Raytheon Technologies Employee Handbook Example

Key Takeaways:

  • The Raytheon Technologies Employee Handbook provides essential information and resources for employees of Collins Aerospace and Heritage Rockwell Collins.
  • Employees can access important resources such as health savings account, savings plan, and life insurance information through Your Gateway.
  • ADP iPayStatements allows employees to access their pay statements by following a simple registration process.
  • The Company Store offers a range of Collins-branded merchandise for purchase.
  • Heritage Rockwell Collins employees can utilize remote access solutions through Collins Connect, with availability and authorized use governed by access requirements and an MFA token.
  • Pharmacy benefits through CVS/Caremark provide savings and convenient medication delivery options.
  • Raytheon Technologies has nine Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that focus on supporting various communities and promoting inclusion within the company.
  • Joining ERGs can improve the employee experience, offer professional development and networking opportunities, and contribute to cultivating a diverse talent pipeline.
  • Raytheon Technologies values trust, respect, accountability, collaboration, and innovation, and provides channels for reporting issues and concerns through the Speak Up Helpline and a zero-tolerance policy for retaliation.
  • The company has a Global Ethics & Compliance Organization that ensures compliance with laws and regulations, and employees have anonymous and confidential channels for reporting financial matters.
  • The Ombuds program offers confidential assistance for work-related concerns, and the company is committed to enterprise risk management and compliance with various areas, including antitrust compliance, corruption prevention, and government contracts.
  • Overall, Raytheon Technologies is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and provides comprehensive support and resources for its employees.

Introduction to Raytheon Technologies Employee Handbook

From the reference data provided, the introduction for the section “Introduction to Raytheon Technologies Employee Handbook” in a conversational tone would be:

“Discover the ins and outs of the Raytheon Technologies Employee Handbook, your go-to guide for understanding this dynamic organization. Get ready to explore the overview of Raytheon Technologies and uncover the purpose behind their comprehensive Employee Handbook. Let’s dive into the details and become familiar with the policies and guidelines that shape the employee experience at Raytheon Technologies.”

Overview of Raytheon Technologies

Raytheon Technologies – a leading aerospace and defense company – provides innovative solutions to meet customers’ changing needs. It operates in multiple industries, such as aviation, defense, cybersecurity, and space. As one of the world’s largest aerospace and defense companies, its mission is to create a safer world through technology.

Raytheon Technologies values trust, respect, accountability, collaboration, and innovation. It also has a strong focus on employee well-being and strives for diversity, equity, and inclusion. To foster an inclusive culture, the company has Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) where employees with shared backgrounds or interests can connect and collaborate.

Raytheon Technologies is a dynamic organization that combines cutting-edge technology with employee well-being and community engagement. Check out the Raytheon Technologies Employee Handbook for HR policies, benefits, and more!

Purpose of the Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook at Raytheon Technologies is to give employees the important info and resources they need for their job. It’s a complete guide with policies, procedures, and benefits for all staff. It’s a one-stop shop, so they can find what they need fast.

It covers health savings accounts, savings plans, life insurance, pay statements, enrolling and updating info.

For Rockwell Collins employees, there are tailored resources like Collins Connect for remote work. Plus, there are pharmacy benefit options through CVS/Caremark.

It also has an introduction to Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). RTX ASPIRES, RTX BXN, RTX HOLA, RTX PRIDE, RTX RAIN, RTX VETS, RTX WISE, RTX NXGEN – join one and get networking, development, and diversity opportunities.

The Employee Handbook makes accessing resources for all Collins Aerospace employees easy – finding the good stuff is easier than finding the office microwave clean!

Accessing Resources for All Collins Aerospace Employees

Accessing resources is crucial for every Collins Aerospace employee. Discover your gateway to accessing essential information about health savings accounts, savings plans, life insurance, pay statements, and even Collins-branded merchandise. Stay informed and make the most of the benefits offered by Raytheon Technologies.

Your Gateway: Accessing Health Savings Account, Savings Plan, and Life Insurance Information

Raytheon Technologies offer Collins Aerospace employees a gateway to manage their Health Savings Account, Savings Plan, and Life Insurance Information. The employee handbook explains the importance of enrolling in these benefits and keeping their information up-to-date.

Through this resource, employees can check contribution amounts, balances, and eligible expenses for their health savings account. They can also review details about the company’s savings plan options and understand how to make informed decisions regarding retirement planning. Lastly, this resource offers comprehensive information regarding life insurance coverage options available to Collins Aerospace employees.

Using this dedicated gateway provided by Raytheon Technologies, employees have easy access to essential information about their health savings account, savings plan, and life insurance coverage. They can manage all aspects of these benefits through a user-friendly interface. This centralized platform ensures that employees have the tools necessary to make informed decisions regarding healthcare expenses, retirement planning, and life insurance coverage. Raytheon Technologies prioritize employee well-being and financial security, providing a convenient way for employees to enroll and update their information.

Enrolling and Updating Information

  1. Access Your Gateway: Employees at Raytheon Technologies can access the Gateway for enrollment and info updates. Here, you’ll find HSA, Savings Plan, & Life Insurance details. Manage and track your benefits with ease.
  2. Utilize ADP iPayStatements: ADP iPayStatements offers easy access to pay statements. First-time users must register to use this resource. Then you’ll have uninterrupted access.
  3. Explore the Company Store: Buy Collins-branded merchandise at the Company Store. Choose from apparels & items with the company logo.

Additional Details: Heritage Rockwell Collins Employees can access remote access solutions via Collins Connect. Use an MFA Token to securely connect & comply with access requirements. Plus, CVS/Caremark pharmacy benefits allow employees to save money & get convenient delivery options. Raytheon Technologies is committed to supporting its employees.

