Unlocking the Best Amgen Employee Handbook Example for Success

Did you know that Amgen, one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies, offers an extensive employee handbook packed with exceptional benefits and growth opportunities? In this blog post, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of the Amgen Employee Handbook Example, covering everything from their retirement and savings plan to fostering professional development and ethical conduct. Get ready to unlock the secrets behind Amgen’s success!

Key Takeaways

  • Amgen’s Retirement and Savings Plan provides comprehensive benefits for employees.
  • Employees gain access to financial security measures, health and wellness programs, flexible work arrangements, paid time off policies and professional growth opportunities.
  • Amgen is committed to ethical behavior with a code of conduct & whistleblower protection policies in place.

Employee Handbook Examples

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Understanding Amgen’s Retirement and Savings Plan

One of the pillars of Amgen’s employee benefits is their comprehensive retirement and savings plan. This plan is designed to help staff members secure their financial future while working at the cutting-edge of biotechnology. The plan includes a profit-sharing component, customizable investment portfolios, and a company match for employees’ contributions.

Unlocking the Best Amgen Employee Handbook Example for Success

Company Policies and Applicable Law

Amgen’s retirement and savings plan is compliant with several federal laws, including:

  • Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)
  • Securities and Exchange Commission rules and regulations
  • Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) rules and regulations

The company’s policies also feature non-elective contributions for all eligible participants, according to IRS and plan limitations.

Key Features of the Plan

Amgen retirement and savings plan offers employees the opportunity to invest in seven distinct asset classes, including:

  • Company stock
  • Bonds
  • Large-cap stocks
  • Small-cap stocks
  • International stocks
  • Real estate
  • Cash

This flexibility empowers employees to tailor their investment strategy to best suit their individual financial goals and interest.

Amgen also matches 100% of the first 5% of eligible compensation contributed by the participant, providing a significant enhancement to their savings.

Employee Benefits at Amgen

A group of people discussing their employee benefits at Amgen

Beyond the retirement and savings plan, Amgen employees enjoy a comprehensive benefits package, encompassing health and wellness programs, financial security measures, and professional growth opportunities.

The subsequent sections will cover these benefits in more detail, illustrating how Amgen aids its employees in achieving both personal and professional success.

Health and Wellness Programs

Amgen takes the health and well-being of its employees seriously, offering two PPO healthcare coverage options: the Traditional PPO and the Value PPO with a Health Savings Account (HSA). These options ensure that employees can select the medical coverage that best suits their needs and financial circumstances.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Amgen pivoted to virtual wellness initiatives, such as five-minute fitness challenges, stretch breaks, and kid yoga classes. These programs saw a notable increase in utilization compared to pre-pandemic in-person classes, demonstrating the company’s commitment to keeping employees engaged and healthy in challenging times.

Amgen’s health and wellness programs also meet industry standards. Their ongoing investment in employee well-being demonstrates the company’s commitment to nurturing a healthy and thriving workforce.

Financial Security and Growth Opportunities

Amgen’s Total Rewards package offers employees:

  • Competitive base pay
  • Bonus opportunities
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Disability coverage
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Health savings account option

These benefits, provided by employers, help bolster employees’ financial security.

Aside from comprehensive insurance offerings, Amgen provides tuition reimbursement for employees seeking further education. This financial aid allows staff members to expand their skills and knowledge, opening doors for career progression within the company.

Amgen’s commitment to employee growth extends beyond financial benefits. Employees can take advantage of various development programs, internships, and ongoing professional development opportunities. These initiatives empower employees to take charge of their career trajectories and grow within the company.

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Encouraging a Positive Work-Life Balance

A woman working from home

Amgen recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, offering flexible work arrangements and generous paid time off policies. By supporting employees in effectively managing their personal and professional obligations, Amgen fosters a positive work environment that benefits both the individual and the company.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Amgen provides employees with a variety of flexible work options, including:

  • Part-time work
  • Flex-time
  • Compressed work weeks
  • Telecommuting

These short term arrangements enable staff members to work when and where they are most productive, leading to higher job satisfaction and reduced stress levels.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Amgen demonstrated its adaptability by pivoting to a virtual-first approach to work. This remote work policy allowed employees to continue working safely while maintaining their productivity and work-life balance.

Amgen’s flexible work arrangements include:

  • Remote work options
  • Flexible hours
  • Part-time schedules
  • Job sharing

These arrangements are on par with other biopharmaceutical companies, ensuring employees have the support and resources necessary to excel in their roles. By offering such options, Amgen invests in the well-being of its workforce, ultimately leading to a more engaged and effective team.

Paid Time Off and Leave Policies

Amgen’s paid time off (PTO) policy includes three weeks of vacation time for new employees, with the potential to accrue additional time based on years of service. This policy, combined with Amgen’s family leave offering for new fathers, ensures staff members can take the time they need to rest and recharge.

Paid time off is considered one of the most significant benefits at Amgen, with 50% of employees ranking it as the foremost benefit. By granting employees ample time off, Amgen demonstrates its commitment to fostering a healthy balance between work and personal life.

In addition to vacation and family leave, Amgen provides 10 personal/sick days as part of its sick leave policy, ensuring employees can take care of their health without financial strain.

