Inside Look: A Comprehensive apollo global management employee handbook example

Dive into Apollo Global Management’s ethos with an authentic look at their Apollo Global Management Employee Handbook Example. Learn about the policies that govern their team’s conduct, opportunities for growth, and work-life balance initiatives directly from this detailed exploration. If you’re plotting the expectations and cultural contours of Apollo’s professional landscape, start with the Apollo Global Management Employee Handbook Example.

Key Takeaways

  • Apollo Global Management’s Employee Handbook encompasses a comprehensive code of conduct, ethics, employment policies, and compensation guidelines, ensuring legal compliance, equity, and a robust ethical framework for all employees.
  • The company prioritizes employees’ health, safety and wellness through initiatives such as the EHS Policy, training on workplace safety, and wellness programs to support both physical and mental well-being.
  • Professional development and work-life balance are fundamental to Apollo’s culture, offering continuous learning opportunities, performance review processes, flexible work arrangements, leave, and time off policies to support their employees’ growth and personal needs.

Fortune 500 Companies Employee Handbook

Welcome to the comprehensive guide that defines the principles and guidelines outlined in the Fortune 500 Companies Employee Handbook. This handbook serves as a vital resource for all employees within our esteemed Fortune 500 organization, offering a detailed overview of the expectations, policies, and values that shape our workplace culture. As you embark on your journey with us, familiarize yourself with this handbook to ensure a smooth integration into our dynamic and innovative work environment. From professional conduct to performance standards, this handbook provides essential insights to support your success and contribute to the continued prosperity of our esteemed organization.

Understanding Apollo Global Management’s Employee Handbook

The Apollo Global Management Employee Handbook reflects the company’s commitment to fostering a workplace where each individual can thrive. This essential guide outlines the company’s policies, detailing everything from conduct and ethics to employment policies and procedures, and even the compensation and benefits packages that employees can expect.

This all-encompassing guide forms the foundation of the company’s operations, clarifying both what is expected from employees and what they can anticipate in return. But what exactly does this handbook entail? Let’s explore.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

A robust Code of Conduct and Ethics resides at the core of Apollo Global Management’s operations. This code underscores the legal and ethical obligations inherent in the alternative asset management business, providing guidance for:

  • officers
  • directors
  • partners
  • employees
  • members
  • owners
  • principals

The limited liability company ensures compliance with this code by implementing a series of steps, including monitoring, auditing, and detecting any illegal activity in alternative asset investment vehicles, such as special purpose acquisition companies and such investment vehicles.

These stringent ethical guidelines extend to financial transactions as well, ensuring that all financial dealings in investment vehicles uphold the highest ethical standards. Fundamentally, the code mirrors the company’s pledge to operate with honesty and utmost integrity, laying a solid groundwork for the company’s policies.

Inside Look: A Comprehensive apollo global management employee handbook example

Employment Policies and Procedures

Apollo Global Management designs its Employment Policies and Procedures to guarantee equity in all employment spheres, spanning from recruitment to promotions and terminations. The company’s recruitment process, for instance, is highly regarded for its seamless nature, characterized by consistent updates and efficient communication from the Human Resources team.

Promotions, on the other hand, are administered in accordance with the company’s equal employment opportunity policy, which aims to uphold fairness in the progression of employees across all aspects of employment, to the extent permitted. Moreover, upon such termination, employees are required to follow the guidelines outlined in their employment agreement, specifically the Employment, Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Agreement.

The company also has a formal grievance mechanism in place, which includes a whistleblowing policy to address reported violations of law or company policies by such person; such provision ensures a fair and transparent process.

Compensation and Benefits

Illustration of a diverse group of professionals discussing compensation and benefits, as offered by Apollo Global Management.


Apollo Global Management’s dedication to its employees transcends the workplace boundaries, encompassing their financial well-being through a comprehensive compensation and benefits package. The company provides two primary types of equity compensation: non-qualified stock options (NSOs) and incentive stock options (ISOs). These offer the potential for significant value appreciation, providing employees with the opportunity to share in the company’s success.