ADP iPayStatements: Accessing Pay Statements

ADP iPayStatements is a platform providing Collins Aerospace employees with easy access to their pay statements. It secures their info and enables them to view and download statements anytime. First-time users must register to set up an account.

  • Employees can access their pay statements easily through this platform.
  • It safeguards personal payment info and allows them to view and download statements when needed.
  • For using ADP iPayStatements, first-time users must register and set up an account.

Plus, the platform offers a user-friendly interface for employees to navigate and retrieve historical pay statements. With this efficient system, Collins Aerospace ensures their employees have prompt and secure access to payroll info during their employment.

Registration for First-time Users

First-time users must complete a registration process to gain access to the resources they need. This ensures they can efficiently utilize the available tools and platforms. Here’s a guide to help with the process:

  1. Visit the designated platform or website.
  2. Click the registration link or button.
  3. Enter your full name, employee ID, and contact details.
  4. Review the information for accuracy before submitting.
  5. After submission, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your login credentials and instructions.

Note: This registration process is only for first-timers. If you’ve already registered, you won’t need to do it again. Following these steps helps you quickly access the resources. Ensure all info is accurate to avoid complications in accessing the Raytheon Technologies employee network. Show off your Collins pride by shopping at The Company Store!

The Company Store: Collins-Branded Merchandise

Raytheon Technologies presents The Company Store – with a range of Collins-branded merchandise for the employees. T-shirts, jackets, accessories, office supplies – The Company Store has it all!

Employees may proudly flaunt the Collins Aerospace brand. Wearing and using such items reflect the values and identity of the company.

The Company Store is online, with a variety of products that unite our workforce and promote pride in being part of the Collins Aerospace community.

Plus, buying from The Company Store supports the recognition of the Collins Aerospace brand.

For heritage Rockwell Collins employees, The Company Store is an ideal place to get convenient medication delivery – even astronauts need it!

Employee Handbook Example

Resources for Heritage Rockwell Collins Employees

For Heritage Rockwell Collins employees, this section provides vital resources to ease your transition. Discover the convenience of Collins Connect for seamless remote access solutions. Plus, explore the perks of pharmacy benefits with CVS/Caremark. Stay connected and take advantage of these valuable resources tailored specifically for you.

Remote Access Solutions: Collins Connect


Collins Connect provides a secure remote access solution, allowing employees to stay connected to their company’s network while working remotely. It uses multi-factor authentication tokens to keep login info secure. Plus, technical support is available for any issues.

Employees must follow the guidelines of Collins Connect for availability and use. Refer to the Raytheon Technologies Employee Handbook for more information about using Collins Connect and accessing specific resources.

For the best experience with Collins Connect, employees should:

  • Have a stable internet connection
  • Get to know the user interface
  • Update their passwords regularly

Plus, they should be careful not to share login credentials with others. Face it, authorized or not, we all know availability is just a fancy word for ‘how much time can I spend on Reddit during work hours?’

Availability and Authorized Use

Keywords: availability and authorized use

Raytheon Technologies has specific guidelines for the availability and authorized use of resources. This includes remote access solutions, pharmacy benefits, and other tools for Heritage Rockwell Collins employees. Adhering to these guidelines ensures secure utilization.

Let’s look at a table that provides info:

Resource Availability Authorized Use
Collins Connect Heritage Rockwell Collins Employees Access remote work tools by authorized personnel
CVS/Caremark Accessible for Pharmacy Benefits Authorized individuals can obtain medications

Authentication and company policies are needed to use these resources. By following guidelines, employees can make the most out of them while adhering to company regulations.

Employees should know availability and proper usage of Raytheon Technologies resources. Ignorance may cause missed opportunities. It is recommended to stay informed to avoid any negative impact on work and personal well-being.

High-security access with just a swipe? The MFA token does it!

Access Requirements with MFA Token

Secure access to Raytheon Technologies’ systems and confidential info requires an MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) token. This token must be requested through designated channels, and personal info and justification must be provided. After obtaining the token, registration and activation must be completed according to instructions.

When accessing resources requiring the token, employees will be prompted for credentials as well as a random code from their registered device. Regular updates and maintenance of the token is essential, as failure to comply with guidelines may lead to limited or revoked access privileges.

Raytheon Technologies places great emphasis on data security, providing support to ensure compliance with access requirements involving the MFA token. By adhering to these measures, employees make a significant contribution to maintaining cybersecurity.

Pharmacy Benefits: CVS/Caremark

CVS/Caremark has exclusive pharmacy benefits for Collins Aerospace employees! Five key points:

  • Access Prescription Meds: Employees can get their prescriptions using the CVS/Caremark program.
  • Save Money: Enjoy discounts and cost-sharing options.
  • Convenient Delivery: Receive medications directly at your doorstep.
  • Variety of Options: Mail order, local and specialty pharmacies.
  • Easy Management: Online platforms and resources.

Take advantage of these valuable benefits from CVS/Caremark. Get your meds without breaking the bank!

Saving Money and Convenient Medication Delivery

Heritage Rockwell Collins employees have access to CVS/Caremark benefits, such as cost-saving measures and timely medication delivery. These advantages help them save money and get the medications they need.

Benefits include:

  • Cost-Saving Measures: Employees can explore generic alternatives and compare prices for the most affordable option.
  • Convenient Medication Delivery: Employees can have their medications delivered to their homes or opt for in-store pickup.
  • Promoting Health: CVS/Caremark encourages employee health and wellness by providing access to necessary medications without financial or logistical strain.
  • Streamlined Processes: An online platform allows for easy prescription refills and medication management.

CVS/Caremark also offers medication counseling services and disease management programs. Raytheon Technologies supports employee well-being by partnering with CVS/Caremark and providing cost-saving options and convenient delivery services.

