AIG Employee Handbook Example

Key Takeaways:

  • AIG offers diverse career opportunities in various areas including underwriting, risk assessment, claims management, business and sales, finance, technology, and summer internship and full-time analyst positions.
  • AIG provides a competitive range of salaries for different roles, with examples of salary ranges available.
  • Employees at AIG benefit from a comprehensive benefits package, which includes options for health, dental, and vision insurance, other types of insurance coverage, pre-tax commuter expense reimbursement account, 401(k) match and retirement plans, and paid time off and work-life balance perks.

About AIG and its Global Presence

AIG, one of the leading insurance providers globally, stands tall in its industry with a strong global presence. In this section, we will delve into AIG’s overview, gaining insights into their wide range of insurance products and services. Furthermore, we will explore the company’s impressive global footprint and how it serves customers in various regions around the world. With facts and figures from trusted sources, we’ll discover the magnitude of AIG’s success on a global scale.

Sub-heading: AIG Overview

AIG Overview

AIG is a top global insurance company. They specialize in underwriting, risk assessment, claims management, business, sales, finance, and technology. They offer internships and full-time analyst roles for those interested in these areas. AIG also provides a great benefits package which includes healthcare, vision, and dental coverage. Plus, there are prepaid commuter expense reimbursement accounts, 401k match and retirement plans, and work-life balance incentives.

AIG’s core values include taking ownership, setting the standard, winning together, doing what’s right, and being an ally. They prioritize environmental, social, and governance responsibilities. For example, helping communities, prioritizing financial security for clients, and promoting sustainability within the organization.

AIG compares well to its competitor Prudential when it comes to employee satisfaction regarding compensation packages. Moreover, AIG’s interview process ensures fairness and looks for the perfect fit for both the candidate and the company.

All in all, AIG offers amazing career opportunities with competitive salaries and a supportive work environment. Plus, they prioritize well-being with their comprehensive benefits package.

AIG is here to protect you from global disasters – get ready for a world of new possibilities!

Sub-heading: AIG’s Global Presence


AIG’s global reach is an integral part of their operations. They span across multiple regions, having offices in over 80 countries. This allows AIG to serve customers and clients worldwide.

Their geographic reach includes: North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and Asia Pacific.

This comprehensive network of AIG offices enables them to operate on a global scale. By strategically positioning themselves in key markets, AIG can deliver localized support and expertise.

In addition, AIG actively engages in corporate social responsibility initiatives to make a positive impact in the communities they serve.

To ensure continued success, AIG focuses on fostering relationships with stakeholders and remaining ahead of market trends. By understanding regional nuances and customizing their offerings accordingly, AIG remains competitive in each market they operate in.

To optimize their global presence, AIG should invest in cultural diversity training for employees working in different regions. This will improve cross-cultural communication and relations with clients from diverse backgrounds.

AIG should also conduct regular assessments of market dynamics to identify new opportunities in untapped markets. This proactive approach will allow AIG to expand their footprint strategically and capture potential in growing markets.

By maintaining a robust global presence and understanding regional nuances, AIG can continue providing exceptional insurance services to clients worldwide and expand their reach.

“Ready for an adventurous journey? Underwrite your way to success at AIG!”

Career opportunity for employee

Career Opportunities at AIG

At AIG, a myriad of career opportunities await you. From underwriting and risk assessment to claims management, business and sales to finance and technology, and even summer internships and full-time analyst positions, there’s a path for every aspiring professional. Join a dynamic team where growth, innovation, and success thrive, and pave your way to a rewarding career with AIG.

Sub-heading: Underwriting and Risk Assessment

AIG’s underwriting and risk assessment teams are responsible for evaluating risks associated with insurance policies. They analyze the applicant’s data, like their financial stability and claims history, to determine the suitable coverage and premiums.

Their processes are designed to create profitability, and they work closely with other departments to provide efficient services to clients. AIG is also embracing tech advancements in the field of underwriting. With advanced analytics, they can make more accurate assessments and create personalized policies.

This commitment to underwriting excellence and risk management keeps AIG as a leader in the insurance services industry. Plus, dealing with insurance claims can sometimes feel like being a detective!

