Uncovering the Nordstrom Code of Conduct: What You Need to Know

Did you know that Nordstrom, a leading fashion retailer, has a comprehensive code of conduct that serves as the foundation for its ethical business practices? In this blog post, we will explore the Nordstrom Code of Conduct in detail, uncovering what you need to know about how it shapes the company’s commitment to honesty, integrity, and outstanding customer service.

Key Takeaways

  • Nordstrom’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics outlines expectations for employees to demonstrate ethical behavior in their interactions with customers, co-workers, vendors, competitors and other business partners.
  • Nordstrom places a high value on honesty and integrity by emphasizing clear communication & having policies in place to ensure ethical conduct amongst employees.
  • The company promotes fair competition & provides a safe workplace through anti-corruption measures, training programs & reporting mechanisms.

Nordstrom’s Business Conduct and Ethics

At the heart of Nordstrom’s success lies its Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. This code provides a framework to help employees understand the fundamental philosophies of Nordstrom’s business and guide them in making decisions while working, including providing outstanding customer service.

Employees are expected to:

  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Support fair competition and respect it
  • Provide outstanding customer service
  • Follow the guidelines in the Code of Conduct.

Uncovering the Nordstrom Code of Conduct: What You Need to Know

Importance of Ethical Principles

In the competitive world of retail, the importance of ethical principles cannot be overstated. Nordstrom’s dedication to observing the highest ethical standards and conducting business with integrity, ethics, and compliance with all applicable laws is key to fostering trust and confidence among customers, employees, and partners.

For Nordstrom employees, sound judgment is of great importance, as it directly influences the organization as a whole, and lack of sound judgment can result in employment termination. Nordstrom enhances its brand image and draws in more potential customers and clients, securing the company’s continued success, when these ethical principles are followed.

Upholding Nordstrom’s Values

At Nordstrom, employees are expected to uphold the company’s core values, which include:

  • Family
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Respectful communication

Through open, honest, and respectful dialogue, Nordstrom communicates its values to employees and prioritizes direct communication as the most effective way to uphold its values and prevent unethical behavior.

Employees, including social workers, while sticking to these values in their job roles, have the ability to:

  • Foster a positive atmosphere
  • Advocate for equal employment opportunities
  • Convey organizational values
  • Build strong relationships
  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Skirt any perceived conflict of interest.

L Brands Ethics Hotline

The L Brands Ethics Hotline serves as a vital tool within the corporate structure, promoting a culture of integrity and ethical conduct. Employees and stakeholders can utilize the L Brands Ethics Hotline to report any concerns or suspected violations of ethical standards in a confidential and secure manner. This hotline acts as a channel for individuals to voice their worries regarding potential misconduct, fostering an environment of transparency and accountability within the organization. L Brands is committed to upholding ethical principles and ensuring that all members of the company adhere to a high standard of conduct in their professional endeavors. The Ethics Hotline plays a crucial role in maintaining these standards and contributes to the overall ethical framework of the organization, promoting trust and responsibility among its workforce.

Key Elements of Nordstrom’s Code of Conduct

Key Elements of Nordstrom's Code of Conduct

Nordstrom’s Code of Conduct is built around key elements such as:

  • Honesty and integrity in the workplace
  • Safeguarding confidentiality and privacy
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Employee responsibilities and reporting mechanisms
  • Social media guidelines and online conduct
  • Support of fair competition and ethical business practices.

Through these key elements, Nordstrom ensures that its employees maintain the highest ethical standards in their interactions with:

  • Customers
  • Co-workers
  • Vendors
  • Competitors
  • Other business partners.

Honesty and Integrity in the Workplace

Honesty and integrity are essential qualities for any employee, regardless of their industry. At Nordstrom, demonstrating honesty and integrity in the workplace involves being truthful, taking responsibility for mistakes, and behaving ethically and honorably. Nordstrom fosters a more efficient and productive work atmosphere by instilling trust, respect, and cooperation among colleagues.

To ensure that employees uphold honesty and integrity in the workplace, Nordstrom emphasizes clear, open, honest, and respectful communication. The company also has policies and practices in place to support labor and human rights throughout its supply chain. These measures help to build strong relationships with colleagues and clients, making honesty and integrity highly valued qualities at Nordstrom.

Confidentiality and Privacy Protection

Protecting the confidentiality and privacy of sensitive information is a top priority at Nordstrom. The company is committed to safeguarding customer information that is sensitive, private, and confidential. In today’s digital age, ensuring the protection of personal information is of utmost importance for maintaining customer trust and preventing fraud.

Nordstrom employees play a crucial role in maintaining confidentiality and privacy protection. They are expected to safeguard the confidential and sensitive information of customers, such as personal and account details, and never disclose confidential information to anyone other than a Nordstrom employee or authorized individual.

Employees, following Nordstrom’s strict guidelines on confidentiality and privacy protection, contribute to the company’s reputation for trustworthiness and reliability.

Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations

Nordstrom is dedicated to conducting business honestly, ethically, and in accordance with all applicable legal requirements. The company expects its employees to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and it works closely with its suppliers to ensure compliance in their facilities.

