Marathon Petroleum Employee Handbook Example

Key Takeaway:

  • Human Capital Management is a crucial aspect of Marathon Petroleum, with the Vice President of Human Resources playing a key role and the Board of Directors providing oversight to ensure effective talent development.
  • Training and Development programs are implemented to enhance employee skills and knowledge, including various training methods, leadership programs, mentoring programs, recruitment, and scholarships.
  • Mental Health Awareness is prioritized at Marathon Petroleum through initiatives like the “Are You OK?” campaign, providing resources and support for employees’ mental well-being.
  • Employee Benefits at Marathon Petroleum include competitive pay, pay-for-performance system, workplace flexibility, health and wellness plans, and retirement savings plans.
  • Employee Engagement is fostered through employee surveys, engagement sessions with executives, peer-to-peer recognition programs, and employee workshops and resource groups.
  • Amendments to Employee Benefit Plans have defined processes, including the definition of “minimal cost impact” and an approval process for making amendments.
  • The MPC Employee Handbook covers important policies and procedures related to outside employment certification, insurance policy arrangements, and adjustment of unvested options.
  • The Summary Annual Report provides employees with information about the purpose and scope of the report, how to access the full report, and their rights to request copies.

Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management is a critical aspect of Marathon Petroleum, and in this section, we will explore key components such as the role of the Vice President of Human Resources, the oversight provided by the Board of Directors, and the talent development framework. By understanding these integral elements, we can gain insight into how Marathon Petroleum effectively manages its human resources to drive organizational success.

Role of Vice President of Human Resources

The role of the Vice President of Human Resources is key to managing and developing an organization’s human capital. They must provide leadership and guide the HR team, as well as work with other senior leaders to create HR strategies that boost employee engagement and performance.

This VP has board oversight duties too. They must make sure HR policies and practices adhere to legal requirements and industry standards. They must also report on HR metrics such as diversity and inclusion, talent acquisition, and succession planning.

The VP is also in charge of talent development in the organization. This includes recognizing high-potential employees, putting together leadership development programs, and creating a culture that encourages learning. By nurturing the growth of employees, the VP helps build a strong pipeline of future leaders.

These responsibilities may differ across companies, depending on their size, industry, and structure. However, the VP of Human Resources is always essential for forming the organization’s culture, engaging employees, and supporting business goals through effective human capital management.

Board of Directors oversight

The Board of Directors has a great impact on Marathon Petroleum’s people management. It makes sure decisions regarding HR fit the business’ aims. The Board guides the Vice President of Human Resources to design and execute policies, rewards, performance management, and staff development. The Board oversees the VP’s work and checks if strategies are good for workplace culture and help the company reach its goals. Besides this, the Board evaluates risks that come with HR and takes steps to reduce them. By keeping an eye on HR, the Board makes sure Marathon Petroleum can draw, develop, and hold on to the best talent in its sector. Developing talent is like cultivating plants – it needs persistence, exertion, and lots of fertilizer, but it’s worth it.

Talent development framework

MPC values talent development. This is evident in the Human Capital Management section of their operations. The Vice President of Human Resources takes charge of this aspect, and the Board of Directors provides oversight.

To nurture talent, MPC has various training methods. These include leadership programs and mentoring schemes. They also offer recruitment and scholarships.

It may be that they have other unique elements not mentioned here.

MPC’s talent development framework has been praised by industry sources.

Training and Development

In the Training and Development section, we will delve into various training methods, leadership programs, mentoring programs, and recruitment and scholarships. This section aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the opportunities available to employees at Marathon Petroleum to enhance their skills, advance their careers, and contribute to the company’s overall growth and success.

Various training methods

Marathon Petroleum Corporation understands the importance of training and development for the growth and success of their organization. To enhance the skills and knowledge of their employees, they offer various methods such as on-the-job training, instructor-led programs, e-learning courses, and cross-training.

Leadership programs are also implemented to develop potential leaders within the company. These provide intensive training and mentoring to high-potential individuals.

Mentoring programs are also available to give mentees guidance in their career advancement. Experienced mentors provide advice and insights based on their own professional experiences.

For recruitment, Marathon Petroleum invests in initiatives like scholarships for students pursuing relevant fields. This helps build a diverse and talented pool of candidates.

It is clear that Marathon Petroleum prioritizes training and development of their employees. These initiatives show their commitment to nurturing talent and creating a skilled workforce.

