The 10 Best Employee Handbook Examples of 2023



Last year, AirMason highlighted the best employee handbook examples in 2022. Due to popular demand, we’re back with a 2023 refresher! 

In addition to a few larger household names, this year’s batch included some smaller organizations who’ve created exceptional handbooks. They may not have the largest creative budgets in the world, which goes to show you don’t need endless resources to create exceptional employee handbooks. 

Without further ado, let’s explore the Top 10 employee handbooks of 2023. 

1. Basecamp

What we liked about the content: Basecamp’s employee handbook focuses on promoting work-life balance and employee well-being. It outlines the company’s dedication to supporting a healthy and productive work environment with policies that encourage flexible work arrangements, stress management, and personal time off. 

What stood out about the design: Large typography and organized layouts.

2. Food&Co (built with AirMason)

What we liked about the content: The Food&Co employee handbook has exceptional storytelling flow from page-to-page and section-to-section, creating a premium user experience for readers. The culture section up front is concise and to the point, with almost no wasted words, serving two purposes: It gives new employees all of the information they need to know off the bat, while immersing them in the efficient, calculated, and productive environment that Food&Co is known for. 

What stood out about the design: Beautiful, high-quality photography to break up lengthy content.

3. Trello

What we liked about the content: Trello’s employee handbook is known for its simplicity and user-friendly approach. By providing clear guidelines for project management, goal setting, and team collaboration, it empowers employees to effectively use Trello’s platform with the aims of streamlining workflows and boosting productivity.

What stood out about the design: Cleverly executed on Trello’s own platform.

4. Valve Corporation

What we liked about the content: Known for its decentralized structure, Valve Corporation’s has created an employee handbook that reflects its unique philosophy. The copy here emphasizes employee autonomy and encourages individuals to take ownership of their work. Plus, it serves as a guide to navigating the company’s unique organizational structure and promotes a culture of self-direction.

What stood out about the design: Graphic elements and illustrations for engagement.

5. GitLab

What we liked about the content: GitLab’s original employee handbook is massive—like 2000 pages massive. But for the sake of their employees, they arranged all of their policies in a friendly, wikipedia style that’s conducive to navigation. Everything can be accessed with the click of a button. 

What stood out about the design: User-friendly navigation and content consumption via links.

6. AirBnb

What we liked about the content: Airbnb’s employee handbook shines through its commitment to nurturing a remote-first culture. The handbook also offers resources for learning about different cultures, supporting employee resource groups, and organizing events that celebrate diversity.

What stood out about the design: Warm, approachable, and nicely branded.

7. ValiantMedia (built with AirMason)

What we liked about the content: Great, engaging copy makes all the difference in the world, and this handbook is brimming from start to finish with witty and edgy writing. It only takes a few sentences to realize this was written by a human being—for human beings!!! Contractions. Slang. The odd curse word. Together, it makes the entire handbook come across very genuine and makes you want to keep reading. 

What stood out about the design: Bold typography and colours to match the tone and language.

8. Whole Foods Market

What we liked about the content: Whole Foods’ employee handbook is called the “Declaration of Interdependence,” which we have to admit is pretty clever. The copy within, as you’d expect from a company like Whole Foods, reflects their commitment to sustainability, organic farming, and healthy living. It also discloses the company’s values and culture, as well as its policies on employee wellness and benefits.

What stood out about the design: Short and sweet, straight to the point.

9. Slack

What we liked about the content: Slack’s employee handbook stands out for its commitment to open communication and collaboration among teammates. The handbook encourages employees to leverage Slack’s platform to build strong relationships and enhance their sense of belonging within the organization.

What stood out about the design: Using colour to colour code different sections.

FashionHaus (built with AirMason)

What we liked about the content: FashionHaus went a different route with their employee handbook, electing to focus primarily on the benefits they offer their teammates. In addition to being brief, the copy is soft and reassuring throughout, which suggests to the reader that whomever wrote this legitimately cares about their wellbeing and happiness. Kudos, FashionHaus team!

What stood out about the design: At first glance, it’s chic and sets the tone with softness and elegance.


What Makes an Ideal Employee Handbook Sample

The best employee handbooks wear many hats! 

A great employee handbook doesn’t just communicate your core values, house rules, procedures, and company culture. It does so as directly as possible—in simple and concise, yet engaging language. Great handbooks also double up as brilliant onboarding tools for new hires and convenient reference tools for existing teammates who may need a refresher or two on company policies. 

That’s why we created the AirMason Handbook Builder. Simplify the process with our beautifully designed and easy-to-use handbook templates.


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