Amgen’s paid time off policy not only benefits employees but also contributes positively to the company’s overall productivity. By encouraging staff members to take time off, Amgen creates a more engaged, less stressed workforce, leading to increased job satisfaction and performance.

Fostering Professional Development and Growth

A man and a woman discussing professional development and growth opportunities

As part of its commitment to employee success, Amgen provides a wide range of professional development opportunities, including training programs and mentoring.

The subsequent sections will detail the various initiatives aimed at helping employees advance their careers and contribute to the company’s continued success.

Training and Development Programs

Amgen offers an array of training and development programs, including:

  • Manager training curricula
  • Career development programs
  • Internships
  • Specialized GMP training courses

These programs enable employees to develop the skills necessary to excel in their roles and adapt to the evolving needs of the business.

In addition to in-person trainings, Amgen also provides online training and development programs, ensuring employees have access to educational resources regardless of their location or schedule.

Amgen’s training programs are effective, as evidenced by the improvement in employee capabilities. By investing in employee professional development, Amgen enables staff to evolve and excel within the company.

Mentoring and Networking Opportunities

Amgen fosters a culture of mentorship and collaboration through initiatives such as the Women Empowered to be Exceptional (WE2) group mentoring program and the Amgen Mentorship Program for MBEs. These programs provide valuable guidance and support, enabling employees to learn from the experience and expertise of their colleagues.

In addition to formal mentoring programs, Amgen offers networking opportunities through Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), career fairs, and company-sponsored events. These platforms encourage employees to connect with peers who share similar backgrounds and interests, promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing across the organization.

Amgen’s mentoring and networking programs have proven to be valuable assets for employee growth and development. By providing these opportunities, Amgen demonstrates its commitment to investing in the success of its workforce and fostering a culture of learning and collaboration.

Ensuring Compliance and Ethical Conduct

A man and a woman discussing the company's code of conduct and ethics

At Amgen, compliance and ethical conduct are of paramount importance. The company’s code of conduct and ethics, coupled with whistleblower protection policies, ensure employees can confidently report potential violations, knowing that their concerns will be addressed and their identities protected.

The subsequent sections will detail the critical aspects of Amgen’s commitment to ethical behavior and compliance.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Amgen’s Code of Conduct and Ethics provides a guiding framework for employees, underlining the company’s values and organizational purpose. The code highlights the necessity of acting with diligence, transparency, and integrity, and leading by example to further the mission, objectives, and leadership qualities of the company.

The code is applicable to all individuals conducting business on behalf of Amgen worldwide, including:

  • staff members
  • consultants
  • contract workers
  • temporary workers

Breaches of the code are taken seriously and may result in disciplinary action, including termination.

Amgen ensures that employees have access to the full text of its Code of Conduct and Ethics through their website, enabling staff members to familiarize themselves with the guidelines and adhere to the company’s ethical standards.

Applied Materials Employee Handbook Example

In the Applied Materials employee handbook example, employees gain access to comprehensive guidelines and policies that shape the company’s work culture. The Applied Materials employee handbook example serves as a valuable resource, outlining expectations, benefits, and the overall framework for professional conduct within the organization. From onboarding processes to code of ethics, this handbook exemplifies Applied Materials’ commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment. As employees navigate their careers within the company, the Applied Materials employee handbook example serves as a foundational document, ensuring clarity and alignment with the organization’s values and objectives.

Reporting Violations and Whistleblower Protection

Amgen has instituted a solid process for reporting code of conduct violations, giving employees a platform to express their concerns through the Business Conduct Hotline. The company considers all reports seriously, treating each individually and conducting extensive investigations. Whistleblower protection is a central element of Amgen’s ethical conduct commitment. The company follows standard operating procedures to guarantee investigations protect whistleblowers.

Most reports to the Business Conduct Hotline can be made without disclosing the identity of the whistleblower, ensuring that employees can report potential violations without fear of retaliation. By fostering a culture of transparency and accountability, Amgen maintains the highest ethical standards within its organization.


In conclusion, Amgen’s employee handbook is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing a comprehensive benefits package, fostering personal and professional growth, and upholding the highest ethical standards. As we’ve explored, Amgen offers a wealth of opportunities and resources to its employees, ensuring a supportive and engaging work environment that enables individuals to thrive. With such a robust and well-rounded approach to employee success, it’s no wonder that Amgen continues to be a leader in the biotechnology industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amgen an ethical company?

Amgen is committed to conducting business ethically and in accordance with laws, maintains high ethical standards in dealings with competitors, customers, partners and each other, sacrifices immediate advantage for the sake of higher ethical standards, and is dedicated to providing scientifically accurate, fair and balanced publications. Overall, Amgen appears to be an ethical company.

What is the Amgen Code of Ethics?

The Amgen Code of Ethics emphasizes conducting business with honesty and integrity, while following the law and company policies. It also emphasizes respect for fellow staff members, government officials, business partners, and competitors.

Does Amgen have an ESPP?

Yes, Amgen does have an ESPP offering employees the opportunity to invest in Amgen stock at a 5% discount.

How many employees are at Amgen?

Amgen has nearly 23,000 employees working collaboratively to ensure they serve every patient.

What types of investment options are available in Amgen’s retirement and savings plan?

Amgen’s retirement and savings plan offers a wide selection of investment options, including equities, fixed income, and other investments.

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