In addition to stock options, the company also offers restricted stock units (RSUs), which are granted to employees and vest gradually, resulting in full ownership after the vesting period. All these equity compensations are subject to a vesting period before options can be exercised. These provisions underscore Apollo Global Management’s commitment to rewarding their employees fairly and incentivizing their contribution to the company’s success.

Health and Safety Guidelines

Apollo Global Management’s pledge to its employees prominently features its devotion to health and safety. The company’s Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy demonstrates this dedication, prioritizing a secure and healthy work environment until the employment termination date and beyond. This policy acknowledges the significance of a safe and healthy working environment for employees, even in the event of workplace accidents.

To further support employees’ health and wellness, the company provides a range of initiatives, including discounted gym memberships, access to fitness studios, and healthy meal options. These provisions go a long way in ensuring that employees can maintain their physical and mental well-being while they work.

Workplace Safety Measures

Workplace safety holds paramount importance at Apollo Global Management. The company is dedicated to creating a secure and healthy work environment, and advocates for a workplace that is devoid of violence, threats, and harassment, in compliance with applicable law.

To ensure that employees are well-informed about workplace safety, the company offers comprehensive training and information sessions through the Apollo Global Academy. These sessions aim to educate learners and staff on workplace safety and health hazards.

Furthermore, in the event of a workplace accident, the company implements first aid procedures, requires the reporting of all injuries, and mandates that employees document their injuries.

United Rentals Employee Handbook Example

In this illustrative United Rentals employee handbook example, the organization outlines its commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment. The United Rentals employee handbook exemplifies the company’s dedication to providing clear guidelines on workplace policies, professional conduct, and employee benefits. Through this comprehensive document, employees gain insights into the values that define the company culture, ensuring a cohesive and collaborative workplace. The United Rentals employee handbook serves as a valuable resource, offering valuable information on various topics, such as safety protocols, communication channels, and career development opportunities. By adhering to the guidelines outlined in this exemplary handbook, employees contribute to the overall success and thriving community at United Rentals.

Wellness Programs

Beyond safety measures, Apollo Global Management places high importance on employee wellness. The company provides a comprehensive corporate wellness program designed to improve wellness and productivity. This program contributes to physical health by providing programming that encourages mental and physical wellness, offering discounted rates at gyms or fitness studios, and providing healthy meal options.

Mental well-being is also a focus point, with the company offering mental and emotional wellness programs as part of their comprehensive employee benefits. These wellness programs provide a range of advantages including:

  • Reduced rates at fitness centers
  • Complimentary healthy meal choices
  • A thorough benefits package encompassing medical, dental, vision coverage, disability and life insurance, mental and emotional wellness programs, commuter benefits, and financial wellness options.

Professional Development Opportunities

Apollo Global Management is committed to nurturing the continuing progress of their employees and fostering their development throughout their professional journeys in the alternative asset management realm. The company provides a range of training programs that offer immersive learning experiences within small, dynamic teams, as well as access to apprenticeship learning in alternative investments.

The company also implements some form of performance evaluation, reflected in an average employee rating of 3.9 out of 5. Furthermore, Apollo utilizes annual employee pulse surveys to collect input on staff morale, organizational culture, and the efficacy of company policies. These initiatives highlight the company’s commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and development, and ensuring that employees are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in their roles.

Training and Education

Training and Education

Training and education form an essential part of professional development for employees at Apollo Global Management. The company provides full immersion programs into small, dynamic teams, offering access to apprenticeship learning, all in compliance with applicable law. These programs have been strategically developed to cultivate a holistic learning atmosphere, fostering employee growth and the acquisition of valuable skills.

Participation in these training and education programs can significantly impact career growth, fostering:

  • Continual learning
  • Contrarian thinking
  • Rigorous debate
  • Access to apprenticeship learning

All of these are pivotal for career growth. The use of platforms such as the Apollo Academy and Totara Learn further enhances the delivery of these programs, catering to alternative investments.