Sub-heading: Claims Management

AIG’s Claims Management: Making Sure Policyholders Receive Quick and Efficient Assistance

At AIG, claims management is all about dealing with and dealing with insurance cases. The opportunities from this worldwide practice are diverse. AIG is dedicated to giving immediate and competent help to policyholders.

The claims management team at AIG is critical for working out if the insurance covers the claim and how much it pays out. They look into the circumstances of the case, check the documents, and work with policyholders, agents, and other involved parties to come to a fair agreement.

AIG also has teams specialized in handling complex cases such as environmental damage or cyber risk incidences. These experts use their knowledge to assist clients with complex insurance matters.

Being a leader in the insurance field, AIG knows how important it is to give top-notch service to customers when they need it. The company uses technology-driven solutions to make the claims process smoother and more efficient. AIG is committed to openness, correctness, and professionalism in managing claims.

AIG supports its claims management professionals with training and development programs. This ensures that policyholders get fast help throughout their claims process.

Sub-heading: Business and Sales

Business and Sales at AIG: Empowering Growth and Excellence

At AIG, the business and sales division revolves around the company’s global presence and its many products and services. Our network and expertise provide lots of chances for people interested in business development, sales strategies, and client relationships.

Employees in the Business and Sales division get to work closely with customers across various industries. This involves understanding their specific needs and offering tailored insurance solutions. Plus carrying out market research, analyzing trends, and creating strategies to grow the business.

AIG is committed to greatness. It values client relationships and staying competitive in the market. We use our global reach to expand our customer base and meet changing demands.

In addition to a career in Business and Sales, AIG has development programs like mentorship initiatives, training sessions, and networking opportunities. These equip employees with the skills to succeed in their roles and let them grow personally.

AIG provides a vibrant environment that empowers individuals interested in business development or sales. It offers lots of chances for professional development and a supportive network of colleagues.

Finance and Technology: Crunching Numbers and Fixing Glitches

AIG also offers opportunities in finance and technology. Here, people can crunch numbers and fix bugs while secretly questioning their life decisions.

Sub-heading: Finance and Technology

Finance and Technology: Propelling Invention and Productivity at AIG.

AIG understands the significance of staying ahead in the ever-evolving financial realm. They do this by utilizing tech to boost their finance roles.

The finance and tech teams work together to generate creative solutions. These solutions aid in streamlining financial processes, amending reporting precision, and reinforcing risk management abilities. This joint effort between finance and tech helps propel AIG’s success in the worldwide insurance business.

AIG’s finance team is essential in preserving the company’s financial health. This is done through effective budgeting, forecasting, and analysis. AIG’s dedication to adopting technological improvements allows their finance professionals to execute their roles more competently while upholding accuracy and compliance.

The technology department gives support to these efforts. They do this by creating and keeping up-to-date financial systems, putting in data analytics tools, and making sure cybersecurity measures are in place. AIG also provides ongoing training possibilities for their finance professionals. This is so they can stay current on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and data analytics.

By linking finance and tech together, AIG aims to optimize their financial operations while delivering worth to their clients. This dedication to advancing invention in the insurance industry sets AIG apart in the market.

AIG fosters an encouraging work culture that endorses collaboration across departments. Finance professionals get the chance to work closely with people from varied backgrounds. This includes tech professionals who offer important perceptions into augmenting financial processes through digital solutions.

An example is Sarah, a senior finance analyst at AIG. She noticed the potential of tech in arranging financial reporting processes. So, she joined forces with the tech team to launch an automated system which decreased the time taken for report generation by 50%. This effort not only augmented operational productivity but also allowed Sarah more time for strategic analysis.

To sum up, AIG’s focus on joining finance with tech points to their dedication to advancing invention in the insurance industry. By exploiting technology to enhance financial processes, AIG empowers their finance professionals to accomplish greater efficiency and effectiveness in their roles while contributing to the overall triumph of the company.

Sub-heading: Summer Internship and Full-Time Analyst Positions


AIG is the perfect place to begin your career in the insurance industry! We offer summer internships and full-time analyst positions for individuals interested in underwriting, risk assessment, sales, finance, technology, and business management.

Our internship program provides hands-on experience, mentoring, networking opportunities, and the potential for full-time job offers upon graduation. Plus, our competitive compensation and health insurance coverage make us a great choice for starting your career.

At AIG, interns and analysts play a crucial role in evaluating potential risks for insurance policies. They analyze data, assess financial stability, and determine appropriate coverage options.

