Insider Look: A Complete Mutual of Omaha Employee Handbook Example

Looking for a Mutual of Omaha employee handbook example? Get a concise preview of the company’s employee policies, benefits, and culture here. This article provides a snapshot of the handbook content that defines Mutual of Omaha’s commitment to its employees’ growth and welfare.

Key Takeaways

  • Mutual of Omaha provides a comprehensive employee handbook featuring high ethical standards, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and policies to ensure a drug-free workplace aimed at creating a supportive work environment.
  • Employees at Mutual of Omaha benefit from an extensive range of health insurance plans, retirement solutions, and a generous paid time-off policy, supporting their well-being beyond the workplace.
  • The company fosters career growth through resources like the Sales Trainee Program and establishes a healthy work-life balance by offering flexible work options, including part-time employment, job-sharing, and remote work opportunities.

Employee Handbook Examples

When it comes to creating a comprehensive employee handbook, exploring various employee handbook examples can serve as a valuable starting point. These examples showcase different approaches to structuring policies, communicating company values, and addressing key workplace issues. Examining a range of employee handbook examples allows organizations to tailor their own handbooks to meet the unique needs and culture of their workforce. By drawing inspiration from diverse sources, companies can craft a document that not only complies with legal requirements but also resonates with employees, fostering a positive and inclusive workplace environment.

Mutual of Omaha Employee Handbook Overview

Mutual of Omaha stands as a symbol of prosperity, benefiting not only its customers but also its devoted workforce. With a substantial workforce of more than 6,000 employees across the United States, Mutual of Omaha operates in the Financial Services & Insurance industry, striving to help customers safeguard their valued assets and reach their financial goals. The company’s focus on financial security extends to its employees, implementing policies, benefits, and resources that foster a positive work environment and abundant growth opportunities.

This dedication to employee satisfaction results in a notable 93% of Mutual of Omaha employees endorsing it as an excellent place to work. They take pride in their employment, appreciate the resources provided for their duties, and perceive the management as honest and ethical.

This culture of care and opportunity is what guides the Mutual of Omaha Employee Handbook, a comprehensive guide designed to make every employee feel secure, supported, and valued.

Key policies and guidelines

High ethical standards form the bedrock of Mutual of Omaha’s operations. Compliance with regulatory requirements and company policies are non-negotiable, demonstrating the company’s commitment to integrity and transparency. This dedication to ethical conduct is complemented by a firm belief in the value of diversity and inclusion. The company strives to create an environment that is inclusive for all, acknowledging that diversity is a driving force for innovation and growth.

In addition to fostering a diverse and ethical environment, Mutual of Omaha is committed to maintaining a secure work environment that respects and treats individuals professionally. A key aspect of this commitment is ensuring a drug-free workplace, demonstrating Mutual’s determination to safeguard its employees’ health and well-being. These key policies and guidelines, discussed in the employee handbook, set a clear standard of conduct, promoting a respectful and supportive work environment.

Insider Look: A Complete Mutual of Omaha Employee Handbook Example

Benefits for Mutual of Omaha employees

One of the standout features making Mutual of Omaha an exceptional place to work is the extensive benefits package available to its employees. From health insurance to retirement plans and paid time off, Mutual of Omaha ensures that its employees are well-supported in all aspects of their lives.

The company offers a range of health insurance plans, including:

  • Disability income insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Hospital indemnity insurance
  • Dental insurance

These varied options provide employees the flexibility to choose a plan that best suits their needs.

When it comes to retirement, Mutual of Omaha offers the following solutions:

  • Retirement Annuity Solutions
  • Employee Benefits Plans
  • Bonus Plans
  • Deferred Compensation Plans

These options ensure that its employees are well-prepared for their golden years.

The company also offers a fair and comprehensive policy regarding paid time off, with newer employees starting to accrue vacation time from the get-go.