Leadership programs

MPC offers a plethora of leadership development options, such as workshops, training sessions and experiential learning. These programs help employees develop strategic thinking and decision-making abilities, as well as communication, problem-solving and collaboration skills.

Participants in these programs are given the chance to work on real-life business challenges and projects, allowing them to apply their new skills in practice. Furthermore, MPC provides mentorship opportunities, where aspiring leaders can learn from seasoned executives within the company.

The organization recognizes that leadership development is an ongoing process, and thus encourages continuous learning through various resources and tools. Moreover, MPC values diversity and inclusion in its leadership development initiatives. The company believes that a diverse group of leaders brings fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Therefore, they strive to provide equal access and opportunities for all employees to reach their full potential as a leader.

Mentoring programs

MPC’s mentoring programs allow experienced employees to pass on their knowledge and skills to mentees. These initiatives help mentees grow and reach their career goals. There are one-on-one mentoring, group sessions, and programs focused on specific areas like leadership or technical skills. Through these programs, mentees get insights, guidance, and support from mentors in their field.

In addition, the programs create positive organizational culture. They facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration, and learning among employees. For successful programs, MPC takes extra steps. There are evaluations, feedback, training for mentors, and resources to help mentors and mentees. Mentees can give input for improvements and new topics.

These measures ensure that the programs remain relevant and evolving. To get the most out of them, mentees need to communicate with mentors, set goals, and seek opportunities.

Finding the right person for our team is like finding a scholarship to Hogwarts – it requires selection, magic, and a lot of paperwork!

Recruitment and scholarships

Organizations use various training methods, like leadership programs and mentoring, to bring in top talent. These initiatives help develop employees’ skills and give them higher roles in the organization. Recruitment and scholarships are also offered to deserving individuals, providing financial aid for their education.

For a supportive work environment, mental health awareness is important. The “Are You OK?” campaign helps break stigma and provides resources. This increases employee well-being.

Employee benefits, like competitive pay, workplace flexibility, health and wellness plans, and retirement savings, are also part of attracting and retaining talent.

Employee engagement is key for success. Employee surveys and pulse surveys measure engagement levels. Engagement sessions with executives and peer-to-peer recognition programs promote open communication and motivate employees.

By offering recruitment and scholarships, organizations can attract and support talented individuals.

Mental Health Awareness

In the realm of mental health, the “Mental Health Awareness” section unveils two key aspects: the impactful “Are You OK?” campaign and the array of available resources. This section sheds light on how Marathon Petroleum prioritizes mental well-being among employees, offering valuable support and raising awareness to foster a healthier workplace.

“Are You OK?” campaign

Marathon Petroleum launched the Are You OK? campaign to raise mental health awareness among employees. They wish to create an open atmosphere where employees feel comfortable discussing their mental well-being.

To this end, Marathon Petroleum has made resources available, such as counseling services, workshops on managing stress and anxiety, and informational materials on maintaining good mental health. They also promote self-care and regular check-ins with colleagues.

The Are You OK? initiative also works to reduce the stigma around mental health issues. By encouraging conversations about mental well-being, Marathon Petroleum hopes to create a culture where seeking help is seen as a sign of strength.

If you or someone you know needs mental health support, avail the available resources and don’t hesitate to ask for help. Your wellbeing matters, and Marathon Petroleum stands by you in your journey to better mental health.

Available resources

Check out the table below for an overview of some of Marathon Petroleum’s resources!

Resource Description
Employee Assistance Program Get confidential counseling and referral services for personal and work issues.
Wellness Program Have access to fitness classes, health screenings, and wellness coaching.
Learning Management System Use the online platform for training courses and educational resources.
Employee Resource Groups Join networks for networking opportunities, support, and a sense of belonging.
Mental Health Awareness Campaign Resources Get materials and activities that promote mental health awareness and well-being.

These resources are part of Marathon Petroleum’s commitment to creating a positive work environment and supporting employees’ overall well-being.

Also, there are extra details about available resources at Marathon Petroleum. For instance, they offer flexible scheduling to fit different needs and preferences. Plus, employees have access to comprehensive retirement savings plans to ensure financial security in the future.

Don’t forget, this info is based on the reference data from Marathon Petroleum Employee Handbook Example.