In claims management, interns and analysts collaborate with clients, evaluate damages, negotiate settlements, and ensure timely resolution of claims. This role provides valuable insight into the claims process while allowing individuals to develop strong communication and problem-solving skills.

In business and sales, interns and analysts support strategic initiatives, identify new business opportunities, and engage with customers to deliver tailored insurance solutions.

For finance and technology departments, interns and analysts contribute to financial analysis, budgeting, forecasting, implementing technological solutions, and driving digital innovation. This role enables individuals to build a strong foundation in finance or technology while being part of a dynamic industry.

Grazing in AIG’s green pastures of salaries will reward you with the perfect start to your career in the insurance industry!

Salaries at AIG

Salaries at AIG: Discover the range of salaries for different roles and explore examples of salary ranges in the AIG Employee Handbook Example.

Sub-heading: Range of Salaries for Different Roles

Range of Salaries for Different Roles

As an AIG employee, it is important to know the salary range for different roles. AIG offers competitive packages depending on the expertise and responsibilities of each position.

Below is a table showing the salary range for some AIG roles:

Role Salary Range
Underwriter $60,000 – $120,000
Claims Adjuster $40,000 – $80,000
Sales Representative $50,000 – $100,000
Financial Analyst $65,000 – $130,000
Technology Specialist $70,000 – $150,000

These are just approximations. Varying factors like experience level and location can affect salaries.

AIG also provides summer internships and full-time analyst roles. These offer great opportunities for growth and development.

AIG prioritizes providing competitive salaries. Our packages reward employees for their contributions.

At AIG, we strive to ensure fair compensation for all. We want to be transparent when it comes to salary discussions, so that employees feel valued.

Discover how much you can make at AIG – it’s not just Monopoly money!

Sub-heading: Examples of Salary Ranges

At AIG, salaries vary based on role. Employees are paid competitively and the salaries correlate with responsibility and skill. Here’s an example breakdown:

Position Salary Range

  • Underwriter $60,000 – $100,000
  • Claims Adjuster $45,000 – $75,000
  • Sales Representative $50,000 – $90,000
  • Financial Analyst $55,000 – $95,000

Note: these ranges are estimates – salary may vary depending on location and experience.

Plus, AIG offers bonuses and incentives. This offers employees the chance to make more money on top of their base salary.

AIG knows that fair compensation is important. They offer competitive salaries within the industry to attract talent. Plus, they provide a comprehensive benefits package which includes health, dental, vision insurance, pre-tax commuter expense reimbursement, and a 401 match for a retirement plan. AIG is the place to be!

Comprehensive Benefits Package

With an aim to support their employees holistically, AIG offers a comprehensive benefits package that covers various aspects of their well-being. From health, dental, and vision insurance options to other types of insurance coverage, this package ensures employees are taken care of. Additionally, AIG provides a pre-tax commuter expense reimbursement account, attractive 401(k) match and retirement plans, as well as generous paid time off and work-life balance perks.

Sub-heading: Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance Options

AIG provides comprehensive coverage for employees with their Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance Options. These options are tailored to meet the diverse needs of employees. Dental insurance ensures access to quality dental care. Vision insurance grants access to necessary services and maintenance of good eye health. Employees have peace of mind knowing their healthcare needs are covered. In addition, FSAs allow employees to set aside pre-tax dollars for eligible medical expenses.

AIG also focuses on employee well-being. They promote preventive care with check-ups, vaccines, and screenings. The vision insurance not only covers routine exams but also provides discounts on prescription glasses or contact lenses.

One employee shared they were impressed with the extensive coverage provided by AIG. Finding in-network providers was easy and the FSA offered flexibility. They felt supported in their healthcare needs and valued the comprehensive benefits.

Sub-heading: Other Types of Insurance Coverage

AIG has various insurance coverage options in addition to health, dental, and vision. These include life insurance, property & casualty insurance, and travel insurance. Furthermore, the company offers umbrella insurance policies to offer extra liability coverage above other policies.

The company can expand its range of coverages to cater to specific needs, such as pet insurance or cybersecurity insurance. Additionally, AIG can educate customers about the importance and benefits of these insurance coverages. This can be done via marketing campaigns and resources on their website.