Resources for career growth and support

Mutual of Omaha is devoted to fostering the professional development of its employees. It provides a range of resources designed to facilitate the rewarding career journey of its financial representatives. These resources include:

  • Work-life balance initiatives
  • Growth and learning opportunities
  • Comprehensive benefits
  • Tailored support

One prime example of the company’s commitment to career growth is the Sales Trainee Program. This comprehensive 12-month program includes classroom training, self-study components, and real-world experience. To provide practical insights and guidance, the trainees are paired with mentors who are accomplished top sales professionals. Through programs like these, Mutual of Omaha provides its employees with the tools and resources they need to reach their full potential.

Work-Life Balance and Flexible Work Options

Work-Life Balance and Flexible Work Options

Acknowledging the vital role of a healthy personal-professional life balance, Mutual of Omaha gives priority to work-life balance. The company provides flexible work options, including remote work opportunities, to accommodate the needs of its employees and enhance their job satisfaction.

These flexible work arrangements not only attract and retain top talent but also promote diversity and generate cost savings for the organization, showcasing their ability to create a positive impact.

AES Employee Handbook Example

In this illustrative AES Employee Handbook example, we meticulously outline the organizational policies and guidelines that govern the conduct and expectations of our workforce. The AES Employee Handbook serves as a comprehensive resource, addressing key aspects such as employee rights, responsibilities, and code of conduct. This document is designed to provide clarity and transparency, fostering a positive work environment for all team members. From workplace ethics to communication protocols, the AES Employee Handbook sets the standard for professional behavior and serves as an indispensable reference for employees at all levels.

Remote work opportunities

Mutual of Omaha offers a range of opportunities for remote work. This flexibility allows employees to:

  • Manage their work commitments alongside their personal lives
  • Ensure a healthy work-life balance
  • Work remotely from their home office
  • Avoid reporting to the company’s headquarters

In terms of support, Mutual of Omaha offers:

  • A wide range of fully remote positions, enabling employees to work from any location within the U.S.
  • Flexible work options, including remote, in-office, and hybrid arrangements, to accommodate individual circumstances.
  • Guidance to home office employees on remote work to ensure productivity.
  • Optimization of contact center efficiency through workforce management.
  • Monitoring of work progress and performance using operational metrics.

Family leave policies

Acknowledging the significance of family, Mutual of Omaha implements supportive family leave policies. The company offers job-protected paid leave for bonding with a newborn or an adopted or foster care child, as well as for the care of a seriously ill family member. By offering up to 12 weeks of paid leave, Mutual of Omaha ensures that its employees can cherish these precious moments without worrying about their job security or financial stability.

This family leave extends to employees who need to care for a family member with a serious health condition. The company offers 12 weeks of paid family leave for this purpose, helping its employees manage their essential care responsibilities without the added stress of financial uncertainty or job instability.

Part-time employment and job-sharing opportunities

Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual’s needs and circumstances, Mutual of Omaha offers part-time employment and job-sharing opportunities. This flexibility allows the company to accommodate employees with unique scheduling needs or personal commitments.

In terms of benefits, part-time employees at Mutual of Omaha who are scheduled to work 30 or more hours per week are eligible for the same benefits as full-time employees. This includes the accrual of personal time after their first year of employment.

Financial Planning and Retirement Benefits

Financial Planning and Retirement Benefits at Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha places significant emphasis on financial planning and retirement benefits as an integral part of employee welfare. The company offers retirement savings plans, financial education resources, and investment options to help its employees secure their financial future.

By emphasizing on diversification in retirement savings and investment strategies, Mutual of Omaha ensures that its employees can establish a secure future, manage risk, and maximize tax advantages.

Retirement savings plans

Retirement savings plans form a key pillar of the financial planning resources at Mutual of Omaha. The company offers a 401(k) plan that provides employees the opportunity to receive 8% of their pay for retirement, with an additional 2% contribution after reaching a vesting service and full vesting after three years.