Options for Receiving Medications

When it comes to obtaining medications, there are multiple options available to make it easy and cost-effective. CVS/Caremark offers pharmacy benefits with savings and delivery. Local pharmacies give quick access and fulfillment of prescriptions. Mail-order pharmacies can send medications directly to your home. Lastly, specialty pharmacies provide specialized medications for complex conditions.

Raytheon Technologies offers flexibility to pick what works best. They show their commitment to employee well-being with accessibility. Join their Employee Resource Groups and find a diverse community to connect with. Everyone gets to bring their own awesome!

Introduction to Raytheon Technologies Employee Resource Groups

Raytheon Technologies realizes the significance of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). These groups allow employees who share the same characteristics, experiences, or backgrounds to come together and help one another. ERGs give chances for networking, professional growth, mentorship, and engagement in the community. They are part of Raytheon Technologies’ commitment to diversity, inclusion, and belonging among the workforce.

The ERGs are designed to make a supportive setting where staff can interact, get worthwhile info, and cooperate on activities that match the company’s core values. The groups also organize events, workshops, and educational programs that tackle essential topics, honor different cultures, and encourage employee engagement. They are also a useful resource for personnel who need advice, help, or guidance for their careers.

Raytheon Technologies encourages every employee to take part in ERGs, regardless of level, department, or location. The company knows that diversity and inclusion benefit every employee and the business as a whole. Through participation in ERGs, employees are able to extend their connections, see from diverse perspectives, and contribute to a more innovative workplace.

To summarize, Raytheon Technologies’ Employee Resource Groups are essential for connecting, collaborating, and contributing to the company’s culture of diversity and inclusion. They foster a feeling of belonging, offer chances for networking and professional development, and are key to fostering employee engagement and driving business success.

Employee sharing Ideas

The Role and Importance of ERGs in Creating an Inclusive Culture

ERGs, or Employee Resource Groups, play a pivotal role in fostering an inclusive culture within Raytheon Technologies. In this section, we will explore the nine ERGs that exist within the company and the myriad benefits that come from being a member. Joining an ERG not only provides an opportunity for employees to connect with like-minded colleagues but also offers valuable resources and support. Let’s dive into the importance of ERGs in creating an inclusive and empowered workplace environment.

Overview of the Nine ERGs within Raytheon Technologies

ERG Name Description
RTX ASPIRES Support for Asian and Pacific Islander Community
RTX BXN Advancement and Cultural Awareness for Black Employees

Raytheon Technologies has nine Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to offer support, resources, and community for certain communities. These ERGs wish to encourage inclusivity and personal development for employees and develop a diverse talent pipeline at Raytheon Technologies.

Let’s take a look at the nine ERGs in table format. It will make it easier to understand each ERG’s focus and the community it supports.

Additionally, each ERG brings its own unique view to Raytheon Technologies’ diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Joining the groups can benefit employees with better experiences at work, professional growth opportunities, and wider networks. Moreover, these ERGs are essential for cultivating and sustaining a diverse talent pipeline within Raytheon Technologies. RTX ASPIRES: Helping Asian and Pacific Islander communities, ’cause diversity is our power and inclusivity is our key goal!

RTX ASPIRES: Support for Asian and Pacific Islander Community

RTX ASPIRES is an ERG within Raytheon Technologies, designed for the Asian and Pacific Islander community. The goal? To make sure voices are heard and everyone feels included. How? Through lots of initiatives!

  • Events, mentoring, and employee resource group meetings that allow people to build connections.
  • Cultural celebrations and educational initiatives that increase appreciation for the diverse backgrounds in the community.
  • Advocating for policies and practices that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Plus, RTX ASPIRES offers unique benefits to the Asian and Pacific Islander community. Scholarships, language courses, and access to affinity groups. All tailored to help those employees feel valued and supported in their professional journeys.

By joining RTX ASPIRES, not only can you network but also show your commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. Plus, you can get involved in initiatives that promote equity. Don’t miss out – join today!

RTX BXN: Advancement and Cultural Awareness for Black Employees

RTX BXN is an Employee Resource Group at Raytheon Technologies. It focuses on the advancement and cultural awareness of black employees. Creating an inclusive environment is the aim of RTX BXN. Black employees can grow professionally and celebrate their heritage.

The ERG offers mentorship, development, and networking opportunities. Initiatives like workshops, seminars, and celebrations are organized. These enhance understanding and appreciation of black culture.

RTX BXN helps black employees connect with each other. Experiences are shared and a network is built within the organization. It promotes diversity and inclusion at Raytheon Technologies.

RTX HOLA: Resources for Hispanic/Latino Communities

Introducing RTX NXGEN – an employee resource group within Raytheon Technologies. This group is tailored to the needs of Hispanic/Latino communities. It supports and empowers employees by providing valuable resources, creating an inclusive workplace.

RTX NXGEN offers a range of resources. These include networking, professional development programs, and cultural awareness initiatives. Employees can access information and support related to Hispanic/Latino issues, such as language services, mentorship programs, and education.

Moreover, RTX NXGEN works to raise awareness of unique challenges faced by Hispanic/Latino employees. Events, workshops, and discussions are held to promote understanding and appreciation of their culture.

Not only do employees gain access to these resources, but they also enjoy additional benefits. Being part of this group fosters professional growth and expands their network within the company. RTX NXGEN: Where young and seasoned professionals join forces to build a powerhouse of talent.

RTX NXGEN: Empowering Early-Career and Experienced Professionals

RTX NXGEN is an Employee Resource Group at Raytheon Technologies. This ERG focuses on empowering both early-career and experienced professionals. It serves as a platform to support and uplift individuals at different stages of their careers, with the goal of cultivating a supportive environment. Initiatives and programs of RTX NXGEN offer opportunities for growth, development, and networking.