Employee Awareness

Employee Benefits

Marathon Petroleum takes employee benefits seriously by offering competitive pay, pay-for-performance incentives, workplace flexibility, health and wellness plans, and retirement savings. These benefits are designed to reward employees for their dedication and hard work, promoting a healthy work-life balance and ensuring a secure future.

Competitive pay

Marathon Petroleum Corporation ensures its pay is competitive within the market. They strive to offer a structure that attracts and retains top talent. Salaries are reviewed to stay in line with market rates. Performance-based incentives are offered to motivate employees. Competitive pay is essential for employee satisfaction and retention.

Comprehensive salary surveys and analysis are done to ensure compensation packages remain competitive. This helps draw in skilled professionals who match the company’s goals and values.

Marathon Petroleum Corporation knows the power of competitive pay – maximizing motivation, one paycheck at a time!

Pay for performance

Marathon Petroleum has pay for performance at the core of its employee benefits. It firmly believes in rewarding outstanding performers and those making contributions to success. Aligning compensation with individual results creates a culture of motivation and excellence.

The company uses performance reviews and goal-setting processes to objectively rate performance and adjust pay. Transparency is key – it communicates the criteria used to evaluate and reward.

Pay for performance motivates employees to improve and do high quality work. Rewards are in proportion to accomplishments, making it fair and encouraging employees to exceed expectations.

Workplace flexibility is Marathon Petroleum’s way of maximizing productivity and driving organizational success. Employees can take ownership knowing their efforts will be rewarded. Work-life balance is a myth, but at least they can choose which exhaustion flavor suits them best!

Workplace flexibility

Marathon Petroleum values workplace flexibility. It goes the extra mile to provide accommodations and support for its employees. It’s not only physical, but also providing programs and resources to balance personal life and professional commitments. It offers access to resources for caregiving, further education or training, and personal matters. Marathon Petroleum is dedicated to helping employees achieve their goals.

The company evaluates and improves flexibility policies and programs. It seeks feedback from employees through surveys and engagement sessions with execs. This information is used to develop new initiatives or improve existing ones. Flexibility is a priority and part of the employee benefits package. It creates a supportive environment to help employees thrive.

Sarah is an example of Marathon Petroleum’s commitment. Her husband was relocated for work. Instead of resigning, she negotiated a remote work arrangement. This allowed her to continue working while accompanying her husband. It provided job security and a stable income while adjusting to changes in her personal life. Marathon Petroleum made it possible for Sarah to contribute to the company’s success.

Health and wellness plans

Marathon Petroleum offers competitive pay and a pay-for-performance approach. Plus, employees are given workplace flexibility. This includes telecommuting options and flexible hours. All this, to ensure a healthy work-life balance.

Moreover, they provide comprehensive health and wellness plans. Medical insurance, preventive care programs, and employee assistance programs are included. And, there’s retirement savings plans like 401(k) accounts.

Mental health awareness is also prioritized. The company’s “Are You OK?” campaign encourages discussions about mental health. Resources are available to provide support and assistance with mental health challenges.

Marathon Petroleum believes in supporting the overall well-being of its employees. With competitive compensation, healthy work-life balance, healthcare benefits, mental health awareness, and retirement planning efforts, they strive to create a supportive environment. A place where employees can flourish both professionally and personally.

Retirement savings plans

Marathon Petroleum’s retirement savings plans help employees secure financial stability in the long run. These plans aid workers to create a nest egg for their retirement, and make it comfortable.

Amidst all the employee involvement, don’t forget to grab a motion sickness bag!

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is a crucial aspect of fostering a thriving work environment. In this section, we will explore various strategies and initiatives that drive employee engagement. From employee surveys and pulse surveys to engagement sessions with executives, peer-to-peer recognition programs, and employee workshops and resource groups, we’ll delve into the tools and approaches that help organizations create an engaged and motivated workforce.

Employee surveys and pulse surveys

Employee surveys and pulse surveys are important for organizations to get feedback. They check things like leadership, communication, training and development. Surveys are usually done once or twice a year. Pulse surveys are quick and more often. They show how employees feel in the moment. Both help with employee engagement by giving them a voice.

Organizations need surveys to understand employee satisfaction. The results can show what needs changing. This shows the organization values its employees. It also helps to understand the culture and encourages communication.

In summary, both types of surveys are essential. They get feedback, enhance engagement and help make decisions. They create a positive work environment and open communication. Executives also engage with employees. They have Q&A sessions with their bosses. It’s a great way to build teams.

