Inside Look at the Raymond James Financial Employee Handbook Example

Understand the Raymond James Financial Employee Handbook example through an in-depth look at its policies, benefits, and career-building tools. Our walkthrough provides the essential information you need without any excess fluff.

Key Takeaways

  • The Raymond James Financial Employee Handbook details comprehensive employee benefits, promotes a culture of ethical conduct, and is accessible on the company’s website to ensure employees have the most up-to-date information.
  • Raymond James Financial provides an extensive onboarding process to integrate new hires, ensures easy access to company policies, and has a competitive benefits package including health and wellness programs, financial security with a Profit Sharing Plan and 401(k) matching, as well as support for work-life balance.
  • The company fosters career advancement with programs like the Accelerated Development Program (ADP), ongoing professional training opportunities, and recognition awards, while also maintaining high standards for compliance, ethical conduct, reporting, and whistleblower protections.

Fortune 500 Companies Employee Handbook

Welcome to the Fortune 500 Companies Employee Handbook, a comprehensive guide designed to provide you with essential information and guidelines for your successful journey within our esteemed organization. This handbook is meticulously crafted to ensure that every employee, from newcomers to seasoned professionals, gains a profound understanding of our corporate culture, values, and expectations. As you navigate through these pages, you’ll discover valuable insights into our commitment to excellence, diversity, and innovation. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the policies outlined herein, as they play a crucial role in fostering a positive and collaborative work environment. Together, let’s contribute to the continued success and growth of our Fortune 500 family.

Understanding Raymond James Financial’s Employee Handbook

The Raymond James Financial Employee Handbook is significant because it outlines extensive benefits and privileges. It provides details on group insurance, retirement benefits, annual bonuses, stock purchase plans, and much more. But it’s not all about the perks. The handbook also promotes honest and ethical conduct, requiring compliance with company policies, and adherence to core values and principles.

If you’re wondering how to access updates and revisions – don’t worry! The Employee Handbook is readily available on the Raymond James website, ensuring that employees are always up-to-date with the latest guidelines and benefits.

Essential Components

The handbook outlines key policies including compliance with the code of conduct, company policies, and relevant laws, rules, and regulations. It also delineates the benefits offered to employed individuals, such as group insurance, retirement plans like 401(k), annual bonuses, and stock purchase options.

In addition, the handbook details procedures pertaining to the employment of family members and the necessity to ensure best execution in accordance with company policies. It also outlines the responsibilities of employees when acting on behalf of the company. The handbook even encompasses sections detailing health, wellness, financial and lifestyle benefits, the Nepotism Policy, and various employee benefit plans.

Inside Look at the Raymond James Financial Employee Handbook Example

Navigating the Handbook

Raymond James Financial’s employee handbook is thoughtfully structured, making it easy to navigate. It comprises sections on:

  • Health benefits
  • Wellness benefits
  • Financial benefits
  • Lifestyle benefits
  • Code of conduct

The information is organized into sections that encompass a wide range of topics, facilitating access to specific information.

To further aid employees in comprehending the terminology utilized in the handbook, Raymond James Financial offers a glossary of terms. This resource enables employees to grasp common investment and financial terminology, which proves extremely beneficial for understanding and navigating the handbook.

Updates and Revisions

The procedure for updating and revising the Employee Handbook entails:

  1. Reviewing the current content
  2. Gathering required updates
  3. Composing or modifying sections to guarantee clarity, brevity, and comprehensive coverage of all essential areas.

Keep in mind that sections about health, wellness, financial, and lifestyle benefits are updated more frequently, so employees always have the latest, most relevant information for any event.

The Onboarding Process at Raymond James Financial

Employees at Raymond James Financial discussing onboarding process


Raymond James Financial’s onboarding process is designed as a comprehensive journey to seamlessly integrate new employees into the company. It includes the following steps:

  1. Completion of new hire paperwork
  2. Participation in the Raymond James Week of Welcome on the first day
  3. Thorough familiarization with company policies through a comprehensive process led by the Human Resources department

This process ensures that new employees are well-prepared and equipped to succeed at Raymond James Financial.

The company provides batching as an onboarding tool and offers a comprehensive and competitive benefits program to new employees. This ensures that from day one, they are equipped with all the necessary tools and materials to start their journey with the company.

First Day Essentials

The first day at Raymond James Financial is carefully planned for a smooth start. It encompasses an onboarding process designed to familiarize new employees with the company’s capabilities, services, and their responsibilities. New hires also have the opportunity to meet with the onboarding team.

It is advisable for a new employee to bring an onboarding binder containing information about their first-day expectations, along with a handwritten welcome note from the CEO. This adds a personal touch and instills a sense of belonging from day one.

Familiarization with Company Policies

Raymond James Financial makes sure its company policies are easily accessible to all employees. The company provides training and familiarizes employees with various assistive devices that may be used by clients with disabilities.