The importance of joining RTX NXGEN is highlighted in the Raytheon Technologies Employee Handbook. Members of this group can enhance their overall employee experience by connecting with like-minded individuals who share similar goals. They get access to valuable professional development resources and networking opportunities, to help them advance their careers within the company. Also, RTX NXGEN contributes to the cultivation of a diverse talent pipeline within Raytheon Technologies.

Unique features of this ERG include creating opportunities for early-career professionals to learn from experienced mentors within the company. Mentorship dynamic allows transfer of knowledge, guidance, and support to empower young professionals. Networking events and collaborative projects create an inclusive space for individuals to collaborate, fostering creativity and innovation.

RTX PRIDE: Focus on LGBTQIA+ Community

RTX PRIDE is a Raytheon Technologies’ Employee Resource Group. It is devoted to supporting and strengthening the LGBTQIA+ community at the company. We want to construct an all-inclusive atmosphere where all employees, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity, are cherished and respected.

To honor this promise, we provide resources, assistance, and networking chances mainly for LGBTQIA+ employees at Raytheon Technologies. We intend to promote understanding, approval, and knowledge of LGBTQIA+ matters in the workplace. Furthermore, our group is actively working to create a diverse selection of talent by drawing and keeping talented individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+.

It is important to note that RTX PRIDE is in sync with Raytheon Technologies’ commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The company knows the invaluable opinions and contributions that LGBTQIA+ employees bring. Through initiatives and activities conducted by RTX PRIDE, employees can feel included, supported, and empowered in their professional paths at Raytheon Technologies.

We are also proud to present our fresh initiative, RTX RAIN, which focuses on advancing indigenous causes. RTX RAIN’s mission is to “make it rain” with support and empowerment for indigenous communities.

At RTX PRIDE, our main priority is the LGBTQIA+ community, ensuring their well-being and elevation within Raytheon Technologies.

RTX RAIN: Championing Indigenous Causes

RTX RAIN is an employee resource group at Raytheon Technologies. It advocates for indigenous causes to foster inclusivity and diversity.

The group provides resources, support, and opportunities for engagement. It promotes awareness of indigenous cultures, ensuring their voices are heard and perspectives are valued. It celebrates contributions and addresses social issues.

RTX RAIN builds an inclusive culture. It supports and educates others about diverse cultures, fostering understanding and appreciation.

In addition to cultural significance, RTX RAIN provides opportunities for professional development and networking. It offers workshops, mentorship programs, and networking events to enhance career growth. This strengthens the group’s impact within the organization.

RTX VETS: Supporting Armed-Services Community

RTX VETS is an incredible employee resource group at Raytheon Technologies. It’s devoted to assisting the armed services community with resources, aid and a feeling of belonging. RTX VETS hopes to build an accepting and supportive atmosphere where veterans can grow and use their exclusive abilities and experiences.

The group has numerous initiatives and programs to help veterans transition into civilian life, provide networking opportunities with other vets, and promote personal and professional development. Furthermore, RTX VETS works with external organisations to champion military-related causes and increase awareness of the challenges faced by those who serve.

Besides its main objective of assisting veterans, RTX VETS plays an immense role in developing a diverse talent pipeline within Raytheon Technologies. By appreciating the knowledge and points of view of service members, the group bolsters a culture that respects and welcomes different backgrounds, experiences and abilities.

Through its initiatives and activities, RTX VETS is an essential piece of Raytheon Technologies’ overall efforts in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. This employee resource group helps create an environment that values the contributions of veterans and provides them with the support they need to succeed. RTX WISE: Where women excel, and glass ceilings shatter.

RTX WISE: Fostering Growth for Women

RTX WISE is an Employee Resource Group within Raytheon Technologies. It promotes growth and success for women. It provides a platform for networking, mentorship, and career advice. RTX WISE organizes seminars, workshops, and training sessions for leadership, negotiation, and work-life balance. It also offers mentoring programs.

RTX WISE advocates for gender equality in the company. It works with other ERGs to create a diverse and inclusive work environment. It raises awareness and pushes for change.

Sarah Thompson is an engineer at Raytheon Technologies. She joined RTX WISE. The mentoring program paired her with a senior executive. They shared knowledge and experiences. Sarah gained industry insights and strategies to overcome challenges. With RTX WISE’s help, she advanced her career and achieved her goals. RTX WISE supports women in this way.

Benefits of Joining ERGs

ERG membership at Raytheon Technologies has multiple advantages for employees. By being part of an ERG, they can improve their experience in the organization, enhance their professional skills, network with others, build a diverse talent pool, drive cultural shifts, and contribute to the community.

Benefits include:

  1. A sense of community and belonging.
  2. Professional development opportunities.
  3. Developing relationships with like-minded people.
  4. Diverse talent pipeline.
  5. Advocating equity and inclusion.
  6. Contributing to external social causes.

Improving the Employee Experience

At Raytheon Technologies, improving the employee experience is a priority. To create an inclusive culture that respects diverse perspectives, the company offers resources and support systems. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) like RTX ASPIRES, RTX BXN, RTX HOLA, and more, provide focused support and resources for different communities.

People who join ERGs have the chance to network with colleagues who have similar backgrounds or interests, while also contributing to an inclusive workplace environment. ERGs also work to cultivate a diverse talent pipeline by attracting underrepresented groups and giving them the resources to grow professionally.

Raytheon Technologies places great importance on values and compliance. They have an anonymous reporting system, the Speak Up Helpline, to address any potential misconduct without fear of retaliation. The Global Ethics & Compliance Organization provides support to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

Employees should take advantage of the resources available to them. Joining ERGs offers opportunities for personal growth, networking, and perhaps an occasional office party mishap. Improve your employee experience and make a difference within the company.