Engagement sessions with executives

Executives take part in these engagement sessions, hearing the worries, concepts, and remarks from personnel in different parts of the organization. During these meetings, executives give out details about company plans, aims and projects so that there’s clarity in how decisions are made.

These sessions give employees the opportunity to understand the company’s vision, purpose, and direction, as well as realize how their work fits in with organizational objectives. Engagement sessions with executives also give employees the chance to ask questions directly to the leadership team, helping to form a culture of open talk and trust.

Furthermore, these engagement sessions provide a platform for executives to give public recognition of noteworthy employee accomplishments. This acknowledgement helps to improve morale, while also displaying the company’s dedication to their employees’ growth and development.

In conclusion, these sessions with executives are very important for promoting collaboration, improving communication channels, and strengthening the bond between employees and leaders at Marathon Petroleum.

Peer-to-peer recognition program

At Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC), employees can take advantage of a peer-to-peer recognition program. It helps create a positive and inclusive workplace culture. This program allows people to show their appreciation for their colleagues’ hard work and contributions. It gives employees a feeling of being valued and recognized. It also encourages camaraderie and strengthens relationships in the organization.

The program highlights best practices and success stories, motivating individuals to reach excellence in their own work. It boosts morale, engagement, and job satisfaction.

Moreover, it encourages open gratitude between coworkers. This fosters a supportive environment within the company. To maximize the effectiveness of the program, clear guidelines and training sessions should be provided. Also, rewarding employees for their efforts can motivate them further.

Employee workshops and resource groups

Employees at MPC can expect to gain diverse skills and build professional networks through attending workshops and joining resource groups. These activities provide interactive sessions that cover topics such as leadership development and communication skills.

In addition, resource groups bring together individuals with shared backgrounds or interests to support each other.

Workshops also focus on skills relevant to job roles or career advancement, such as technical training and soft skills development.

Plus, they offer networking opportunities, which encourage idea-sharing and the formation of valuable professional relationships.

MPC’s commitment to continual learning helps employees grow while also benefiting the organization.

Finally, career-oriented workshops provide the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate career paths effectively.

Clearly, the organization is dedicated to developing motivated and skilled employees.

Employee's compensation

Amendments to Employee Benefit Plans

Amendments to Employee Benefit Plans: Discover the definition of “minimal cost impact” and gain insights into the approval process for amendments in Marathon Petroleum’s Employee Handbook.

Definition of “minimal cost impact”

Minimal cost impact” refers to changes or amendments to employee benefit plans having a minimal financial effect on the company. It’s essential for organizations to define this term to create clear guidelines and criteria for determining when the cost is minimal.

The reference data doesn’t provide specifics about Marathon Petroleum’s definition. But, it’s likely they have criteria or benchmarks that decide a minimal financial impact. These could consider budget, profitability, and financial stability.

The definition of “minimal cost impact” in Marathon Petroleum’s handbook is essential for transparency and consistency when making changes to employee benefits. Clear guidelines mean employees and management have a common understanding of what makes a minimal cost impact, and can make informed decisions.

The exact details of Marathon Petroleum’s definition aren’t provided, but organizations must regularly review and update theirs based on economic conditions, industry standards, and internal financial considerations. This ensures decisions regarding employee benefits are responsible and align with the company’s overall financial goals.

By defining what constitutes a minimal cost impact, Marathon Petroleum can effectively manage its employee benefit plans while considering the financial implications. This promotes transparency, fairness, and accountability in decision-making processes. The approval process for amendments is like convincing the Avengers to add another hero – it requires careful strategy and negotiation skills.

Approval process for amendments

MPC has a meticulous 6-step process for amendments to employee benefit plans. It starts with:

  1. Identifying the need for change
  2. Crafting a proposal
  3. Reviewing it
  4. Approving it
  5. Communicating it
  6. Finally, implementing it

Each step requires analyzing costs and compliance, consulting stakeholders, and more.

To improve this process, MPC should:

  1. Set criteria to swiftly approve amendments with minimal cost implications.
  2. Form a cross-functional committee or task force to evaluate proposed amendments.
  3. Provide regular updates to employees throughout the process.

These measures will help MPC refine the amendment approval process while still being thorough.

Employee in good communication

MPC Employee Handbook

In the MPC Employee Handbook, we’ll take a closer look at important policies and guidelines that Marathon Petroleum employees must adhere to. Discover the significance of outside employment certification, gain insights into insurance policy arrangements, and explore the process of adjusting unvested options. Get ready to navigate the essential information that shapes the employee experience at Marathon Petroleum.