Performance Review Process

The performance review process plays an integral role in the professional development journey at Apollo Global Management. The company establishes performance objectives for its employees by utilizing key performance indicators and specific goals tied to their investments.

The company assesses employee performance using an overall performance rating, which encompasses categories such as:

  • Outstanding
  • Exceeds Expectations
  • Meets Expectations
  • Meets Some But Not All Expectations

Feedback is collected through annual sustainability and ESG reports, outlining their performance and reward processes for all employees.

This comprehensive evaluation process ensures that employees receive the recognition they deserve and are provided with the necessary feedback to continue their professional growth.

Work-Life Balance at Apollo Global Management

Apollo Global Management acknowledges the significance of work-life balance in contributing to employee well-being. The company offers various flexible work arrangements, including:

  • A hybrid work model
  • Remote work options for the entire month of August for juniors
  • The ability to work remotely for two days per week
  • The flexibility to work from home as needed.

Additionally, the company prioritizes the well-being of its employees by supporting their efforts to balance work and family commitments. Some ways in which the company promotes work-life balance include:

  • Offering flexible work hours, with around 50% of employees having the flexibility to work for eight hours or less
  • Providing options for remote work or telecommuting
  • Encouraging employees to take regular breaks and vacations to recharge and rejuvenate

These initiatives demonstrate the company’s dedication to maintaining a healthy equilibrium between work responsibilities and personal time, ensuring that employees can manage such event effectively.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexible Work Arrangements

As flexible work arrangements gain prominence in modern work cultures, Apollo Global Management also embraces this trend. The company offers a hybrid work model that offers continuous flexibility, allowing employees to effectively work from home and providing the option to work from any location for one month, along with the opportunity for remote work for two days per week.

This flexibility in working hours allows employees to strike a balance between their work and personal life, offering the capability to work remotely for a specified number of days per week, even in personal emergencies. These flexible work arrangements not only contribute to employee satisfaction but also to increased productivity, demonstrating the company’s understanding of the evolving needs of the modern workforce.

Leave and Time Off

Recognizing the significance of time off for its employees, Apollo Global Management manifests this understanding through its generous leave and time off policies. The company provides its employees with:

15-20 days of paid time off annually

Paid parental leave

Phase back and leave coaching

Fertility and adoption assistance

The company also provides 3 weeks of vacation for the initial 5 years of employment, ensuring employees have ample opportunity to rest and rejuvenate. Sick leave is also provided as part of its benefits package, ensuring employees can take the time they need to recover without worrying about their income.

Equity and Inclusion Framework

With equity and inclusion as its core values, Apollo Global Management’s Equity and Inclusion Framework stands as a testament to this dedication. This framework is designed to cultivate a contemporary, diverse, and inclusive workplace that fosters a sense of belonging and active participation.

The company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion extends to its leadership positions as well, with a dedication to promoting opportunity, fostering an inclusive environment, and actively pursuing diverse perspectives within their leadership positions.

This commitment is also reflected in the company’s diversity initiatives and inclusion practices, which we will discuss in the following subsections.

Diversity Initiatives

Apollo Global Management’s commitment to diversity is evident in its strategic initiatives. The company has established a Supplier Diversity program to increase procurement from diverse businesses and is dedicated to cultivating a diverse and inclusive work environment within the organization.

These diversity initiatives have resulted in the company’s private equity funds’ portfolio companies exceeding the $1 billion target in diverse spend by 2024, and the company has now established a new goal to reach $2 billion in diverse spending by the conclusion of 2025. These initiatives underscore the company’s commitment to diversity and its belief in the value that a diverse workforce brings to the organization.

Inclusion Practices

Inclusion is just as important as diversity at Apollo Global Management, and the company’s inclusion practices reflect this. The company fosters inclusivity in the workplace through strategic initiatives aimed at cultivating a contemporary, diverse, and inclusive work environment that encourages a sense of belonging and active participation.

Apollo Global Management incorporates diverse voices into its decision-making processes by implementing a transparent governance structure, redefining purpose and values, and expanding opportunities for diverse individuals. This commitment to inclusion ensures that all Apollo Global Management employees feel valued and heard, fostering a culture of respect and collaboration.

