedules, telecommuting options, paid time off, parental leave policies, and various assistance programs.

Other benefits include tuition reimbursement, employee discounts, and professional development resources.

The Program is designed to attract and retain great employees by fostering a positive working environment that values personal growth and well-being. All of this is to recognize and reward the contributions of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s employees and support their career aspirations.

Come join the Thermo Fisher Scientific family and discover the exciting rewards in store!

Available Benefits

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers lots of amazing benefits to its employees. These perks help to draw in and keep the best talent, and make sure everyone is happy and healthy. Thermo Fisher Scientific knows that having a range of benefits is really important for their people. Here’s what they offer:

  • Competitive pay: Employees get salaries and bonuses for their hard work.
  • Health and wellness programs: Medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage. Plus, gym memberships, fitness classes, and counseling services.
  • Retirement savings plans: 401(k) with company match.
  • Work-life balance initiatives: Flexible work arrangements, paid time off, and parental leave.
  • Education assistance: Tuition reimbursement programs for employees seeking further education or certifications.
  • Employee discounts: Get discounts on products and services from company partners.

To make sure these benefits are easy to access, Thermo Fisher Scientific uses the YBR website and other tools. Employees can review their benefits, make changes, or get help.

Thermo Fisher Scientific also has a recognition and awards program. Award ceremonies and events are held to recognize employees who have done awesome work.

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, these benefits are about much more than just money. They help to create a positive workplace, and make sure employees stay happy and keep growing. Benefits like these are beneficial for both people and the company.

YBR Website and Benefit Management Tools


YBR, which stands for ‘Your Benefits Resources’, is an employee benefits platform from Thermo Fisher Scientific. It offers a user-friendly experience so employees can manage their benefits. It also provides resources that help them make informed decisions.

Employees can use YBR to:

  • Enroll in programs like health insurance and retirement plans.
  • View and update personal info.
  • Compare different benefit options.
  • Access educational materials about programs.
  • Streamline the process of managing benefits.

YBR helps enhance employee experience by giving them a central hub to access relevant info without delays or complexity. Thermo Fisher Scientific aims to give employees the knowledge to make well-informed decisions about their well-being.

To improve YBR, they could:

  • Regularly update resources.
  • Enhance interactive features.
  • Receive feedback from employees.

Thermo Fisher Scientific rewards hard work with recognition and awards, making you feel like a scientific superstar!

Recognition and Awards for Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific is acknowledged for their outstanding contributions and achievements in the field. They’ve been celebrated for their innovation, employee satisfaction, corporate responsibility, and other areas of focus.

They’ve earned awards for their products and services in the scientific and diagnostic solutions field. Plus, recognition for advancing technology in molecular biology.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is also honored for their comprehensive benefits programs and positive work environment. And for their sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and community engagement initiatives.

Their Total Rewards Program reflects their commitment to employee development and well-being, with competitive salaries, benefits packages, and career growth opportunities.

This dedication to employee recognition has earned them numerous awards over the years. It shows they’re dedicated to creating an exceptional work environment that fosters success both within their company and with customers.

Workday Time Tracking at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Workday time tracking at Thermo Fisher Scientific offers numerous benefits, such as improved employee experience, streamlined HR processes, and enhanced productivity. Implementing this system ensures a positive onboarding experience and effective time management. With these advantages in mind, let’s delve into the details of how workday time tracking helps Thermo Fisher Scientific optimize their operations and create a more efficient work environment.

Importance of Employee Experience

Employee experience is essential for an organisation’s success and growth. It involves employee satisfaction, engagement and well-being. Thermo Fisher Scientific appreciates the importance of a great employee experience and offers benefits and rewards through its Total Rewards Program. This includes healthcare coverage, retirement plans and professional development opportunities. Employees can use the YBR website as well as other tools to manage their benefits. Additionally, Thermo Fisher Scientific recognises and rewards outstanding performance.

Thermo Fisher Scientific believes positive employee experience leads to increased productivity and business success. To streamline HR processes and enhance productivity, the company has implemented Workday Time Tracking. This time tracking system simplifies tasks such as onboarding, time management and more. It enables employees to focus on their core responsibilities and job satisfaction.

QIAGEN is another key player in the industry. They provide cutting-edge instruments, automation systems and knowledge resources to customers in molecular biology and diagnostic solutions. This comprehensive range of products and services enhances the employee experience at QIAGEN.