The company distributes its policies to its employees through employee education meetings. This ensures that employees are well-versed in the company’s standards and expectations, further promoting a productive and conducive work environment.

Employee Benefits Overview

Inside Look at the Raymond James Financial Employee Handbook Example


Raymond James Financial provides a robust benefits package, which includes:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Extra mental health benefits

The company provides a selection of two health insurance plans, allowing employees to select the most suitable option based on their individual needs.

Raymond James Financial also offers various financial security benefits, including:

  • Insurance coverage options like basic and supplemental life insurance, as well as accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Salary continuation for short-term disability
  • Long-term financial planning options, such as traditional and Roth 401(k) plans with retirement planning services and 401(k) matching.

Health and Wellness

Employee enjoying wellness benefits at Raymond James Financial


Raymond James Financial offers a wide variety of health and wellness benefits. These include:

  • Various insurance options for life, accidental death, and dismemberment, short-term disability, and long-term disability
  • Health insurance plans such as HMO or PPO with dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) models
  • Dental assistance
  • Vision coverage
  • Onsite wellness center

The company also provides the following support for employee well-being:

  • Mental health support through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which assists employees in addressing personal and professional challenges
  • Financial wellness programs
  • Support for major life changes
  • Additional physical activities offered through the Well-being Works Better program

Raymond James promotes the physical well-being of its employees through these initiatives.

Auto-Owners Insurance Employee Handbook Example

In the Auto-Owners Insurance employee handbook example, the comprehensive guidelines provide a clear framework for employees to navigate company policies and procedures. This handbook serves as a valuable resource, addressing key aspects of employment, including expectations, benefits, and code of conduct. Employees can refer to this document for insights into the company’s culture, values, and the various resources available to support their professional growth. With a user-friendly structure, the Auto-Owners Insurance employee handbook example aims to enhance communication and ensure a harmonious work environment. This exemplar document demonstrates the company’s commitment to transparency, fostering a positive workplace experience for all team members.

Financial Security

Financial security and retirement planning at Raymond James Financial


Raymond James Financial supports employees’ retirement savings through programs like the Profit Sharing Plan and a 401(k) with matching contributions. The Profit Sharing Plan is a structured program designed to distribute a portion of its profits to the retirement accounts of eligible employees on an annual basis. The allocation is determined through a point system that takes into account years of service and eligible compensation, and adheres to a five-year graded vesting schedule.

Apart from the Profit Sharing Plan, Raymond James Financial provides a 401(k) plan with a matching contribution. The company offers a 75% match on the initial $1,000 contributed by the employee and a 25% match on the subsequent $1,000.

Work-Life Balance

Raymond James Financial places high importance on promoting work-life balance. The company offers a range of flexible work arrangements, which include opportunities for flexible work hours.

Employees typically receive 20-30 days of Paid Time Off (PTO) per plan year, which is considered a highly valued benefit.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Employee participating in career advancement training at Raymond James Financial


Raymond James Financial is dedicated to offering career advancement opportunities for its employees. The company provides opportunities for growth through its Accelerated Development Program (ADP) designed for outstanding students and recent graduates. In addition, the company offers internships and entry-level positions to support individuals at the beginning of their careers.

The company also acknowledges and incentivizes its employees through:

  • Inclusion in Forbes’ Best-In-State Wealth Management Teams and Best-In-State Wealth Advisors lists
  • Membership in the Chairman’s Council
  • Receipt of the James Award of Service Excellence
  • Access to investment and retirement benefits including profit-sharing plans, long-term incentive plans, retention bonuses, and employee stock options.

Training and Education

To encourage professional growth, Raymond James Financial provides the two-year Raymond James Advisor Mastery Program (AMP), specifically designed to train new financial advisors. The program emphasizes the development of technical expertise and sales skills.

The company also facilitates continuous learning for established employees through a range of training and development initiatives. These include ongoing education opportunities at Raymond James University and the provision of tuition reimbursement for work-related studies and higher education.

Recognition and Rewards

Raymond James Financial offers diverse recognition and reward programs, including:

  • Chairman’s Council
  • Forbes’ Best-In-State Wealth Management Teams and Wealth Advisors lists
  • Recognition events for top advisors
  • The James Award of Service Excellence
  • Significant reward programs for high-performing employees.

To be eligible for rewards and recognition, employees must meet specific criteria. These include:

  • Being under the age of 40
  • Having a minimum of four years’ experience
  • Demonstrating positive revenue trends
  • Effectively managing assets
  • Ensuring client satisfaction
  • Holding designations such as CFP, CFA, CIMA, MBA
  • Attending designated professional educational sessions
  • Exemplifying the company’s values.