Lastly, AIG can evaluate market trends and customer feedback to stay ahead in providing relevant and effective insurance solutions.

Plus, get ready to feel like a fancy commuter with AIG’s Pre-Tax Commuter Expense Reimbursement Account!

Sub-heading: Pre-Tax Commuter Expense Reimbursement Account

AIG offers an invaluable perk – the Pre-Tax Commuter Expense Reimbursement Account. This allows employees to put away pre-tax money for commuting costs like public transport passes and parking fees. It aids in saving funds, as the amount set aside is not taxed.

Those with high commuting costs or who use public transport will benefit greatly. This demonstrates AIG’s dedication to employee financial well-being and cost-effective solutions for their daily commute.

The program is convenient and gives employees the freedom to contribute based on their needs. AIG’s retirement plans are also a bonus, with 401 match and retirement plans that will have you dreaming of paradise.

Sub-heading: 401 Match and Retirement Plans

401 Match and Retirement Plans

AIG offers an extensive retirement plan which includes a 401(k) match program. This program allows employees to contribute a portion of their salary to a retirement savings account. AIG will then match their contributions up to a certain percentage. The retirement plan also provides options to help employees invest & grow their funds.

  • 401(k) Match Program: AIG provides employees the chance to save for their future through a 401(k) match program. Employees can contribute a percentage of their salary to a retirement savings account. AIG will match their contributions up to a certain limit, helping them build retirement savings faster.
  • Investment Options: AIG’s retirement plan also offers various investment options. Employees can decide how to invest their retirement savings, based on their risk tolerance & financial goals. This enables them to increase their funds over time & maximize their returns.
  • Employee Contribution Flexibility: AIG’s retirement plan also provides flexibility in employee contributions. Employees can choose the amount they wish to contribute from their salary, within certain limits. They can adjust their contributions based on their financial situation & goals.

In addition to the 401(k) match program & investment options, AIG’s retirement plan offers other benefits like vesting schedules & access to financial planning resources. These extra features support employees in making informed decisions about their retirement savings, ensuring long-term financial security.

AIG understands how important having robust retirement plans is for employees. Therefore, they provide comprehensive retirement benefits as part of their overall compensation package to support employees in achieving financial security for their future.

Sub-heading: Paid Time Off and Work-Life Balance Perks

AIG offers various perks to help their employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. These include:

  • Paid Time Off: Allows employees to take time off without worrying about lost income.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements: Gives them the chance to request remote work or alternate schedules.
  • Mental Health Support: Helps with employee assistance programs, counseling, and awareness initiatives.
  • Parental Leave: Supports new parents (both mothers and fathers) to bond with their children.
  • Wellness Programs: Promote physical health and well-being.

Plus, AIG also provides extra perks like flexible holiday schedules during vacations or special occasions. They also have training programs and tuition reimbursement for continued professional development.

So, make sure you take advantage of AIG’s Paid Time Off and Work-Life Balance Perks to prioritize your personal and family needs while maintaining productivity at work.

Diversity,Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts at AIG

AIG’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion shines through in its remarkable efforts. From receiving prestigious awards and accolades to positive employee reviews, this section uncovers the company’s outstanding achievements in fostering a diverse and inclusive workspace.

Sub-heading: Awards and Recognitions

AIG has gained numerous awards for its commitment to diversity and inclusivity. It has been praised for its customer service excellence, as well as for its sustainability efforts. These acknowledgements demonstrate AIG’s dedication to excellence.

Moreover, AIG upholds five core values: taking ownership, setting high standards, winning together, doing what’s right, and being an ally. This reinforces a culture of excellence and ethical conduct.

Additionally, AIG has a long-term dedication to sustainable practices. This includes supporting communities, ensuring financial security, and infusing environmental considerations into investments.

To sum up, AIG has received awards for its outstanding achievement in various areas. These recognitions validate AIG’s commitment to upholding core values and implementing responsible business practices. Moreover, employees praise AIG for its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, feeling valued and supported.

Sub-heading: Employee Reviews on DEI

Employee Reviews on DEI at AIG:

  • AIG’s dedication to DEI has gained them awards and accolades.
  • Employees love the effort AIG puts in to make a diverse and inclusive work environment.
  • They appreciate AIG for providing equal chances for all, no matter their background or identity.
  • AIG’s DEI initiatives are appreciated for creating an atmosphere of respect, collaboration, and creativity.
  • AIG listens to their employees and seeks their input to improve DEI efforts.

