The Ultimate Jones Lang LaSalle Employee Handbook Example: A Comprehensive Guide to Company Policies and Procedures

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating a successful workplace environment that fosters employee satisfaction, growth, and productivity? Look no further than the Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) Employee Handbook, a comprehensive guide that showcases the company’s commitment to maintaining a healthy, inclusive, and dynamic workplace. In this blog post, we’ll unveil the essential components of this jones lang lasalle employee handbook example and how it contributes to the success of JLL, a leading global provider of real estate and investment management services.

Key Takeaways

  • JLL is a leading global provider of real estate and investment management services, committed to creating an inclusive work environment with core values of honesty, integrity, trust, fairness and accountability.
  • The JLL Employee Handbook outlines company culture & code of conduct as well as employee benefits including insurance coverage and financial/retirement assistance.
  • JLL provides comprehensive health & safety policies alongside skill development programs for employees’ growth opportunities while protecting their personal information from security risks.

Employee Handbook Example

An employee handbook example serves as a comprehensive guide outlining the policies, procedures, and expectations within an organization. When crafting an employee handbook, it’s crucial to tailor it to your company’s specific needs and culture. An effective employee handbook example not only communicates essential information such as workplace conduct and benefits but also reflects the company’s values. Employers can utilize this document to foster a positive work environment and ensure that employees have a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities. By referring to an employee handbook example, businesses can establish consistency in communication and promote a harmonious relationship between the employer and the workforce.

Understanding Jones Lang LaSalle: A Leading Global Provider


Established in 1783 and having undergone numerous transformations, Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated (JLL) has grown to become a prominent global provider of real estate and investment management services. JLL operates in 80 countries, catering to diverse sectors such as banking, energy, healthcare, law, life sciences, manufacturing, technology, logistics, retail, hotels, and government. With their efficient jll processes, they continue to excel in the field of investment management.

The company is led by a team of experienced executives, including CEO Christian Ulbrich and Chairman of the Board Siddharth N. Mehta, who ensure the company’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and security, particularly when it comes to safeguarding employee personal information.

The success of JLL is not only attributed to its business acumen but also to its people-focused approach that prioritizes the well-being and development of its employees. Examining the JLL Employee Handbook reveals the fundamental elements that make JLL’s work environment stimulating and dynamic.

The Ultimate Jones Lang LaSalle Employee Handbook Example: A Comprehensive Guide to Company Policies and Procedures

Key Components of the JLL Employee Handbook

The JLL Employee Handbook acts as a compass for employee conduct, underscoring the importance of company culture, code of conduct, and employee benefits. These essential elements aim to create a people-focused workplace that bolsters talent, stimulates impact, and enhances employee involvement. The handbook serves as a foundation for professionalism and adherence to company policies, guiding employees towards success and fulfillment in their roles at JLL.

Examining these significant elements further, we can generally see how JLL nurtures a work environment that promotes employee growth, satisfaction, and excellence.

Company Culture and Values

At the heart of JLL lies a culture of teamwork, ethics, and excellence, which extends not only within the main company but also across its subsidiaries. JLL’s core values include:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Fairness
  • Accountability

These values lay the groundwork for a positive and inclusive work environment. Through a variety of initiatives, including workplace transformation, creating experiential spaces, and encouraging diversity and inclusion, JLL fortifies its corporate culture and enhances the overall employee experience.

JLL’s commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility further demonstrates their dedication to creating a better world for future generations. By integrating these values into their business strategies and operations, JLL shapes a path towards a more sustainable, diverse, and inclusive future in the world of real estate.

Code of Conduct

The JLL Code of Conduct serves as a guiding light, outlining the ethical guidelines and expectations for employee behavior within the company. Built upon the principles of:

  • Communication
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Ethical responsibility

The Code of Business Ethics establishes a standard for legitimate business practices and regulatory compliance that all employees are required to follow.

JLL fosters a culture of trust, fairness, and accountability, ensuring that all employees uphold the integrity of the organization. JLL underscores its unwavering commitment to upholding high standards of professionalism and ethical conduct by providing training resources on ethics and compliance, and implementing disciplinary actions when necessary.

Employee Benefits and Compensation

JLL recognizes the importance of supporting employee well-being and satisfaction, offering a comprehensive benefits package that includes insurance, health and wellness benefits, financial and retirement benefits, and various perks. Employees at JLL can enjoy benefits such as a 401(k) with matching contributions, medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as paid holidays and personal time off.

Offering a comprehensive benefits package, JLL shows its dedication to employee well-being and cultivates a supportive work environment that allows employees to prosper and excel in their careers.