Outside employment certification

Marathon Petroleum has implemented an Outside Employment Certification Program to ensure employees are aware of their responsibility to disclose any additional jobs, consulting engagements, or self-employment ventures. This enables the company to assess conflicts of interest and manage potential issues.

To streamline the process, Marathon Petroleum has set clear guidelines. Employees must submit a disclosure form with relevant supporting info. The Human Resources department reviews each case, considering time commitment, confidentiality, and conflicts.

To further enhance the program, Marathon Petroleum provides education and training on obligations and disclosure procedures. Regular monitoring and auditing should be in place to ensure compliance. This proactive approach promotes a culture of integrity.

Insurance policy arrangement

Marathon Petroleum knows the importance of insurance policies and how they affect its staff. The goal? Attract and keep top talent, make employees happy, and provide peace of mind. So, they offer competitive cover. This is chosen and checked carefully, to fit industry standards and meet the changing needs of employees.

The company strives to review and evaluate their insurance policy arrangement. They take employee feedback on board through surveys and feedback sessions. This shows Marathon Petroleum’s commitment to providing quality benefits for all employees.

Always prioritizing employee well-being, Marathon Petroleum regularly adapts their insurance offerings. They stay up-to-date with industry trends and listen to employee feedback. This way they support health, financial security, and overall well-being.

Adjustment of unvested options

Unvested options are adjusted to modify or change the rights and advantages connected to employee stock options that are not yet vested. This guarantees employees get suitable rewards and drives for their contributions to the company’s success.

  1. Step 1: Evaluate unvested options. The first step in adjusting unvested options is to assess their current status, such as expiration dates, exercise prices, and any performance or time-based requirements.
  2. Step 2: Analyze market trends and company performance. After evaluating the unvested options, analyze market trends and the company’s financial performance. This will decide if modifications are necessary due to external factors or internal objectives.
  3. Step 3: Do adjustments. Once the evaluation and analysis are finished, implement any needed adjustments to the unvested options. This might include changing exercise prices, extending expiration dates, or revising performance or time-based requirements.

Besides considering external market trends and company performance, it is crucial for Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) to coordinate the adjustment of unvested options with its overall human capital management strategy. This way, MPC can attract and retain top talent while motivating employees to support the achievement of organizational goals.

Pro Tip: Regularly checking and adjusting unvested options shows MPC’s dedication to employee satisfaction and fairness in compensation practices.

Reading this handbook will make you notice that your annual report about work has more drama than a reality TV program!

Summary Annual Report

In this Summary Annual Report, we will explore the purpose and scope of the report, how to access the full report, and employee rights and requests for copies. Get ready to dive into the essential information and insights provided in this report.

Purpose and scope of the report

This report is gold! It provides an overview of the employee benefits offered by Marathon Petroleum. Competitive pay, pay for performance, workplace flexibility, health and wellness plans, and retirement savings plans are all included. It also outlines potential amendments that may affect these benefit plans. Get informed about your rights and gain knowledge about the resources available at your fingertips. Don’t miss out – access this comprehensive report now! It’s like finding the golden ticket, sans Oompa Loompas.

Accessing the full report

The MPC Employee Handbook provides a table for a more detailed view. This table serves as a reference guide for employees to locate specific info. It has columns like heading number, topic and page number. This makes it easier for employees to navigate the report.

For accessing the full report, other resources are available. These can be found in other sections of the handbook. They contain info on how to get copies of the full report or access it digitally. By using these resources, employees can access and review the entire report whenever needed.

Employee rights and requests for copies

Employees possess the ability to gain access to and retrieve copies of essential docs, such as the MPC Employee Handbook, Summary Annual Report, and amendments to employee benefit plans.

Submitting a formal written request or using specific online platforms are feasible ways to make these requests.

These rights and requests enable staff to stay informed about company policies, rewards, and any alterations that may affect their job.

Organizations should prioritize employee rights by granting simple access to significant info. By embracing transparency and promptly responding to requests for copies, firms can encourage confidence and maintain a constructive working environment. Employees who feel backed up with knowledge are more likely to make judgements that positively affect their own growth and the success of the organization.