Thermo Fisher Scientific also offers internships and leadership development programs to students and new graduates. These programs offer valuable hands-on experience and training. They also provide competitive salaries and benefits packages for early career positions. Furthermore, the company has a strong culture and values, creating an environment where employees can thrive and make a difference.

Implementation and Benefits of Workday Time Tracking

Incorporating and Reaping the Benefits of Workday Time Tracking

Thermo Fisher Scientific has implemented Workday Time Tracking to great success. It’s streamlined their HR processes and improved productivity. The system is user-friendly, and employees can easily track their work hours, submit time-off requests, and manage their schedules.

This has meant increased transparency and accuracy in time tracking processes. Managers now have real-time data on employee attendance and schedule adherence. Plus, payroll processing is more accurate and efficient.

Workday Time Tracking has been a major asset for Thermo Fisher Scientific. But, there may still be unique details that have not been covered. These could include features or functionalities of the system that have helped with HR processes or employee satisfaction.

These details make Workday Time Tracking an integral part of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s operations. And, it ensures a seamless employee experience with enhanced time management tools.

Streamlined HR Processes and Productivity

Streamlining HR processes is a must for boosting productivity in an organization. Thermo Fisher Scientific knows the importance of giving employees a seamless experience, so they’ve implemented Workday Time Tracking. This system provides efficient time management, simplifies HR processes, and increases productivity.

Workday Time Tracking has helped Thermo Fisher Scientific streamline HR processes. This system makes it easy for employees to track their time, submit leave requests, and manage their employment-related admin tasks. Automating these processes eliminates wasteful manual work and decreases the chances of delays or errors.

Workday Time Tracking has had major advantages for Thermo Fisher Scientific. It’s not only improved the overall accuracy and efficiency of HR operations, but it’s also saved employees time. Streamlining processes allows employees to focus on their core responsibilities instead of wasting time on administrative tasks. This boosts productivity within the organization as a whole.

On top of increasing productivity, Workday Time Tracking also makes the onboarding process smoother for new employees. The system completes all necessary paperwork quickly, so new hires can get up to speed with their roles quickly. This not only saves time, but also makes employees feel appreciated and supported from day one.

All in all, Workday Time Tracking at Thermo Fisher Scientific has proven to be a valuable tool in streamlining HR processes and increasing productivity. By simplifying admin tasks and providing a seamless employee experience, this system contributes to a more effective and efficient workforce. With Thermo Fisher Scientific’s focus on productivity and streamlined HR processes, you’ll always be ahead of the clock and the competition.

Positive Onboarding Experience and Time Management

Thermo Fisher Scientific understands the importance of positive onboarding and efficient time management for new employees. They provide training programs to equip them with essential skills and knowledge and a supportive environment. Workday Time Tracking software is used to track hours, vacations, and leaves. YBR website and benefit management tools give easy access to view benefits. To further improve onboarding and time management, mentors or buddy programs, comprehensive training sessions, and evaluation and optimization of Workday Time Tracking software could be implemented. This would lead to increased productivity and organization success.

Employee rending report

Product and Service Offerings at QIAGEN

Explore the world of QIAGEN’s product and service offerings, including a comprehensive overview of their Molecular Biology and Diagnostic Solutions, key product categories and applications, as well as their state-of-the-art instruments and automation systems. Additionally, discover the valuable knowledge and support resources that QIAGEN provides. Get ready to delve into the fascinating realm of scientific advancements and innovative technologies in this section.

Overview of QIAGEN’s Molecular Biology and Diagnostic Solutions

QIAGEN is a renowned name in the molecular biology and diagnostics industry. Boasting a wide range of products and services, the company provides solutions for various applications. These include DNA and RNA purification kits, PCR amplification reagents, and next-generation sequencing technologies. Additionally, QIAGEN offers diagnostic solutions for healthcare professionals, such as infectious disease testing, oncology testing, and genetic testing.

Furthermore, the company provides instruments and automation systems to streamline laboratory workflows and improve efficiency. Equally important, QIAGEN offers knowledge and support resources to customers, such as technical documentation, user manuals, online forums, training programs, and customer support services.