Personal Information Security at JLL

A computer with a lock icon on the screen, showing that personal information is secure

JLL takes its responsibility to protect employee personal information seriously, maintaining appropriate levels of security and safeguarding against unauthorized access or misuse. As a leading global provider, JLL is committed to keeping personal information secure in all locations where it operates.

Subsequent sections will detail JLL’s methods for collecting, protecting, and disclosing personal information, and the company’s efforts to maintain optimal data privacy and security.

Collecting and Using Personal Information

JLL’s policy on collecting personal information revolves around transparency and voluntary disclosure. They only collect personal information provided by employees voluntarily and are transparent about how they will utilize the collected personal information. Generally, the personal information JLL primarily collects and uses is for employment purposes and to fulfill their obligations under employment law, always prioritizing the protection of employee privacy.

The rationale for gathering employee personal information at JLL is to address employee inquiries and preferences, as well as to ensure the prudent processing and preservation of personal data. JLL builds trust and confidence among its employees through transparency and responsibility in the collection and use of personal information.

Lear Employee Handbook Example

In the Lear employee handbook example, employees gain valuable insights into the company’s policies and guidelines. This comprehensive document outlines the expectations and responsibilities of individuals within the organization. The Lear employee handbook example serves as a vital resource, offering a clear understanding of workplace conduct, benefits, and the overall corporate culture. By referring to this handbook, employees can navigate their professional journey with confidence, knowing they have access to important information that supports a positive and productive work environment.

Protecting Personal Information

To ensure the protection of employee personal information, JLL implements a range of security measures, including:

  • Maintaining an appropriate level of security
  • Requiring employees and service providers to maintain confidentiality
  • Employing technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized access or misuse

JLL’s commitment to data security is further evidenced by their ISO 27001 certification, which attests to their dedication to managing information security.

JLL also stresses the significance of cybersecurity in contemporary structures and intelligent building solutions, integrating advanced systems and technologies to protect personal information and ensure a secure work environment for all employees.

Legal Reasons for Disclosing Personal Information

In certain legal circumstances, JLL may be required to disclose employee personal information, such as when mandated by law or to fulfill regulatory requirements. JLL is committed to upholding all data privacy laws and executing data security measures to ensure compliance with data disclosure laws across different countries.

JLL’s dedication to transparency and accountability is evident in their handling of personal information disclosures. By adhering to all applicable laws and regulations, JLL protects not only its employees but also the reputation and integrity of the company.

Workplace Health, Safety, and Environment at JLL

A person wearing a hard hat and safety vest, showing that health and safety is a priority

At JLL, employee health, safety, and environmental responsibility are paramount. JLL is committed to:

  • Upholding a healthy, safe, and environmentally responsible workplace
  • Fostering safe and healthy workplaces for their employees and visitors
  • Having a global health and safety policy that focuses on creating sustainable spaces, buildings, and cities
  • Having a comprehensive sustainability program that centers on climate action for sustainable real estate.

The following sections will detail JLL’s health and safety policies and environmental initiatives, which reflect the company’s commitment to creating improved workplaces and a better world.

Health and Safety Policies

JLL’s comprehensive Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) policy establishes a framework for reviewing HSE objectives and targets, preventing injury, illness, and pollution, and complying with regulatory requirements. JLL also collaborates with SGS, a leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company, to enhance their health and safety offerings and provide re-entry plans for office spaces that prioritize the safe and healthy return of employees.

The role of management in implementing health and safety policies at JLL entails:

  • Establishing a framework to review HSE objectives and targets
  • Thwarting injury and illness
  • Preserving documentation of the HSSE program
  • Executing HSE strategies and protocols for contractors and supply chain vendors

Through adherence to these policies and a focus on employee well-being, JLL cultivates a safe and nurturing work environment for everyone.

Environmental Responsibility

JLL’s dedication to environmental responsibility is evident in their commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2040 and eliminating carbon emissions across all areas of operations. JLL’s environmental policies focus on sustainability and minimizing the environmental impact of real estate. They shape the future of real estate by taking a responsible and sustainable approach that contributes to a better world.

JLL promotes environmental responsibility among its employees by establishing sustainable workplaces, aiding companies in achieving their climate goals, and setting science-based targets to reduce emissions. By implementing environmentally responsible initiatives and prioritizing sustainability, JLL paves the way towards a greener and more sustainable future in the real estate industry.

Employee Training and Development Opportunities

A person in a classroom, showing that employee training and development is available

JLL recognizes the importance of nurturing talent and providing opportunities for growth, offering a range of employee training and development programs. From internships and early career opportunities to skill and leadership development programs, JLL is committed to fostering a learning culture that empowers employees to reach their full potential.

The subsequent sections will detail the array of training and development opportunities JLL offers, with a focus on programs for skill and leadership development.