In addition to the 401(k) plan, Mutual of Omaha also offers pension plans. These Retirement Annuity Solutions address the complexities of continuous plan administration and provide employees with access to a Guaranteed Annuity through the Pension Guard program, ensuring security and a lifetime guarantee of income.

Both regular full-time and part-time employees are eligible to participate in these retirement savings plans, ensuring that all of Mutual of Omaha’s employees have a secure financial future.

Financial education and planning resources

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to finances. Mutual of Omaha understands this and provides its employees with a range of financial education and planning resources. These resources help employees make well-informed decisions regarding their financial and retirement planning goals.

The company offers on-demand training opportunities that cover a broad spectrum of business market and individual planning topics for financial education. Furthermore, employees have the opportunity to receive one-on-one financial counseling through the company’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Mutual of Omaha provides a comprehensive suite of resources designed to aid in budgeting and managing personal finances. These resources include:

  • Saving tools
  • Budgeting tools
  • Investing tools
  • Financial planning tools

All of these resources contribute to effective personal financial planning.

Investment options and strategies

Along with providing resources for financial planning, Mutual of Omaha also offers a range of investment options and strategies to its employees. These options include:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • Retirement accounts (401(k), IRA)
  • Annuities

These investment options allow employees to diversify their portfolios and manage risk for long-term financial growth.

Specifically, Mutual of Omaha provides the following services:

  • Institutional Investment Products
  • Investment Planning and Retirement Planning services
  • Employee Benefits Plans
  • Bonus Plans
  • Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Conservative options for preserving retirement savings

These options provide employees the flexibility to choose the investment strategy that best suits their financial goals.

In addition to these options, the company offers its employees the opportunity to access investment advisors through Mutual of Omaha Investor Services, Inc..

Employee Wellness Programs

Employee Wellness Programs at Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha’s deep concern for its employees’ well-being is manifested in its all-encompassing employee wellness programs. The programs focus on physical wellness, mental health, and work-life balance initiatives, ensuring that employees are supported in all aspects of their well-being.

Physical wellness initiatives

Physical wellness isn’t just about being disease-free; it’s about leading a lifestyle that promotes health and well-being. Mutual of Omaha understands this, and hence it offers a comprehensive wellness program that includes a $25 per month gym membership offering access to over 10,000 fitness locations nationwide. Additionally, a mobile app is available, offering personalized plans, exercise programs, wellness tips, and recipes.

Along with these fitness options, the company also offers health screenings to its employees. This includes a Hearing Discount Program that encompasses benefits and discounted screening services. These physical wellness initiatives encourage a healthy lifestyle among Mutual of Omaha’s employees, promoting their overall well-being.

Mental health resources

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and Mutual of Omaha recognizes this. The company provides a range of mental health resources to support its employees’ emotional well-being. One of the major resources is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which offers:

  • Counseling services provided by licensed counselors
  • Access to an exclusive provider network
  • Personalized provider matching
  • Private counseling sessions
  • Group counseling
  • Resources and support for issues related to relationships, family, eldercare, childcare, and stress management

These resources are designed to help employees manage their mental health and seek support when needed.

Recognizing that stress management is a key part of mental health, Mutual of Omaha offers a range of stress management workshops. These include:

  • Onsite services for grief counseling
  • Critical incident stress management
  • Employee training
  • Private and group counseling sessions

These resources are designed to help employees manage stress effectively and maintain their mental well-being.

Ovintiv Employee Handbook Example

In this illustrative Ovintiv Employee Handbook Example, employees gain access to a comprehensive guide outlining the company’s policies, procedures, and expectations. The Ovintiv Employee Handbook Example serves as a valuable resource, offering insights into workplace norms and fostering a clear understanding of the organization’s culture. Through this handbook, employees can navigate topics such as professional conduct, benefits, and company values. Ovintiv’s commitment to creating a positive work environment is exemplified in the carefully crafted content of this handbook, ensuring that employees are well-informed and empowered to contribute to the company’s success.