Staying current with legal requirements and promoting a culture of compliance, Nordstrom guarantees its operations are within legal limits and remains legally responsible, retaining the trust of its customers and stakeholders.

Code of Conduct Examples

When exploring appropriate conduct within various settings, examining code of conduct examples serves as an insightful exercise. These “code conduct examples” encompass a wide array of guidelines and principles that dictate acceptable behavior within specific domains. Whether in a professional workspace, online community, or educational institution, codes of conduct provide a framework for fostering respect, inclusivity, and ethical engagement. Such examples often delineate expectations regarding communication, collaboration, and how individuals should address conflicts or grievances. By studying these “code conduct examples,” individuals can gain a deeper understanding of the values and norms upheld within different environments, ultimately promoting a more harmonious and respectful interaction among members.

Employee Responsibilities and Reporting Mechanisms

Employee Responsibilities and Reporting Mechanisms

To maintain a culture of honesty, integrity, and professionalism, Nordstrom outlines specific responsibilities for its employees and provides reporting mechanisms for concerns. Whether it’s store and department managers ensuring adherence to the code of conduct or human resources addressing ethical concerns, employees at all levels play a vital role in upholding Nordstrom’s values and ethical principles.

Employees are expected to act in accordance with the company’s code of conduct and employee handbook.

Role of Store and Department Managers

Store and department managers at Nordstrom play a crucial role in enforcing the code of conduct and ensuring that employees adhere to ethical standards. As a department manager, they are responsible for:

  • Supervising daily activities
  • Aiding in recruitment and training
  • Establishing and fulfilling sales objectives
  • Controlling store operations under the guidance of the store manager

Store and department managers, through their own actions and promotion of ethical behavior, set the tone for the rest of the workforce and enhance Nordstrom’s reputation for professionalism and fairness.

Human Resources Involvement

Human Resources plays a vital role in upholding Nordstrom’s ethical standards by creating and enforcing fair policies and regulations, addressing employee performance and behavior issues, and ensuring adherence to ethical guidelines.

Additionally, they are responsible for educating employees on ethical standards and providing guidance on ethical dilemmas that may arise in the workplace. Through these actions, Human Resources aids in sustaining a positive work environment where employees feel supported and empowered to make ethical decisions.

Reporting Concerns and Observing Illegal Activity

Nordstrom encourages employees to report any concerns or observed illegal activity through their open-door philosophy, enabling employees to raise questions or share concerns with their managers or Human Resources. The company has established procedures for employees to report suspected violations of their Code of Business Conduct and Ethics promptly to the appropriate authorities, such as the Board Chair or the Chair of the CGN. Retaliation against employees who report concerns is strictly prohibited.

To ensure anonymity and protect employees who report concerns or illegal activities, Nordstrom provides multiple channels for anonymous reporting. Employees can call 888.832.8358 or visit ethicspoint.com to submit their reports, which are then thoroughly investigated.

Fostering a culture of openness and accountability, Nordstrom enables employees to voice their opinions and contribute to the company’s commitment to ethical business practices.

Social Media Guidelines and Online Conduct

In today’s connected world, the Nordstrom code of conduct extends to social media and online behavior, ensuring that employees maintain the same high standards of ethics and professionalism online as they do in the workplace.

Nordstrom, by providing clear guidelines on social media interactions with customers, co-workers, and the public, cultivates a positive online presence that aligns with its dedication to honesty, integrity, and outstanding customer service.

Representing Nordstrom Online

When representing Nordstrom online, employees must maintain a professional and responsible demeanor, ensuring that their online actions align with the company’s values and ethical principles. This includes:

  • Being honest about their identity
  • Making it clear that their opinions are their own
  • Respecting the privacy of customers and co-workers
  • Using inclusive language and imagery.

Nordstrom employees, by following these guidelines, can contribute to enhancing the company’s reputation and promoting a positive online presence.

Respect for Co-Workers and Customers

Respect for co-workers and customers is a fundamental aspect of Nordstrom’s code of conduct, and this extends to online interactions as well. Employees are expected to treat others with dignity and respect, both in-person and on social media, and to avoid posting comments that may be interpreted as harassing, threatening, retaliatory, or discriminatory. Nordstrom employees contribute to a positive and inclusive online environment by promoting a culture of respect and kindness online.

To ensure respectful communication with co-workers and customers on social media, Nordstrom emphasizes the need for open, honest, and respectful dialogue. While there are no specific guidelines for social media communication with co-workers and customers, the company advocates for direct communication to address any issues promptly and maintain a positive online presence. By following these best practices, Nordstrom employees can create strong connections with their co-workers and customers and contribute to the company’s overall success.

Avoiding Disclosure of Sensitive Information

Sharing sensitive information on social media is strictly prohibited at Nordstrom. This includes personal and account details of customers, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and payment information, as well as confidential company information like unannounced product launches, internal sales results, and company strategy.

Employees must be vigilant in protecting this information to uphold customer trust and guard against fraud.