Compliance and Ethical Standards

The Code of Conduct at Raymond James Financial strongly emphasizes ethical and responsible business conduct. The company upholds ethical standards, including:

  • Acting with integrity
  • Prioritizing the interests of others
  • Making decisions that benefit clients
  • Adhering to their values, code, policies, and legal requirements.

The company ensures compliance among its employees by promptly and fairly investigating reports of actual or suspected violations of their code, in accordance with their legal obligations. Also, retaliation for reporting an issue in good faith is considered a violation of Raymond James Financial’s code of conduct, demonstrating the company’s commitment to whistleblower protections.

Code of Conduct

Raymond James Financial’s Employee Handbook ‘Code of Conduct’ emphasizes the need for ethical behavior in line with the company’s values, code, policies, and legal requirements. The prioritized ethical values in the company’s Code of Conduct consist of treating people with respect, making ethical decisions, and working with integrity.

Individuals who breach the Code of Conduct at Raymond James Financial may be subject to disciplinary measures, including but not limited to termination of employment or association with the company.

Reporting and Whistleblower Protections

In line with their legal obligations, Raymond James Financial promptly and fairly investigates any reports of real or suspected code violations. For example, misconduct that should be reported includes:

  • Questionable behavior
  • Possible violations of the Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Unauthorized trades
  • Excessive trading
  • Significant changes in account value

The company provides the opportunity for individuals, including directors, to partake in whistleblower activity, report legal violations to the government, and make disclosures under whistleblower laws or regulations. The company ensures the anonymity of whistleblowers by refraining from prohibiting these activities and by permitting reports to be made under applicable laws or regulations.

Workplace Safety and Health Protocols

In emergencies that pose immediate danger to associates, like workplace violence, the recommended procedure is to contact local emergency services first, then reach out to Corporate Security. The company also takes steps to guarantee workplace safety such as requiring unvaccinated individuals to refrain from entering offices or to wear masks and obtain negative tests.

Raymond James Financial upholds high health standards by offering a broad spectrum of health, wellness, and financial benefits to its employees. These include:

  • Support for reducing financial stress through retirement planning and financial wellness programs
  • Assistance with significant life events
  • Employee Assistance Program to support associates and their dependents dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues

Emergency Procedures

The emergency procedures at Raymond James Financial encompass:

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans aimed at swiftly recovering and resuming business operations following a significant disruption
  • Implementation of a business continuity plan aimed at swift recovery and resumption of operations
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provided by ComPsych Guidance Resources to support employees in preparation for emergencies

Health Standards

Raymond James Financial ensures employee health and safety by implementing preventive measures to maintain the safety of their campuses and offices, including:

  • Adherence to state-specific, country-specific, and CDC guidelines for health standards
  • In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, adherence to all applicable isolation requirements
  • Mandating employees who test positive to stay home and wear masks
  • Implementing protocols to maintain cleanliness and sanitation in its workplaces.

Seaboard Employee Handbook Example

In the Seaboard employee handbook example, employees gain valuable insights into the company’s policies, procedures, and expectations. The Seaboard employee handbook exemplifies a comprehensive guide, covering topics such as workplace conduct, benefits, and professional development opportunities. This handbook serves as a vital resource, ensuring that employees are well-informed and aligned with the company’s values. Through the Seaboard employee handbook example, the organization emphasizes a commitment to transparency and fostering a positive work environment. It stands as a testament to Seaboard’s dedication to creating a workplace culture that prioritizes communication, growth, and employee well-being.


In conclusion, understanding the Raymond James Financial Employee Handbook is vital for both potential and current employees. The handbook not only provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s policies and procedures but also serves as a guide to the multitude of benefits, the onboarding process, career advancement opportunities, and the company’s commitment to ethical conduct and workplace safety. It ensures that employees are well-equipped and informed about the company’s standards, rewards, and support systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PTO policy for Raymond James?

Raymond James’ PTO policy usually offers 20-30 days off per year, with 50% of employees being anticipated to work without pay while out of the office. This policy reflects the company’s approach to time off and work expectations.

What is the dress code for Raymond James Financial?

The dress code for Raymond James Financial is business attire from Monday to Thursday and business casual on Friday.

What insurance does Raymond James offer employees?

Raymond James offers employees two High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) options through UnitedHealthcare (UHC): a Plus plan and a Base plan, both on the UHC “Choice Plus” network.

What are the primary elements of Raymond James Financial’s Employee Handbook?

The primary elements of Raymond James Financial’s Employee Handbook include promoting honest and ethical conduct, proper disclosure of financial information, compliance with company policies, and adherence to core values and principles. Additionally, it includes information on various benefits and their respective plan year.

How are new employees familiarized with Raymond James Financial’s policies?

New employees at Raymond James Financial are familiarized with the company’s policies through a comprehensive onboarding process led by the Human Resources department, ensuring a smooth transition.

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