Promoting Professional Development and Networking Opportunities

Raytheon Technologies recognizes the importance of career growth and success, so they promote professional development and networking opportunities. Their Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide a platform for individuals to connect with similar professionals, collaborate on projects, and use resources. Attending company-sponsored events, workshops, and training sessions offer learning opportunities, skill-building exercises, and expert contact. Cross-functional collaboration within the company is encouraged too. Experienced professionals mentor and coach early-career individuals which provides a unique learning opportunity, feedback, and expanding one’s network. Raytheon Technologies empowers its employees to enhance skills, explore career paths, and build relationships that can propel their success. This commitment reflects their dedication to fostering an inclusive workforce and continuous growth.

Cultivating a Diverse Talent Pipeline

Raytheon Technologies has a priority of cultivating a diverse talent pipeline. They believe in an inclusive culture and understand the value of a diverse workforce. They actively engage and support employees from different backgrounds.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a major contributor to cultivating a diverse talent pipeline. These groups create a supportive environment with resources, support, and networking opportunities for the organization’s different communities. For example, RTX ASPIRES supports Asian and Pacific Islander employees, RTX BXN empowers black employees, RTX HOLA offers resources to Hispanic/Latino communities, and RTX PRIDE focuses on the LGBTQIA+ community. Through these ERGs, employees can connect with others who have similar experiences and access professional development opportunities.

Joining an ERG provides various benefits. It improves the employee experience by creating a sense of community. These groups offer platforms for networking, mentorship programs, and career development opportunities. Furthermore, ERG members can shape company policies, practices, and initiatives related to diversity and inclusion. This involvement has a positive impact and helps attract top talent from different backgrounds.

Raytheon Technologies has a long-standing commitment to diversity. They have created an inclusive workplace and promote diversity through initiatives such as ERGs. This has resulted in a multicultural environment that boosts collaboration and innovation.

Trust, respect, accountability, collaboration, and innovation are core values at Raytheon Technologies. They help prevent office meltdowns and foster a harmonious work environment.

Raytheon Technologies’ Values and Compliance

Raytheon Technologies’ Values and Compliance is a vital section that encompasses Guiding Values, Reporting Issues and Concerns, Global Ethics & Compliance Organization Support, Contacting the Audit Committee and the Board of Directors, Ombuds Program, and Enterprise Risk Management. This section highlights the importance of integrity, transparency, and adherence to ethical practices within the organization. It also sheds light on the mechanisms in place for employees to report concerns, seek support, and ensure compliance with company policies and regulations.

Guiding Values: Trust, Respect, Accountability, Collaboration, and Innovation

At Raytheon Technologies, trust, respect, accountability, collaboration, and innovation are more than words. They are our guiding values, at the core of our company culture.

Trust is the bedrock of all successful relationships. It enables respect, understanding, and open communication. Accountability means taking ownership of our actions and outcomes. Collaboration combines our collective intelligence, skills, and diverse perspectives for greater achievement. Innovation drives everything we do, from pioneering new technologies to seeking ways to improve.

These values serve as a compass, guiding our actions and decisions. From providing cutting-edge solutions to fostering an inclusive work environment, trust, respect, accountability, collaboration, and innovation are the keys to our success.

Reporting Issues and Concerns

Raytheon Technologies has a comprehensive system for reporting issues and concerns. As part of their commitment to transparency and ethics, employees can access multiple channels. For example, the Speak Up Helpline is an anonymous reporting channel. Retaliation against individuals who report issues is not allowed – zero tolerance.

The Global Ethics & Compliance Organization provides support to ensure laws and regulations are followed. Employees can also contact the Audit Committee and Board of Directors anonymously and confidentially for financial matters.

The Ombuds Program offers confidential help with work-related concerns, creating a safe space. Risk management and compliance are integral to the company’s operations, to identify risks and create mitigation plans.

Privacy is important to Raytheon Technologies. They aim to create an environment where individuals feel safe and supported when dealing with workplace challenges. Through these reporting mechanisms, employees can make sure their voices are heard, their concerns get attention, and appropriate actions are taken.

The Speak Up Helpline: Anonymous Reporting Channel

The Speak Up Helpline is a secure and confidential platform offered by Raytheon Technologies. It allows employees to anonymously report any issues or concerns without fear of retaliation.

It promotes transparency, integrity, and accountability within the organization. There are various channels for individuals to make reports, such as phone calls, emails, or online submissions.

The helpline encourages open communication and ensures that all reports are investigated and addressed in a timely manner. It is not limited to major infractions or ethical violations – employees are encouraged to use it for any concern they may have.

This reporting channel has been instrumental in creating a culture of trust and accountability at Raytheon Technologies. Retaliation is strongly discouraged.

Zero-Tolerance Policy for Retaliation


Raytheon Technologies has zero-tolerance for retaliation. This means they won’t take bad action against someone who reports any issues. It ensures that employees feel protected. So, they can share their concerns without worry.

The company encourages open communication and transparency. They want employees to trust, be accountable, and have integrity. Employees can report any retaliatory behavior through the provided channels.

Also, Raytheon Technologies has a Speak Up Helpline. People can use it anonymously. Plus, the company won’t retaliate against individuals who use the helpline. This promotes safety when reporting.

Raytheon Technologies takes ethical standards seriously. The Global Ethics & Compliance Organization helps employees stay compliant with laws and regulations. That includes avoiding retaliatory behavior and other legal requirements.

In addition, Raytheon Technologies shows their dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion. They have nine Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). These ERGs focus on specific communities, such as LGBTQIA+, veterans, women, and early-career professionals.

