Discover the Delek US Holdings Employee Handbook Example: Your Ultimate Guide to Company Policies and Procedures

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work for a leading energy company like Delek US Holdings? Understanding the company’s employee handbook can provide valuable insights into its culture, policies, and benefits. In this blog post, we’ll explore the Delek US Holdings Employee Handbook Example, giving you an insider’s perspective on company policies and procedures.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the Delek US Holdings Employee Handbook for an overview of company policies and procedures
  • Key components include Code of Conduct & Ethics, Employment Policies, Compensation & Benefits. Stock options/RSUs and performance-based bonuses also offered
  • Termination grounds outlined along with severance pay & benefits to ensure employee protection

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Understanding Delek US Holdings: A Company Overview

Established in 2001, Delek US Holdings is a diversified downstream energy company with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company operates four U.S. refineries and is involved in:

  • petroleum refining
  • logistics
  • convenience stores
  • asphalt
  • renewable fuels

Under the leadership of Avigal Soreq, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Ezra Uzi Yemin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Delek US Holdings continues to grow and excel in the energy industry.

Delek US Holdings is a publicly traded company, listed on a national securities exchange. The company is committed to operating in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, ensuring the highest ethical standards in all aspects of its business. With a strong focus on employee satisfaction and engagement, the Delek US Holdings Employee Handbook plays a crucial role in guiding the company’s workforce.

Discover the Delek US Holdings Employee Handbook Example: Your Ultimate Guide to Company Policies and Procedures

Key Components of the Employee Handbook

The Delek US Holdings Employee Handbook consists of essential elements that shape the company’s culture and expectations. Among these components are the Code of Conduct and Ethics, Employment Policies, and Compensation and Benefits.

We will examine each of these components and their contribution to a supportive and productive work environment, considering such term as a key factor in our analysis.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Delek US Holdings’ commitment to ethical behavior is exemplified in its Code of Conduct and Ethics. This code outlines the ethical standards, rules of behavior, and values that all employees, including officers and directors, must abide by. The company has systems in place to address breaches of the code, such as adhering to applicable laws and regulations, and encouraging immediate internal reporting of breaches. By fostering a culture of ethical conduct, Delek US Holdings maintains a positive work environment for employees and upholds its reputation in the industry.

The alignment of the Code of Conduct and Ethics with industry standards ensures that Delek US Holdings remains a responsible corporate citizen. The code applies not only to the parent company but also to its subsidiary entities. This comprehensive approach to ethical conduct reflects the company’s dedication to promoting a culture of integrity and accountability, both internally and externally.

Employment Policies

Delek US Holdings has a range of employment policies that cover various aspects of the employee experience. Among these policies are those focused on equal opportunity and workplace safety. The company is committed to providing a fair and inclusive work environment, addressing any instances where the company materially breaches this policy.

Delek US Holdings prioritizes workplace safety through the following measures:

  • Thorough maintenance
  • Safe work practices
  • Employee training
  • Incident investigations

These measures are implemented to ensure the safety of employees, customers, contractors, and the public.

The company also offers:

  • Training and development opportunities for its similarly situated employees
  • Internships that provide practical business skills and specialized job training
  • Employee programs and benefits that promote a healthy work-life balance and offer competitive packages compared to industry peers.

These policies demonstrate Delek US Holdings’ commitment to fostering a supportive and growth-oriented work environment for all employees.

Compensation and Benefits

Delek US Holdings offers a variety of compensation packages, including:

  • Salary
  • Bonuses
  • Stock options
  • Stock awards
  • Restricted stock units (RSUs)

The company also provides competitive health, dental, and vision insurance plans to its employees, ensuring they have access to quality healthcare benefits. In addition, Delek US Holdings offers retirement benefits, further enhancing the overall compensation package for employees.

When compared to other companies in the industry, Delek US Holdings’ compensation and benefits package is considered competitive. The average employee at the company earns an annual salary of $75,084, which is deemed competitive for the industry and location. Moreover, the company provides a range of competitive offerings in their benefits package and employee programs, ensuring a rewarding work experience for employees.

Financial Health and Employee Incentives

A group of employees discussing the financial health of Delek US Holdings Inc.

Delek US Holdings’ financial stability significantly influences its ability to provide employee incentives like stock options and performance-based bonuses. We will examine these financial incentives next, providing a clearer understanding of the company’s reward and motivation strategies for its workforce.

Stock Options and Restricted Stock Units

Equity-based incentives, such as stock options and restricted stock units (RSUs), are an important part of Delek US Holdings’ employee compensation package. Stock options grant employees the right to purchase a certain number of company shares at a predetermined price, known as the strike price. Upon vesting, employees can exercise their options and potentially profit if the stock price increases. Restricted stock units, on the other hand, represent a promise to deliver company stock to the employee at a future date, typically upon the satisfaction of certain vesting conditions.

The process for exercising stock options and receiving RSUs at Delek US Holdings follows industry norms. Employees must meet specific vesting requirements before they can exercise their stock options or receive their RSUs. By offering equity-based incentives, Delek US Holdings aligns employee interests with the company’s long-term success, fostering a culture of shared ownership and commitment to growth.

Performance-Based Bonuses

In addition to stock options and RSUs, Delek US Holdings offers performance-based bonuses as part of its employee incentives. These bonuses are awarded based on the attainment of performance measures and objectives set by the Board. Performance-based bonuses may be linked to distinct objectives and are typically vested at the conclusion of a three-calendar year performance period.

Allocated annually, annual bonuses provide employees with a tangible reward for their hard work and dedication to the company’s success. By tying financial incentives to performance, Delek US Holdings motivates employees to excel in their roles and contribute to the company’s growth and profitability.