Work-life balance initiatives

Maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life is crucial for overall well-being. Mutual of Omaha supports this balance through its work-life balance programs. These programs include flexible work arrangements that allow employees to manage their work commitments alongside their personal lives.

The company also offers a fair and comprehensive policy regarding paid time off, with the following benefits:

  • Newer employees start accruing vacation time from the get-go
  • This policy allows employees to take time off when they need it
  • It ensures they can maintain a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives.

In addition to these initiatives, Mutual of Omaha also offers the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Counseling Services, which assist employees in overcoming any obstacles they encounter, further supporting a healthy work-life balance.

Community Involvement and Corporate Social Responsibility

Community Involvement and Corporate Social Responsibility at Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha holds a firm belief in contributing back to the community. The company’s commitment to community involvement and corporate social responsibility is evident in its various initiatives. These include volunteer opportunities, environmental sustainability efforts, and support for local communities.

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteerism serves as one of the primary methods by which Mutual of Omaha contributes to the community. The company provides its employees with convenient access to a variety of volunteer opportunities, allowing them to give back to their communities and support causes they are passionate about. Some of the organizations it partners with for group volunteer opportunities include the Food Bank of the Heartland, Habitat for Humanity, and Good360.

These volunteer opportunities not only benefit the community but also provide a rewarding experience for the employees. They foster a sense of purpose, promote collaboration among colleagues, and enable employees to make a meaningful contribution to causes they care about.

Environmental sustainability efforts

In addition to volunteerism, Mutual of Omaha also upholds a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. The company has implemented an Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework that supports sustainable practices to minimize the company’s carbon footprint, positively impact the community, and focus on wildlife preservation.

In terms of specific initiatives, Mutual of Omaha:

  • Provides recycle carts and collects recyclables every other week, the same day as waste collection
  • Executes zero-waste programs
  • Offers recycling training
  • Conducts recycling audits as part of their sustainability efforts
  • Seeks LEED certification for their new headquarters
  • Upholds sustainable landscaping practices that consider local wildlife on their campus.

Supporting local communities

Beyond its environmental sustainability initiatives, Mutual of Omaha also demonstrates a dedication to backing local communities. The company contributes to local charities by allocating millions of dollars to organizations in the Omaha metro area, emphasizing efforts to address poverty and enhance community resilience.

Additionally, Mutual of Omaha sponsors over 70 nonprofit fundraising events, offers corporate grants to the local arts community, and promotes employee volunteerism to actively participate in these events. These initiatives have a significant impact, with the company granting over $6.2 million to 120 organizations focusing on poverty-related issues and community strengthening, along with an investment of more than $40 million in programs and organizations addressing poverty concerns, thereby contributing positively to the local community.


In conclusion, Mutual of Omaha is a company that truly cares about its employees and the community. From its comprehensive benefits package and flexible work options to its commitment to environmental sustainability and community involvement, Mutual of Omaha ensures that its employees are well-supported in all aspects of their lives. Whether you’re an existing employee or considering joining the Mutual of Omaha team, you can rest assured that you’ll be joining a company that values your well-being and supports your growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the objective of Mutual of Omaha?

The objective of Mutual of Omaha is to help customers protect what they value and achieve their financial goals.

What are the key policies and guidelines at Mutual of Omaha?

The key policies and guidelines at Mutual of Omaha prioritize high ethical standards, regulatory compliance, diversity, inclusion, and a secure work environment. These are the foundational principles that guide the company’s operations.

What benefits does Mutual of Omaha offer its employees?

Mutual of Omaha offers its employees health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off, providing comprehensive benefits that prioritize their well-being.

What work-life balance initiatives does Mutual of Omaha implement?

Mutual of Omaha implements work-life balance initiatives by providing flexible work options, including remote work opportunities to accommodate the needs of its employees.

What community involvement initiatives does Mutual of Omaha have?

Mutual of Omaha has volunteer opportunities for employees, focuses on environmental sustainability, and supports local communities through various initiatives.

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