Compliance may not be fun, but it’s important for a company. It’s like that one reliable friend who always brings snacks to the party.

Global Ethics & Compliance Organization Support

Raytheon Technologies is devoted to upholding a sturdy commitment to ethics and compliance. To do this, they have created the Global Ethics & Compliance Organization. This department plays a key role in making sure that employees follow the laws and regulations that apply to their business.

The Global Ethics & Compliance Organization provides a variety of resources and advice for employees. They offer training programs and materials on topics such as anti-corruption, data privacy, competition, and government contract compliance.

This organization also makes sure that policies and procedures related to ethics and compliance are followed. They give employees access to confidential reporting channels. This way, they can report any worries or wrongdoings anonymously, without the fear of any repercussions.

The Global Ethics & Compliance Organization’s main goal is to create a culture of trust, integrity, and accountability within Raytheon Technologies. By providing comprehensive support, training, and reporting methods, they make sure employees have the resources to make ethical decisions while meeting the applicable laws and regulations.

To stay out of trouble, Raytheon Technologies emphasizes the importance of following the rules, even if it means reading this handbook carefully.

Ensuring Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Raytheon Technologies has a Global Ethics & Compliance Organization to make sure laws are followed. They put in place programs and resources to teach employees about laws and regulations. This includes training, policies, and procedures.

The Global Ethics & Compliance Organization also helps with interpreting and applying the rules in various business contexts.

They have a team to keep an eye on changes in laws from the U.S. government and other countries. This helps them to stay on top of new regulations and avoid risks.

For an intense look into U.S. and national laws compliance, 6.3.2 is the way to go!

U.S. and National Laws Compliance Resources

Raytheon Technologies knows compliance with U.S. and national laws is essential. They provide resources to help employees follow legal requirements.

They have Global Ethics & Compliance Organization Support. This gives guidance and advice on how to stay within the law. There are also channels like Audit Committee and Board of Directors Contacts, where employees can report financial matters anonymously and confidentially.

The Ombuds Program provides confidential help for employees who have work-related concerns.

The Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance assists in spotting compliance risks and creating plans to meet regulations. There are other resources too, such as Antitrust Compliance, Corruption Prevention and Data Privacy.

Export and Import Laws Compliance ensures Raytheon Technologies follows laws around exporting and importing goods.

Raytheon Technologies offers more support than these resources. They equip employees with the tools and knowledge needed to meet U.S. and national laws.

Contacting the Audit Committee and the Board of Directors

Employees can utilize the Speak Up Helpline for anonymous and confidential reporting of financial issues, or to seek clarification. If requiring direct contact with the Board of Directors or the Audit Committee, there are specific channels available. Plus, employees can contact the Lead Director for expressing their concerns or providing input on the company’s financial affairs.

For further support, there’s the Ombuds Program, offering confidential advice and guidance.

Raytheon Technologies’ Employee Handbook has comprehensive info on all aspects of employment. So, financial woes? Talk to us – anonymous and confidential channels are at your disposal. Contact the Audit Committee and Board of Directors with your queries.

Anonymous and Confidential Channels for Financial Matters

Raytheon Technologies comprehends the significance of offering its staff anonymous and confidential channels to sort out financial matters. These pathways are designed to guarantee that any worries or issues related to financial acceptance can be reported without dread of revenge.

For example, the Speak Up Helpline is an anonymous reporting channel given by Raytheon Technologies. This hotline allows employees to report any episodes of financial misconduct or violations without revealing their identity. By providing this anonymous reporting option, Raytheon Technologies allows personnel to communicate their concerns freely and confidentially.

To further support those who report financial issues through these anonymous channels, Raytheon Technologies has set up a zero-tolerance policy against retaliation. This policy ensures that people who speak up are shielded and not exposed to any form of reprisal. By creating a secure and protected atmosphere for employees, Raytheon Technologies intends to inspire them to raise worries about potential wrongdoings without hesitation.

For extra help and guidance in upholding financial compliance, Raytheon Technologies has established the Global Ethics & Compliance Organization. This organization works closely with employees to handle any questions or concerns they may have regarding financial compliance. By providing this support, Raytheon Technologies confirms its commitment to adhering to laws and regulations associated with financial matters.

In addition to the anonymous reporting channel, personnel also have the choice to directly contact the Audit Committee and the Board of Directors regarding any financial matters. These channels offer a confidential platform for discussing detailed concerns or seeking guidance on ethical issues. By furnishing these channels for communication, Raytheon Technologies guarantees that employees have access to the right resources for addressing financial concerns.

To further assist employees with work-related worries, including those related to financial matters, Raytheon Technologies provides an Ombuds Program. This program provides confidential assistance and guidance. Employees can seek help and advice from the Ombuds Office in matters involving potential financial misconduct, knowing that their confidentiality will be respected.

Raytheon Technologies gives a high priority to enterprise risk management and compliance, particularly in relation to financial matters. The company applies measures to guarantee compliance with laws and regulations, showing its commitment to preserving a transparent and ethical work environment.

In conclusion, Raytheon Technologies proves its commitment to nurturing a transparent and ethical work environment by offering anonymous and confidential channels for employees to handle financial matters. By providing multiple avenues for reporting concerns and protecting personnel from retaliation, the company advances a culture of accountability, integrity, and trust in all financial practices.

Addressing Concerns with the Lead Director

Text: Raytheon Technologies’ Employee Handbook gives staff a thorough guide on how to talk to the Lead Director in a professional and efficient way. The Lead Director is there for staff who want to voice their worries or ask for help with work-related problems.

The company offers confidential channels for staff to contact the Lead Director. These make sure people can express their concerns without fear of punishment. The Lead Director must review and answer employees’ worries quickly, and take action to fix any issues.