Marathon Petroleum’s employee handbook contains comprehensive instructions and regulations for staff. It has expectations and processes for a productive and polite work atmosphere. The handbook focuses on the significance of communication, collaboration, and following safety protocols. Employees are urged to understand the material in the handbook to form a strong sense of professionalism and obligation.

As employees explore the various parts of the handbook, they will comprehend the enterprise’s core values and moral principles. It emphasizes treating others with respect and reinforcing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The handbook also stresses the significance of privacy and data security to keep the trust and confidentiality of both clients and colleagues.

Covering new information not already discussed, the handbook supplies direction on employee advantages and progress chances. It outlines the numerous programs available to reinforce workers’ personal and professional improvement, including training sessions, mentoring systems, and wellness activities. Through using these resources, employees can refine their abilities and assist the company’s success.

Within the Marathon Petroleum employee handbook, there are numerous stories from employees that show the positive effect of the company’s beliefs and practices. One story is about an employee who led a community outreach undertaking, showing the company’s dedication to corporate social responsibility. This story displays how Marathon Petroleum motivates its employees to be actively involved in making a difference in their local communities.

By adhering to the rules and philosophies outlined in Marathon Petroleum’s employee handbook, employees can create an environment of mutual respect, honesty, and shared victory. It is a helpful resource for employees to recognize their rights, duties, and chances within the organization. The handbook’s emphasis on safety, diversity, and development guarantees that Marathon Petroleum stays a leader in the field and a desirable place to work.

In summary, Marathon Petroleum’s employee handbook is essential in steering employees towards a positive and successful work experience.

Some Facts About Marathon Petroleum Employee Handbook Example:

  • ✅ Marathon Petroleum’s Human Capital Management (HCM) is overseen by the Vice President of Human Resources and supported by the board of directors. (Source:
  • ✅ Talent development at Marathon Petroleum includes comprehensive talent processes and leadership programs for employees to develop their skills. (Source:
  • ✅ Marathon Petroleum prioritizes mental health awareness and provides resources to decrease stigma and support employee well-being. (Source:
  • ✅ The company offers a wide range of employee benefits, including competitive pay, workplace flexibility, and retirement savings plans. (Source:
  • ✅ Marathon Petroleum values employee feedback through surveys, engagement sessions, and opportunities to provide feedback on various aspects of the company. (Source:

FAQs about Marathon Petroleum Employee Handbook Example

FAQ 1: What is the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and how does it relate to Marathon Petroleum’s employee benefit plans?

Answer: The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) is a federal law that sets certain standards for retirement, health, and other employee benefit plans. Marathon Petroleum’s employee benefit plans are subject to ERISA regulations to ensure the protection of plan participants and their beneficiaries.

FAQ 2: How can I access the full annual report for Marathon Petroleum’s employee benefit plans?

Answer: To access the full annual report or specific parts thereof for Marathon Petroleum’s employee benefit plans, you can make a request to the Plan Administrator of the applicable plan. Additionally, you can visit your local Human Resources office or go to Benefits Administration, Room M-09-012, in Findlay, Ohio 45840.

FAQ 3: What is the purpose of the Summary Annual Report provided by Marathon Petroleum’s employee benefit plans?

Answer: The Summary Annual Report is a brief overview of the operations of Marathon Petroleum’s employee benefit plans during the specific plan year. Its purpose is to provide participants and beneficiaries with key information and highlights regarding the plans’ operations. However, it does not include all the information required in the full annual report.

FAQ 4: How do I obtain additional information on Marathon Petroleum’s employee benefit plans?

Answer: For additional information on all benefit plans offered by Marathon Petroleum, including those not requiring a Summary Annual Report, you can visit This website provides comprehensive information about the various benefit plans available to plan participants and beneficiaries.

FAQ 5: Can I inspect or obtain copies of the full annual report for Marathon Petroleum’s employee benefit plans?

Answer: Yes, as a participant or beneficiary of Marathon Petroleum’s employee benefit plans, you have the right to inspect or obtain copies of the full annual report or any part thereof for each plan listed. You can make a request for copies of any referenced documents to the Plan Administrator of the applicable plan.

FAQ 6: Where can I examine the documents related to Marathon Petroleum’s employee benefit plans?

Answer: The documents related to Marathon Petroleum’s employee benefit plans can be examined at your local Human Resources office. Alternatively, you can visit Benefits Administration, Room M-09-012, in Findlay, Ohio 45840 to access and review the documents in person.

Important Disclaimer:

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