Consequently, QIAGEN stands at the forefront of innovation in the molecular biology and diagnostics field. Its outstanding offerings and commitment to reliable solutions have firmly established the company as a trusted partner in the scientific community. Unlocking the mysteries of molecular biology and diagnostics, QIAGEN’s key product categories and applications are a scientific force to be reckoned with.

Key Product Categories and Applications

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a top-notch company in molecular biology and diagnostics. They offer a wide array of products in many categories to suit researchers, scientists, and healthcare professionals. The key product categories are Molecular Biology and Diagnostics.

Molecular Biology products include DNA/RNA extraction, gene expression analysis, and PCR amplification. These products help researchers and scientists understand genetic information on a molecular level.

Diagnostics products are used for genetic testing, infectious disease diagnostics, and cancer diagnostics. These solutions can help healthcare professionals make precise and prompt diagnoses, improving patient outcomes.

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s key product categories and applications are summarized in the table below:

Key Product Categories Applications
Molecular Biology DNA/RNA extraction and purification
  Gene expression analysis
  PCR amplification
Diagnostics Genetic testing
  Infectious disease diagnostics
  Cancer diagnostics

The company continuously develops new products to meet customer needs. They are always pushing scientific development forward with their research and development efforts.

To sum up, Thermo Fisher Scientific is committed to offering a variety of products to meet the various needs of researchers, scientists, and healthcare professionals. Their focus on innovation and providing solutions for key product categories and applications has made them a reliable partner in the scientific community.

Instruments and Automation Systems

QIAGEN offers a variety of instruments and automation systems to fit your research needs. Check out this table for some of the key features:

Instrument/ System Key Features
Handheld Devices Portable and user-friendly
PCR Instruments High-performance DNA/RNA amplification
Automated Sample Preparation Systems Streamlined protocols
Liquid Handling Workstations Precise liquid dispensing
Nucleic Acid Purification Systems Efficient purification of nucleic acids

QIAGEN provides reliable solutions to enhance laboratory efficiency. But, when selecting an instrument or automation system, it’s important to assess your specific requirements. Throughput, versatility, and compatibility with other lab equipment must all be taken into account. An expert opinion can help you make the right choice.

Knowledge and Support Resources

Knowledge and support resources are key for individuals and organizations to be successful in the modern business world. Thermo Fisher Scientific knows the value of giving comprehensive resources to help our employees succeed. We provide cutting-edge technology through our molecular biology and diagnostic solutions. Our instruments and automation systems upgrade the research capabilities of our staff. Plus, we give training programs and equipment so our people can reach their goals.

Staying up-to-date with scientific research is essential for success. To ensure our employees have the latest information in their field, Thermo Fisher Scientific spends heavily in knowledge resources. We offer a range of training opportunities to enable our employees to stay in the forefront of their disciplines.

Apart from training programs, we also give useful support resources for our employees. This includes access to a big network of professionals who can give advice and assistance. Moreover, we offer tools and platforms to encourage collaboration among team members. This sets up an environment of shared knowledge and continuous learning.

We understand that knowledge is best used when it has reliable infrastructure. So, we make sure our employees have access to top-notch equipment and technologies to carry out their work properly. This commitment to providing solid support resources makes an environment where our employees can grow.

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we are proud to be the place where students and new graduates turn into scientific superheroes. We believe that with the right knowledge and support resources, individuals and organizations can do amazing things.

Opportunities for Students and New Graduates at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Opportunities for students and new graduates at Thermo Fisher Scientific open doors to internships, leadership development programs, job placements in various fields, enticing salaries, benefits for early career positions, and embodying a strong company culture and values. With a plethora of growth avenues and a supportive environment, this section showcases the exciting possibilities that await those looking to kickstart their professional journey with one of the leading scientific companies globally.

Internships and Leadership Development Programs

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s internships and leadership development programs provide participants with real-world experience. They receive mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals, helping them build important leadership skills. Participants can also collaborate with cross-functional teams, gaining valuable networking opportunities. In conclusion, the internships and leadership development programs equip participants with the knowledge and skills they need for success in their chosen field.

Job Opportunities in Different Fields

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers an array of job opportunities in various fields. From Pharma Services to Diagnostic Services, Genetic Analysis to Molecular Biology and Environmental Testing, there are endless career choices for individuals. No matter what your passions and skills are, you can easily find an opportunity that fits your needs. With its global reach, the company has plenty of options for people who want to explore and deepen their knowledge in the industries they are passionate about.