By having open communication, the Lead Director encourages staff to speak out. This encourages transparency and responsibility inside the company – as the Lead Director is key in dealing with any wrongdoings or ethical breaches reported by employees. Working with other managers makes sure that staff’s concerns are taken seriously and dealt with correctly.

Employees need to be sure in talking to the Lead Director. Raytheon Technologies is devoted to creating a great work environment and offers ways to communicate openly to build trust, respect, and responsibility. So, staff can depend on the Lead Director for support and solutions. If staff feel overwhelmed, they can get confidential aid from the Ombuds Program. It is like having a personal HR therapist.

Ombuds Program: Confidential Assistance for Work-Related Concerns

Raytheon Technologies’ Ombuds Program offers confidential help for employees with work-related issues. It serves as a resource for individuals facing challenges or conflicts at work. This program offers impartiality, independence, and confidentiality. It is staffed by trained professionals who can aid with conflict resolution and communication.

One standout of the Ombuds Program is its promise to keep conversations private. Employees can converse without fear of reprisal or judgment. They’re encouraged to use this program before more formal processes. This gives them the chance to address their concerns productively and swiftly.

The Ombuds Program reveals Raytheon Technologies’ commitment to a supportive and inclusive work environment. Here, employees can safely express their worries and seek support.

Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance


Raytheon Technologies’ Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance program is designed to tackle various compliance areas such as antitrust regulations, corruption prevention, data privacy, government contracts, and export and import laws. The company strives to identify potential risk in these areas, and develop suitable mitigation plans to abide by legal requirements.

A major focus is placed on antitrust compliance. Through regular training and oversight of business activities, Raytheon Technologies works to prevent any unfair practices that may disrupt the market.

Corruption prevention is another integral part of the program. Policies and procedures have been established to avoid internal and external corrupt practices; thereby, earning trust from stakeholders.

Government contracts compliance is essential for Raytheon Technologies. The organization works to understand the intricate requirements of government agencies. This includes meeting contract terms and relevant laws throughout the contract life.

Adherence to export and import laws is also pivotal. Raytheon Technologies deploys extensive measures to remain aware of export control regulations across countries. By implementing systems and processes, the company is able to fulfill all legal obligations related to cross-border trade.

To sum it up, the Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance program focuses on risk identification, assessment, mitigation, and adherence to legal needs across multiple domains. By prioritizing these areas, Raytheon Technologies reflects its commitment to operating with integrity and minimizing organizational risk. With Raytheon Technologies’ plan and expertise, navigating compliance risks is like walking through a minefield – but safely.

Compliance Risks and Mitigation Plans

Raytheon Technologies is dedicated to upholding ethical standards. We understand the importance of adhering to laws and regulations, both locally and internationally, to win the trust of our stakeholders and sustain the integrity of our operations.

We take steps to identify potential compliance risks, such as antitrust issues, corruption, and breaches in data privacy. To mitigate these risks, we have comprehensive training programs for ethical conduct, internal controls to monitor compliance, and regular audits to ensure policy adherence.

We also collaborate with government agencies to stay compliant with trade controls, customs requirements, and national security measures. By proactively addressing compliance risks, implementing efficient plans, and working with government agencies, we are dedicated to staying compliant with the laws governing our industry.

Antitrust Compliance and Promoting Competition

At Raytheon Technologies, antitrust compliance and promoting competition are a must. We are committed to abiding by antitrust laws and regulations to ensure fair competition in the market. This is to prevent any anti-competitive practices, like monopolistic behavior or collusion, which could harm customers, suppliers, or other industry stakeholders.

Compliance with antitrust laws is key for Raytheon Technologies as it helps maintain a level playing field in the marketplace. Fair competition drives innovation, efficiency, and better value for our customers. Raytheon Technologies knows the importance of fair competition and wants to contribute to a healthy business environment by following antitrust regulations.

To make sure all employees understand their responsibilities related to antitrust compliance, we have implemented measures. Training and resources are available to educate our people on relevant laws and regulations, plus potential consequences of non-compliance. This way, we create a culture of knowledge and accountability throughout the organization.

To sum up, antitrust compliance and promoting competition are essential elements of Raytheon Technologies’ business strategy. We understand the significance of following antitrust laws and regulations for fostering fair competition in the market. Through compliance and employee engagement, we strive to create an environment that promotes innovation, growth, and customer satisfaction while avoiding any anti-competitive practices.

Help us uphold our commitment to fair competition and antitrust compliance! By embracing these principles, you can contribute to a thriving workplace where innovation is encouraged and everyone has an equal chance for success. Join us at Raytheon Technologies and be part of a company that values integrity, collaboration, and fairness!

Corruption Prevention and Data Privacy

Raytheon Technologies is devoted to upholding high ethical standards. To prevent corruption, the company has developed compliance policies and programs. They also prioritize data privacy by installing secure measures. These include encrypted systems and protocols for protecting personal, customer, and proprietary data.

Employees are taught best practices in data privacy. Additionally, Raytheon Technologies encourages staff to report any violations through anonymous channels. This helps to reinforce the company’s commitment to integrity and the security of internal and external stakeholders’ information.

Government contracts require a lot of paperwork and red tape. It’s almost an Olympic sport!

Compliance with Government Contracts

To make sure it meets Government Contract rules, Raytheon Technologies has set up detailed plans and steps. These have thorough reviews and agreement protocols for contract offers, accurate record-keeping, and frequent internal assessments. By using these rules, the company lessens the danger of not following regulations and upholds its status as a dependable provider for government tasks.

In addition to internal arrangements, Raytheon Technologies also works in close contact with government organizations to be aware of any changes in rules or new requests. The company communicates with government parties regularly to answer any problems or matters quickly. This cooperative method aids in creating a positive working relationship while upholding Compliance with Government Contracts.