Legal Compliance and Employee Rights

Apollo Global Management places utmost importance on legal compliance and employee rights. The company is dedicated to fostering a work environment that upholds the human rights of each employee and guarantees equal employment opportunities, irrespective of:

  • race
  • color
  • religion
  • sex
  • sexual orientation
  • other protected characteristics.

To ensure legal compliance with employment laws, the company follows a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which outlines principles for officers and directors to uphold the highest standards of legal and ethical behavior, including the laws principles thereof. Furthermore, the company has established policies to comply with all relevant laws and regulations, including:

  • Anti-discrimination and harassment policies
  • Health and safety policies
  • Privacy and data protection policies
  • Intellectual property policies

The company also encourages employees to engage in political causes in accordance with applicable laws.

Understanding Your Rights

Apollo Global Management values its employees and respects their rights. The company has been acknowledged for its commitment to LGBTQ+ equality and has put in place an LGBTQ+ Supplier Non-Discrimination policy to foster a workplace that is fair and inclusive.

Additionally, the company ensures a workplace free from all types of unlawful harassment and discrimination by fostering a safe, secure, and healthy working environment and upholding the highest levels of legal and ethical conduct. The company also has a strict policy against any form of retaliation against employees who report actual or suspected violations or seek help in good faith.

Reporting and Compliance

With strict protocols for reporting and compliance, Apollo Global Management ensures its operations are transparent and ethical. The company ensures compliance with company policies by:

  • Establishing minimum expectations in their Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
  • Adhering strictly to applicable laws
  • Maintaining a zero tolerance policy for bribery.

Employees are encouraged to report misconduct or other concerns, and the company is committed to thoroughly investigating all reports of misconduct. To educate employees about their reporting and compliance responsibilities, the company provides governance from the Board of Directors and leadership team, clear communication of compliance guidance, and education and training programs.

DaVita Employee Handbook Example

In the DaVita employee handbook example, the comprehensive guidelines and policies reflect the company’s commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment. The DaVita employee handbook exemplifies best practices in HR management, providing clear and transparent information for employees. This handbook serves as a valuable resource, addressing various aspects of workplace conduct, benefits, and professional development opportunities. With a focus on clarity and accessibility, the DaVita employee handbook example stands as a model for creating an effective and informative guide for employees. Employees can easily navigate through the document, finding pertinent information to guide them in their day-to-day responsibilities and ensuring a harmonious workplace culture.


In conclusion, Apollo Global Management’s comprehensive Employee Handbook serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to its employees. The handbook encapsulates the company’s dedication to ethics, fairness, employee growth, work-life balance, diversity, inclusion, and legal compliance.

This commitment is evident in every aspect of the company’s operations, from its robust Code of Conduct and Ethics to its generous compensation and benefits packages, comprehensive training and development programs, flexible work arrangements, and strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion. It’s clear that at Apollo Global Management, employees aren’t just a part of the company – they are the heart of the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to get a job at Apollo Global Management?

Getting a job at Apollo Global Management may be challenging as the interview process is reported to be difficult, with an average difficulty score of 3.1 out of 5. Good luck with your application!

Is Apollo Global Management a good company to work for?

Apollo Global Management is a highly rated company to work for, with 68% of employees recommending it to a friend and 71% having a positive outlook on the business. Over 280 reviews from employees show an overall rating of 3.9 out of 5.

What is the wage at Apollo?

The average wage at Apollo Retail in the United States is $35,290 per year, with a range from $20,000 to $61,000. This data is from the current year and may vary by position.

What does Apollo Global Management’s Employee Handbook cover?

The Apollo Global Management’s Employee Handbook covers the company’s Code of Conduct and Ethics, employment policies and procedures, and compensation and benefits packages.

What are the company’s initiatives for promoting health and safety?

Apollo Global Management prioritizes workplace safety and supports employees’ health and wellness through initiatives like discounted gym memberships, fitness studio access, and healthy meal options. These initiatives aim to promote a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.

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