Salaries and Benefits for Early Career Positions

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, early career professionals are fortunate to have a comprehensive total rewards package. This program gives them competitive salaries, performance-based incentives, and a range of benefits. These include health insurance, retirement plans, and employee assistance programs.

The company acknowledges the importance of career growth and offers internships and leadership development programs. They also prioritize work-life balance and have flexible work options.

Thermo Fisher Scientific wants to recognize and reward their employees. They have implemented recognition programs and awards to highlight their accomplishments. Plus, they have YBR, an online platform that makes it easy to manage benefits.

Early career professionals can take advantage of industry-leading training opportunities. This helps them gain valuable skills and knowledge.

If you want competitive salaries, benefits, and growth opportunities, check out the job openings at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Join their exceptional team today!

Company Culture and Values

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s culture is in its very DNA. Working in an environment of integrity, collaboration, and innovation, employees feel valued and empowered.

Teamwork and open communication are key values. Employees are encouraged to share ideas, work together across departments, and contribute to the company’s success. Additionally, strong relationships are nurtured with customers, partners, and stakeholders.

The company also pushes forward scientific progress through the diverse expertise of its workforce. They develop solutions to critical challenges, inspiring employees to create and learn.

Integrity is a major part of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s operations. Ethical behavior, transparency, and accountability are all prioritized. This encourages trust between employees, customers, and partners.

In short, Thermo Fisher Scientific emphasizes collaboration, innovation, and integrity. Teams work together, silos are broken, and employees are empowered to make an impact while upholding high ethical standards.

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Employee Experiences at Thermo Fisher Scientific

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, employee experiences range from positive encounters and industry training opportunities to criticisms of management and concerns about pay, communication, and advancement. Feedback on work environment, training, and equipment is also an essential aspect. Offering a glimpse into the various aspects of employee experiences, this section sheds light on the unique dynamics within the company and how they shape the workforce’s perception.

Positive Experiences and Industry Training Opportunities

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Total Rewards Program offers staff rewards, benefits, and industry training. It appreciates and recognizes hard work and enthusiasm.

Internships and leadership development programs are also available for students and new graduates. This gives them the opportunity to gain actual experience in various fields. Plus, these programs may help with future career advancement.

The company’s commitment to industry training is highly praised by employees. There are trainings, workshops, and other resources to help sharpen skills and expertise. Thermo Fisher Scientific also provides access to knowledge and support resources to further encourage learning and growth.

Criticisms of Management and Hiring Practices

Employees of Thermo Fisher Scientific have voiced criticisms concerning management and hiring practices. These include dissatisfaction in the decision-making processes, a lack of transparency in hiring, and claims of favoritism for promotions.

Management is perceived to not take into account the suggestions of their team members. This can lead to frustration as employees feel their insights are not valued. Additionally, during the hiring process, there is confusion because of a lack of communication.

There have also been allegations of favoritism for promotions and equal opportunities for advancement. Other team members may feel that certain individuals are given preferential treatment, leading to feelings of unfairness and demotivation.

Thermo Fisher Scientific must address these concerns and ensure fair and transparent practices. This will help create a positive work environment where everyone feels valued, heard, and has the same chances for growth. By doing this, Thermo Fisher Scientific can foster a culture of inclusivity and promote employee satisfaction.

Concerns about Pay, Communication, and Advancement

Employees at Thermo Fisher Scientific have spoken up about worries regarding pay, communication, and progress. The company is aware of the significance of addressing these anxieties to keep a good work atmosphere and guarantee worker gratification.

  • Pay: Worries about pay have been voiced by staff at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Some feel they are not being paid enough for their efforts and contributions.
  • Communication: A further issue is the communication within the company. Reports suggest employees feel unattached or uninformed about important news or changes.
  • Advancement: Many desire chances for promotion and career advancement. However, concerns have been expressed about limited promotion possibilities and a lack of clear career pathways.
  • Mentorship Programs: Employees want mentorship programs to help them in their careers and give direction on how to progress within the company.
  • Transparency in Performance Evaluation: Fears have been raised about the fairness and visibility of performance evaluation processes, which could affect pay rises and promotion chances.
  • Training Opportunities: Lastly, there is feedback about a lack of training opportunities to build skills needed for advancement, stopping employees from progressing in their careers.

