Crafting Excellence: A Closer Look at the Huntington Ingalls Industries Employee Handbook Example

Seek an exemplary model of a comprehensive employee handbook? This dive into the Huntington Ingalls Industries employee handbook example offers direct, actionable insights into the fabric of HII’s operations—from ethics to employee well-being. Whether refining your own handbook or understanding HII’s approach, you’ll uncover the principles and policies at the heart of America’s military shipbuilding prowess.

Key Takeaways

  • Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) has a rich history in shipbuilding, with divisions specializing in different types of military vessels, and is heavily focused on legal compliance, ethics, and safety in their workforce approach.
  • The HII Employee Handbook is a comprehensive guide for employees that emphasizes the company’s commitments to health and safety, professional development opportunities, and an inclusive workplace culture.
  • Creating an effective employee handbook involves balancing legal requirements with company culture, keeping information up-to-date, and providing additional resources such as professional development and employee assistance programs.

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Huntington Ingalls Industries: An Overview

Huntington Ingalls Industries, a beacon in the shipbuilding industry, was born out of the merger of two longstanding shipyards on March 31, 2011. With roots dating back to 1886, HII has a rich history and a robust market position as a leading military shipbuilder. The primary customers of HII are the U.S. Navy and other branches of the military.

Therefore, the company must steer the course through both the literal high seas and the metaphorically turbulent waters of military standards and regulations, maintaining close contact with the relevant authorities.

Newport News Shipbuilding

One of the significant divisions of HII is Newport News Shipbuilding, established in 1886 by Collis P. Huntington, initially known as Chesapeake Dry Dock & Construction Company. This division, with a workforce of over 25,000 individuals, is an industry leader in the construction and maintenance of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines for the U.S. Navy.

Crafting Excellence: A Closer Look at the Huntington Ingalls Industries Employee Handbook Example

Ingalls Industries

Another integral division of HII is Ingalls Industries. Established in the same year as Newport News Shipbuilding, Ingalls Industries carries a significant and storied past. The division holds a unique position within HII, focusing on the design and construction of military surface ships, setting it apart from Newport News Shipbuilding’s emphasis on nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines.

Ingalls Industries specializes in constructing a variety of military surface vessels, including destroyers, amphibious assault ships, and Coast Guard cutters, enhancing maritime defense capabilities.

Key Components of the HII Employee Handbook

Diverse group of employees collaborating

Spanning roughly 31-40 pages, the HII Employee Handbook plays a key role in guiding its workforce. More than a mere outline of policies and procedures, it embodies the company’s core values and ethical standards, fostering an informed and cohesive workforce.

It serves as an exhaustive information repository, spelling out the company’s expectations, rights, and ethical expectations for each employee.

Legal Compliance and Ethics

The HII Employee Handbook places strong emphasis on legal compliance and ethics, a key aspect of its content. HII takes the ethical management of personal information seriously, collecting only the information that individuals provide and ensuring that personal information from children under the age of 16 is not knowingly collected.

The company also implements reasonable organizational, technical, and administrative measures to ensure an appropriate level of security for the personal information it collects, including the handling of any additional information.

Health and Safety Procedures

Health and Safety Procedures

As mirrored in their employee handbook, HII regards health and safety with utmost importance. The company outlines health and safety improvement initiatives aimed at enhancing Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) performance through process improvement initiatives.

Moreover, HII offers an apprenticeship program that encompasses tuition-free training across diverse disciplines, integrating on-the-job training with relevant classroom instruction.

Molson Coors Beverage Employee Handbook Example

In the Molson Coors Beverage employee handbook example, a comprehensive guide is provided to orient employees with the company’s policies and expectations. This handbook exemplifies Molson Coors’ commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment. It covers essential topics such as workplace conduct, benefits, and professional development opportunities. Employees can refer to this handbook as a valuable resource, ensuring they have a clear understanding of the company’s values and guidelines. The Molson Coors Beverage employee handbook sets the tone for a collaborative and thriving workplace, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and individual growth.

Workplace Culture and Inclusivity

Workplace Culture and Inclusivity


The company’s handbook extends beyond legal compliance and safety measures, fostering an inclusive culture. The company highlights the significance of embracing diversity in all its manifestations to cultivate a high-performing and highly engaged workforce.