Time Off and Leave Policies

A group of employees discussing the Paid Time Off (PTO) policy of Delek US Holdings Inc.

Achieving a work-life balance is key for employee satisfaction and productivity. We will examine Delek US Holdings’ time off and leave policies, including paid time off (PTO) and family and medical leave, which aid employees in maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

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Paid Time Off (PTO)

Delek US Holdings’ Paid Time Off (PTO) policy provides employees with paid time off for vacations, personal days, and sick leave. The exact amount of PTO offered depends on factors such as duration of employment, with employees typically receiving 20-30 days per year. Delek US Holdings’ PTO policy is considered competitive when compared to industry standards, with employees granted 2 weeks of vacation time that can rise to 4 weeks after 10 years of service.

By offering a competitive PTO policy, Delek US Holdings ensures that employees have the opportunity to rest, recharge, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. This not only contributes to employee satisfaction but also supports overall productivity and performance within the company.

Family and Medical Leave

Delek US Holdings offers family and medical leave to eligible employees, adhering to the provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). This policy allows employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for the birth and care of a new child, including natural, adopted, or foster children.

While specific details regarding the company’s Family and Medical Leave Policy are not publicly available, it is clear that Delek US Holdings supports its employees during significant life events and transitions. By offering family and medical leave, the company demonstrates its commitment to employee well-being and work-life balance.

Employee Rights and Protections

A group of employees discussing the anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies of Delek US Holdings Inc.

Delek US Holdings pledges to uphold the rights and protections of its employees. Next, we will examine the company’s anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies, along with the whistleblower protections, all designed to foster a safe and respectful work environment.

Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policies

Delek US Holdings is dedicated to providing a workplace free from discrimination and harassment, strictly prohibiting any form of discrimination or harassment based on any legally-recognized basis. The company has implemented specific policies on human rights and sexual harassment to address these issues, ensuring that all employees are treated fairly and with respect.

By taking a proactive approach to preventing and addressing discrimination and harassment, Delek US Holdings fosters a positive and inclusive work environment. Employees are encouraged to report any incidents of discrimination or harassment, with the company committed to addressing any concerns and taking appropriate action when necessary.

Whistleblower Protections

At Delek US Holdings, the importance of ethical conduct extends beyond the company’s Code of Conduct and Ethics. Whistleblower protections are in place to encourage employees to report unethical or illegal activities, including any crime involving moral turpitude or willful misconduct involving, within the company without fear of retaliation. These protections include provisions under Section 21F of the Securities Exchange Act, other provision, and rules issued by the company, in accordance with applicable law, ensuring that such person reporting the misconduct is protected.

Delek US Holdings has established multiple avenues for employees to report concerns, including:

  • contacting management
  • Human Resources
  • Internal Audit
  • the Legal Department
  • the Compliance and Ethics Hotline

By offering a supportive and transparent reporting process, Delek US Holdings demonstrates its commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards and fostering a culture of accountability.

Termination and Severance Policies

Employee termination and severance policies form a significant part of any company’s human resources strategy. We will examine the policies related to such termination and severance at Delek US Holdings, providing a clearer perspective on the company’s approach to these matters.

Grounds for Termination

An image of the Delek US Holdings Employee Handbook Example page related to Grounds for Termination

Employees at Delek US Holdings may be terminated for various reasons, such as poor performance, violation of company policies, insubordination, or gross negligence. The company’s termination policy ensures that employees are held accountable for their actions and are aware of the consequences of not adhering to company policies and expectations.

In addition to these grounds for termination, Delek US Holdings also enforces its confidentiality obligations and prohibits discrimination or harassment in the workplace. By upholding these standards, the company maintains a professional and respectful work environment for all employees, including other similarly situated employees, and reserves the right to take action at its sole discretion.

Severance Pay and Benefits

Although specific details regarding Delek US Holdings’ severance pay policy are not publicly disclosed, it is known that the company provides benefits following termination. These benefits include:

  • PTO
  • Paid holidays
  • Parental leave policy
  • Dependent care flexible spending account
  • Employee assistance programs

Severance pay and benefits are often determined by factors such as an employee’s salary and tenure with the company. By offering severance pay and benefits, Delek US Holdings demonstrates its commitment to supporting employees during times of transition and ensuring their well-being.

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Throughout this blog post, we’ve explored the various aspects of the Delek US Holdings Employee Handbook, providing valuable insights into the company’s policies, procedures, and culture. From the Code of Conduct and Ethics to the comprehensive compensation and benefits package, Delek US Holdings demonstrates its commitment to creating a supportive and growth-oriented work environment for its employees.

Now that you have a better understanding of Delek US Holdings’ employee handbook, you can appreciate the company’s dedication to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment. By prioritizing employee well-being, offering competitive compensation and benefits, and upholding the highest ethical standards, Delek US Holdings ensures the success and satisfaction of its workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Delek us a good company to work for?

Based on employee reviews, Delek US appears to be a decent place to work, with an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

How many employees does Delek US Holdings have?

Delek US Holdings, headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee, employs more than 3,500 people across nine states.

What makes a good code of conduct?

A good code of conduct should clearly articulate an organization’s mission, values and principles and link them to standards of professional conduct. It should also be tailored to the company’s profile and cover risks, while remaining familiar to all employees. Additionally, it should provide more detailed guidance for decision makers implementing the social compliance system.

What are the primary operations of Delek US Holdings?

Delek US Holdings primarily engages in petroleum refining, logistics, convenience stores, and asphalt. They also have investments in renewable fuels and operate within the confines of the law.

What types of compensation are provided by Delek US Holdings?

Delek US Holdings provides comprehensive compensation including salary, bonuses, stock options, stock awards and RSUs.

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