Starbucks Code of Ethics PDF

The Starbucks Code of Ethics PDF serves as a comprehensive document outlining the ethical principles and guidelines that Starbucks Corporation expects its employees to uphold. This PDF document encapsulates the company’s commitment to conducting business with integrity, respect, and social responsibility. Accessible to all employees, the Starbucks Code of Ethics PDF encompasses a wide array of topics, including workplace conduct, community involvement, environmental sustainability, and more. It serves as a fundamental resource for understanding the company’s values and expectations, emphasizing the importance of compliance with legal and ethical standards in all aspects of Starbucks’ operations. Starbucks places significant value on transparency and ensures that the Code of Ethics PDF is readily available for reference and adherence, promoting a culture of ethical decision-making and responsible business practices.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Non-compliance with Nordstrom’s code of conduct can result in serious consequences, both for the individual employee and the company as a whole. Violations of the code may lead to disciplinary action and, in some cases, legal ramifications.

Understanding the potential consequences of non-compliance, allows Nordstrom employees to grasp the importance of sticking to the company’s ethical guidelines and values.

Disciplinary Action Process

When employees violate Nordstrom’s code of conduct, the company may take disciplinary action, depending on the nature and severity of the violation. This disciplinary action process may involve appropriate corrective action, which can range from:

  • Warnings
  • Suspension
  • Demotion
  • Termination of employment

Nordstrom ensures that employees are held accountable for their actions and are encouraged to uphold the highest ethical standards by implementing a clear disciplinary action process.

It is important to note that Nordstrom’s disciplinary action process is not intended to be punitive but rather corrective and focused on fostering a positive work environment. Nordstrom fosters a culture of honesty, integrity, and professionalism, vital for the company’s continued success, by addressing misconduct and promoting adherence to the code of conduct.

Legal Ramifications

In addition to disciplinary action, non-compliance with Nordstrom’s code of conduct may also result in legal ramifications. This can include civil and criminal penalties for violations of insider trading laws and other applicable regulations, as well as potential lawsuits for incidents such as discrimination or harassment.

Nordstrom employees can preserve the company’s reputation for honesty and integrity and evade any legal repercussions by adhering to the code of conduct and all applicable laws.

Supporting Fair Competition and Ethical Business Practices

Supporting Fair Competition and Ethical Business Practices

Nordstrom’s commitment to fair competition and ethical business practices is evident in all aspects of its operations, from its supply chain to its interactions with customers and competitors. By implementing strict anti-corruption and bribery policies and promoting a safe and respectful workplace for all employees, Nordstrom demonstrates its dedication to upholding the highest ethical standards in the retail industry.

Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policies

Nordstrom enforces strict anti-corruption and bribery policies and is committed to abiding by all relevant anti-corruption laws. The company requires its suppliers to comply with applicable laws related to bribery, money laundering, and corruption, and it has implemented an anti-corruption program to identify and mitigate any corruption risks in its business activities.

Nordstrom ensures that its business practices are both ethical and legally compliant by taking a strong stance against corruption and bribery.

Promoting a Safe and Respectful Workplace

Promoting a Safe and Respectful Workplace

Nordstrom is committed to promoting a safe and respectful workplace for all employees. The company ensures that everyone is treated with dignity and respect and that any instances of harassment or discrimination are promptly addressed. Nordstrom has implemented the following policies to prevent workplace bullying and harassment:

  • Clear guidelines and expectations for behavior
  • Training programs to educate employees on appropriate conduct
  • Reporting mechanisms for employees to report incidents
  • Investigation procedures to address complaints
  • Counseling and support for employees who may be experiencing distress or abuse

By implementing these policies, Nordstrom aims to create a positive and inclusive work environment for all employees.

Nordstrom empowers its employees to succeed in their roles and contribute to the company’s overall success by fostering a positive work environment and emphasizing the importance of respectful communication. This commitment to a safe and respectful workplace is just one example of how Nordstrom upholds its ethical principles and values in all aspects of its operations.


In conclusion, Nordstrom’s comprehensive code of conduct serves as the cornerstone of its commitment to ethical business practices and outstanding customer service. By adhering to the highest ethical standards and fostering a culture of honesty, integrity, and professionalism, Nordstrom has built a reputation for excellence that sets it apart in the competitive world of retail. By understanding and following the Nordstrom Code of Conduct, employees contribute to the company’s continued success and help to maintain the trust of customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nordstrom’s code of conduct?

Nordstrom’s code of conduct commits them to doing business ethically and honestly, while also serving their customers in the long run by addressing issues facing the planet and its people. They must observe the highest ethical standards and act with fairness, integrity, and respect for all.

What is Nordstrom employee break policy?

Nordstrom employees typically enjoy a one-hour lunch break and two 10-minute breaks during their shift, allowing for a balanced work-life balance.

Does Nordstrom rehire after termination?

Yes, Nordstrom does rehire after termination if there was no wrongdoing or the employee left free of will.

Does Nordstrom have a forced labor policy?

Nordstrom has a strong Human Rights Commitment and Partner Code of Conduct that explicitly prohibit the use of forced labor in its suppliers’ operations.

What is the purpose of Nordstrom’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics?

Nordstrom’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics provides a framework to help employees understand the company’s fundamental philosophies and guide them in making decisions while working, with the ultimate goal of delivering outstanding customer service.

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