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s management should tackle these issues immediately. This involves open conversation with employees, reviewing compensation structures, updating communication channels, providing clearer career paths, setting up mentorship programs, making performance evaluation processes transparent, and increasing training opportunities. These steps will create a more positive work culture with higher employee satisfaction and retention rates at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Feedback on Work Environment, Training, and Equipment

Thermo Fisher Scientific values the feedback from its staff about the workplace, training programs, and gear. This feedback is key to increasing the overall employee experience and productivity.

Employees share positive experiences concerning the work environment. They say Thermo Fisher Scientific creates a great atmosphere for work.

Training programs are highly praised by staff for being comprehensive. These programs help staff skills grow.

Employees are thankful for the advanced equipment at Thermo Fisher Scientific. It allows them to complete tasks efficiently.

Thermo Fisher Scientific makes sure staff have the tools and resources they need to do their best. Plus, they offer continuous training opportunities to employees for their skill development.

The use of up-to-date equipment helps employees do their job effectively.

Employees give unique and specific detail about their experiences with the work environment, training, and equipment at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Their feedback shows the company’s commitment to creating an optimal working environment and providing training that meets employees’ development needs.

To further boost employee satisfaction, it would be beneficial for Thermo Fisher Scientific to implement regular surveys or feedback sessions. These initiatives can give a clear understanding of areas for improvement. Additionally, investing in upgraded equipment based on employee suggestions and advances in technology will create an even more efficient work environment.

In conclusion, Thermo Fisher Scientific respects its employees’ feedback and works hard to make an environment that boosts growth, productivity, and satisfaction.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Employee Handbook Example:

  • ✅ Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a total rewards program to recognize outstanding performance and meet the needs of its employees. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The company operates through four business segments: Life Sciences Solutions, Analytical Instruments, Specialty Diagnostics, and Laboratory Products & Services. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Thermo Fisher Scientific provides a comprehensive range of benefits to support the personal and professional lives of its employees. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The YBR website provides information and tools for Thermo Fisher employees to understand and manage their benefit plans. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Thermo Fisher Scientific relies on Workday Time Tracking to streamline HR processes and improve productivity. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about Thermo Fisher Scientific Employee Handbook Example

Question 1: What are the employee benefits offered by Thermo Fisher Scientific?

Answer: Thermo Fisher Scientific provides a comprehensive range of employee benefits to support their personal and professional lives. These benefits may include 401k, pension, health insurance, dental and vision coverage, paid time off, life insurance, and flexible spending accounts, among others.

Question 2: How can Thermo Fisher employees manage their benefit plans?

Answer: Thermo Fisher employees can manage their benefit plans through the YBR website. This website provides information and tools for employees to understand and make enrollment decisions about their coverage. They can also build their own medical plan, compare options, estimate costs, and search for healthcare providers.

Question 3: What is the role of Workday Time Tracking in Thermo Fisher Scientific?

Answer: Workday Time Tracking is a software used by Thermo Fisher Scientific to streamline HR processes, improve productivity, and ensure a positive employee experience. It allows employees to easily check in and out using the mobile app, keeping them focused and productive. It also helps in onboarding new employees seamlessly and allows managers to review and approve timecards efficiently.

Question 4: What products and services does QIAGEN offer?

Answer: QIAGEN offers a wide range of products and services in the field of molecular biology and diagnostics. Their offerings include DNA and RNA purification kits, protein purification solutions, enzymes for molecular biology, PCR/qPCR/dPCR products, next-generation sequencing solutions, diagnostic assays, instruments and automation systems, and more.

Question 5: How does Thermo Fisher Scientific support talent development?

Answer: Thermo Fisher Scientific values talent development and offers resources for onboarding and career growth. They provide various opportunities for students and new graduates, including internships and leadership development programs. These programs offer hands-on experience, exposure to the company’s culture, and mentorship. Thermo Fisher also has affinity groups and programs to promote diversity and inclusion.

Question 6: What are some criticisms about Thermo Fisher Scientific’s treatment of blue-collar workers?

Answer: There have been criticisms about Thermo Fisher Scientific’s treatment of blue-collar workers, particularly at the Frederick distribution center. Some of the criticisms include poor management and hiring/promotion practices, overlooking experience and qualifications in recruitment, lack of talent development by supervisors, and a toxic work environment with low room for advancement. There have also been complaints about pay, lack of communication from management, and poor quality practices.

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