By taking Compliance with Government Contracts seriously, Raytheon Technologies shows it is committed to behaving properly and responsibly in all parts of its business. Adhering to these standards not only makes sure the company can get government contracts but also keeps its name as a reliable partner to government agencies.

Compliance with Export and Import Laws and Regulations

Raytheon Technologies recognizes the utmost importance of complying with export and import laws. These laws help uphold ethical practices and prevent legal complications in international trade. It is essential to understand and adhere to all laws and regulations that govern the movement of goods, services, or technology across borders.

To comply with these laws, Raytheon Technologies must stay informed about the ever-changing regulatory landscape. This requires being familiar with the requirements set forth by various government agencies. The company must also establish effective processes and controls to track and document imports and exports.

Sticking to export and import laws helps Raytheon Technologies compete in the global marketplace fairly. It avoids engaging in illegal activities such as smuggling or evading taxes and duties. Transparency in international transactions builds trust with customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.

Raytheon Technologies has implemented an enterprise risk management program to address compliance with export and import laws. This program includes training for employees involved in international trade activities. Additionally, the company maintains strong relationships with external legal counsel experts to provide guidance whenever necessary.


Conclusion: Raytheon Technologies’ Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Raytheon Technologies is devoted to diversity, equity, and inclusion. It recognizes the worth of a varied workforce and is determined to establish an environment where everyone feels welcome. This resolve is clear in the Raytheon Technologies Employee Handbook. It outlines regulations and activities focused on encouraging diversity and guaranteeing equal chances for all personnel.

The handbook highlights the value of diversity through its instructions on hiring and advancing employees. It specifies that decisions must be made based on merit and experience, and that any type of discrimination or prejudice will not be accepted. By making diversity a priority in the recruitment process, Raytheon Technologies shows its commitment to offering equal opportunities for all people, regardless of their history or characteristics.

Moreover, the handbook approaches equity by encouraging equitable treatment and remuneration for all personnel. It highlights the company’s pledge to pay equity, assuring that individuals are rewarded based on their expertise, experience, and performance, rather than aspects such as gender or race. This commitment to equitable practices builds a feeling of fairness and transparency within the organization, nurturing a positive and inclusive work atmosphere.

In addition to diversity and equity, the handbook also emphasizes Raytheon Technologies’ dedication to inclusion. It outlines the company’s policies that motivate a feeling of belonging and respect for all personnel. This comprises providing resources and support for employees with disabilities, backing work-life balance, and crafting a culture of unrestricted communication and collaboration. By endorsing inclusive practices, Raytheon Technologies certifies that everyone’s voice is heard and esteemed within the organization.

To sum up, Raytheon Technologies’ commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is evident in its Employee Handbook. The company has executed policies and practices that make diversity a priority in hiring and promoting employees, guarantee equitable treatment, and foster an inclusive work environment. By actively nurturing an inclusive culture, Raytheon Technologies exhibits its devotion to constructing an organization where everyone can succeed and contribute their unique abilities and perspectives.

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Some Facts About Raytheon Technologies Employee Handbook Example:

  • ✅ Collins Aerospace offers web-based resources for its employees, providing access to information and capabilities 24/7 across different time zones. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Your Gateway is a tool that allows Collins Aerospace employees to access health savings account (HSA), savings plan, and life insurance information. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ ADP iPayStatements provides access to pay statements for Collins Aerospace employees from April 2019 onwards. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Collins Aerospace heritage Rockwell Collins employees have remote access solutions through Collins Connect for work-related purposes. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Raytheon Technologies has nine employee resource groups (ERGs) that help drive the company’s inclusive culture and create positive change. (Source: Raytheon Technologies)

FAQs about Raytheon Technologies Employee Handbook Example

Question 1: What is the purpose of the Raytheon Technologies Code of Conduct?

Answer: The Raytheon Technologies Code of Conduct serves as a guide to uphold the company’s values of Trust, Respect, Accountability, Collaboration, and Innovation. It outlines the expected behavior for employees, contractors, and business partners, ensuring ethical conduct and compliance with laws and regulations.

Question 2: How can I resolve work-related concerns at Raytheon Technologies?

Answer: If you have work-related concerns, you can reach out to the confidential and neutral resource called the Ombuds program at Raytheon Technologies. While the Ombuds does not serve as a reporting channel, they can provide guidance on how to report a concern and assist in resolving the issue.

Question 3: What is the significance of shared affinity within the Raytheon Technologies ERGs?

Answer: The significance of shared affinity within the Raytheon Technologies Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) refers to individuals with similar backgrounds or experiences coming together to support each other. It allows members to share their perspectives, provide mentorship, and promote an inclusive work environment that celebrates diversity.

Question 4: How does Raytheon Technologies support individuals with diverse abilities?

Answer: Raytheon Technologies has the ADAPT community, which supports individuals with diverse abilities, their caregivers, and allies. This community aims to empower an inclusive environment and ensure that everyone can contribute and thrive to their full potential within the company.

Question 5: What benefits can I expect from being a part of the strong ERG community at Raytheon Technologies?

Answer: Being a part of the strong Employee Resource Group (ERG) community at Raytheon Technologies brings several benefits. It provides networking opportunities, fosters professional development, promotes personal growth, and creates a more respectful and inclusive work environment. The ERGs also drive positive change within the company and contribute to its success.

Question 6: How can I contact the Raytheon Technologies Speak Up Helpline?

Answer: To report any issues or concerns related to behavior that conflicts with the company’s values, the Code of Conduct, company policies, or laws and regulations, you can contact the Raytheon Technologies Speak Up Helpline. The helpline provides an anonymous reporting channel, and the contact information is available online and in writing for stakeholders to reach out for assistance.

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