Employee Resource Groups are provided that align with the company’s values and contribute to the promotion of diversity and inclusion.

Additional Resources for HII Employees

In addition to the standard policies and procedures, HII equips its employees with further resources, such as life insurance. These resources, which include an Employee Assistance Program and a comprehensive benefits package, are reflective of the company’s commitment to employee wellness and work-life balance.

Professional Development Opportunities

HII demonstrates its commitment to the professional growth of its employees by providing a comprehensive apprenticeship program. This program delivers tuition-free training in a variety of skills and trades pertinent to shipbuilding operations, supplemented by other tailor-made training initiatives. The company also provides continuing career growth support, scholarships for employees’ children, opportunities for networking, and a strong commitment to workforce development, education, and training initiatives.

Employee Assistance Programs

Alongside professional development opportunities, HII also presents comprehensive Employee Assistance Programs. These programs are specifically tailored to offer support and resources to employees dealing with various challenges, including:

  • Mental health issues
  • Stress management
  • Work-life balance
  • Financial concerns
  • Substance abuse
  • Relationship problems

For example, the Employee Assistance Program encompasses assistance for individuals encountering personal challenges, including financial hardships, and provides diagnostic and motivational counseling for a wide array of personal matters.

Crafting Your Own Employee Handbook: Lessons from HII

Developing an employee handbook is not a universal approach. Each company has its unique culture, legal considerations, and employee needs to consider. However, lessons can be learned from companies like HII, who have successfully created an employee handbook that balances legal requirements with company culture and ensures that information is up-to-date and relevant.

Balancing Legal Requirements and Company Culture

One of the significant challenges when creating an employee handbook is harmonizing legal requirements with company culture. For HII, this balance is achieved by integrating their Code of Ethics, which outlines day-to-day work guidelines and codifies the core values underpinning their ethics and compliance initiatives.

Companies can take inspiration from this approach, ensuring that their handbook not only complies with legal obligations but also reflects their unique company culture.

Keeping Information Up-to-Date

Maintaining the relevancy of the employee handbook is vital for its efficacy. HII ensures the currency and relevance of its employee handbook by periodically releasing updated editions and providing access to them on their website.

Companies should consider conducting an annual review and update of their handbook to guarantee precision and adherence to evolving employment laws and regulations.

NVR Employee Handbook Example

In this illustrative NVR employee handbook example, we delve into the comprehensive set of guidelines and policies designed to govern the conduct and responsibilities of employees within the organization. The NVR employee handbook exemplifies a commitment to fostering a positive work environment, emphasizing core values, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. From outlining expectations for professional behavior to detailing leave policies and communication protocols, this handbook serves as a valuable resource for both new hires and existing staff. NVR’s dedication to providing a clear and transparent framework through this handbook exemplifies their commitment to fostering a culture of excellence and accountability.


In conclusion, a well-crafted employee handbook is an essential tool that companies can leverage to guide employee conduct, promote a cohesive work environment, and foster professional growth. HII’s approach to their employee handbook provides valuable lessons for other companies, from balancing legal requirements with company culture to keeping information up-to-date.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Huntington Ingalls policy?

The Huntington Ingalls policy is to strictly prohibit discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying, and other forms of harassment based on various grounds such as race, color, religion, gender, and more. This policy reflects a commitment to creating a safe and inclusive work environment for all employees.

What is the PTO policy for Ingalls shipbuilding?

Ingalls shipbuilding’s PTO policy is determined by the company’s accrual schedule and years of service, with a cap of 2.0 times annual accrual.

What kind of company is Huntington Ingalls Industries?

Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc (HII) is a provider of engineering and defense technologies, specializing in designing, building, and maintaining nuclear and non-nuclear ships for the US Navy and Coast Guard.

What makes HII’s approach to their employee handbook unique?

HII’s approach to their employee handbook is unique because it integrates legal requirements with company culture, and keeps information up-to-date and relevant. This ensures a comprehensive and balanced approach.

How does HII promote a culture of inclusivity?

HII promotes a culture of inclusivity by providing Employee Resource Groups and fostering a work environment that respects diverse perspectives and experiences. This is essential for creating a strong and inclusive workplace.

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