Skill Development

JLL provides a range of skill development programs, including:

  • Internships for early career opportunities
  • Initiatives to foster innovation and productivity
  • Measures to enhance the office experience for more involved and productive employees
  • Programs for veterans and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities

These programs ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive at JLL.

JLL supports continuous learning and training for its employees through the following initiatives:

  • Integrating technology into their strategy and delivery
  • Offering programs that enhance the work experience
  • Providing ongoing training
  • Prioritizing the mental and physical well-being of staff

Through these resources and growth opportunities, JLL empowers its employees and affiliates to excel in their roles and contribute to the company’s success.

Leadership Development

JLL’s Real Leadership program is designed to cultivate leaders at all levels within the organization. Built upon six leadership capabilities applicable to all employees, the program addresses distinct leadership challenges and is tailored to accelerate digital drive and fulfill the overall business needs of the organization. The six leadership capabilities are:

  1. Think Big
  2. Drive Change
  3. Build Relationships
  4. Deliver Results
  5. Lead with Integrity
  6. Inspire Others

Participation in JLL’s leadership development programs allows employees to enhance their leadership skills, contribute to the company’s growth, and foster a culture of innovation and excellence. These programs not only empower individuals to take charge of their careers but also strengthen the foundation of JLL’s success in the real estate industry.

Addressing Employee Concerns and Enquiries


Empowering employees to voice their concerns and seek assistance is a crucial aspect of maintaining a positive work environment. JLL has established procedures for dealing with concerns and seeking assistance, ensuring that employees feel heard and supported.

The following sections will detail JLL’s reporting procedures and the company’s dedication to maintaining confidentiality and protecting employees from retaliation.

Reporting Procedures

To report concerns or issues at JLL, employees can contact the JLL Global Ethics Helpline at 1-877-540-5066 or log into JLL also provides a reporting helpline and online platform, managed by an independent third party, which supports anonymous reporting and confidential case handling.

JLL encourages employees to report a wide range of issues or concerns, such as:

  • Ethics violations
  • Code of conduct violations
  • Whistleblower concerns
  • Non-retaliation concerns
  • Privacy-related concerns
  • Handling of personal information concerns

By cultivating an environment where employees can freely voice their concerns, JLL empowers its staff to ask questions and raise concerns without fear of negative repercussions or retaliation.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Employee Handbook Example

In this illustrative Goodyear Tire & Rubber employee handbook example, the company showcases its commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber employee handbook example provides valuable insights into the company’s policies, guidelines, and expectations for its workforce. Covering topics ranging from employee conduct to benefits and professional development, this handbook serves as a comprehensive resource for Goodyear employees. By exploring this exemplary guide, individuals gain a deeper understanding of the values and standards upheld by Goodyear Tire & Rubber, reinforcing the organization’s dedication to creating a supportive and thriving work environment.

Confidentiality and Protection from Retaliation

JLL is dedicated to preserving confidentiality and safeguarding employees from retaliation. Through the implementation of an independently managed reporting helpline and online platform, JLL enables anonymous reporting and confidential case handling. This ensures that employees can voice their concerns without fear of any form of negative treatment or retaliation.

JLL’s commitment to transparency and accountability is evident in their handling of personal information disclosures and their efforts to protect employees who speak up. By adhering to all applicable laws and regulations, JLL safeguards the well-being of its employees and upholds the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.


In conclusion, the Jones Lang LaSalle Employee Handbook serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to fostering a thriving and inclusive workplace that prioritizes employee well-being, growth, and satisfaction. By upholding the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and security, JLL creates a work environment that not only attracts top talent but also contributes to the success and sustainability of the company in the competitive world of real estate and investment management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dress code for JLL employees?

JLL employees are expected to dress in business casual to smart casual attire, such as polo or button down shirts paired with dress pants in black, blue, brown, grey, green, or khaki. Sweaters are also acceptable. Shoes should be closed-toed flats or heels.

Does JLL match 401k contributions?

Yes, JLL matches 401k contributions by allowing employees to contribute a percentage (1% or more) of their paycheck per payroll cycle.

How do I verify employment for JLL?

Verify JLL Employees by contacting The Work Number at 1-800-996-7566. Truework also provides an automated and streamlined process, with most employees verified within 24 hours. Get started today and make employee, employment and income verifications faster and easier.

Is Jones Lang LaSalle a big company?

Jones Lang LaSalle is a huge company, with almost 100,000 employees in 80 countries and reported revenue for 2020 of US$16.6 billion. Furthermore, it has a market capitalisation of US$8.4b. LaSalle Investment Management, an independent subsidiary, is one of the world’s largest and most diverse real estate investment management firms.

What are the core values outlined in the JLL Employee Handbook?

JLL’s Employee Handbook outlines core values of honesty, integrity, trust, fairness, and accountability, highlighting the importance of these values to their work environment.

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