Further, AIG surveys and holds forums to acquire insights from employees about diversity, equity, and inclusion. This feedback helps AIG to identify areas needing improvement and implement plans to make the workplace more inclusive.

An interesting feature of AIG is their focus on allyship. Employees are prompted to support, advocate for, and promote diversity amongst the organization. This helps create a sense of belonging and empowerment.

Summing up, employee reviews at AIG show their strong DEI commitment and ongoing efforts to make a diverse and inclusive workplace.

AIG’s core values: Own it, set the standard, win together, do the right thing, and be an ally—because it’s not only about insurance, it’s about making a positive difference.

AIG’s Core Values and ESG Plan

AIG’s Core Values and ESG Plan: Discover how AIG’s core values drive their commitment to taking ownership, setting the standard, and winning together. Delve into their ESG focus, including supporting communities, ensuring financial security, and prioritizing sustainability in their investing decisions. Learn how AIG strives to be an ally, doing what’s right by fostering a culture that values integrity and inclusivity.

Sub-heading: Core Values: Taking Ownership, Setting the Standard, Winning Together, Doing What’s Right, Being an Ally

AIG’s Core Values guide their operations and culture. These values drive their success, with a unique emphasis on being an ally. Taking Ownership, Setting the Standard, Winning Together, Doing What’s Right, and Being an Ally are the five values that empower employees.

Taking Ownership encourages responsibility and accountability. Setting the Standard promotes quality and excellence. Winning Together values teamwork and collective achievements. Doing What’s Right promotes ethical behavior and integrity. Being an Ally fosters respect and inclusivity.

These values define AIG’s identity and provide a guiding compass for decision-making. They ensure ethical practices are followed and support diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. They empower employees to excel and make a positive impact.

Sub-heading: ESG Focus: Supporting Communities, Financial Security, Sustainability, ESG in Investing Decisions

AIG is dedicated to ESG Focus. This includes supporting communities, ensuring financial security, promoting sustainability, and incorporating ESG factors into investing decisions.

AIG supports community development by giving resources and help to nonprofits and educational institutions. They also protect people and businesses with insurance solutions.

Sustainability is a priority, as AIG works to reduce its environmental impact. When investing, they take into account ESG factors, to back companies with sustainable practices.

Core values such as taking ownership, setting the standard, winning together, doing what’s right, and being an ally are upheld. Disaster relief is a key example of AIG’s commitment. They provided aid to those affected and assisted rebuild efforts.

Prudential may have a great benefits package, but AIG’s is nothing to scoff at.

Comparison with Competitor: Prudential

When comparing AIG to its competitor, Prudential, we will explore two key aspects: employee satisfaction with compensation package and AIG’s interview process. Let’s dive into how these factors contribute to the overall comparison between the two companies and shed light on their unique approaches to attracting and retaining talent.

Sub-heading: Employee Satisfaction with Compensation Package

AIG puts employee satisfaction with their compensation package at the top of their list. They offer competitive salaries and a variety of insurance options, retirement plans, and work-life balance perks to attract and retain talent.

Salary ranges offered by AIG are reflective of each employee’s expertise and competitive with industry standards. Plus, the company goes beyond just salary – they provide health, dental, and vision insurance; other types of coverage; a pre-tax commuter expense account; 401 match and retirement plans; and paid time off. This all contributes to employee satisfaction.

In addition, AIG makes sure to create an inclusive environment so all employees have access to opportunities for growth.

In conclusion, AIG takes employee satisfaction seriously and offers a comprehensive compensation package to recognize employees’ skills and experience. It can be a bit tiring to prepare for an AIG interview, but it’s worth it for the amazing career opportunities.

Sub-heading: AIG’s Interview Process

AIG’s Interview Process

The interview process at AIG is a major part of assessing potential candidates for roles within the company. It allows them to get information on an applicant’s skills, experience, and qualifications to see if they are suited.

  • Initial Screening: The first step is generally an initial screening. It can be over the phone or a video call. This helps judge the basic qualifications and assess their desire to work at AIG.
  • In-person Interviews: If selected after the initial screening, applicants are invited to in-person interviews. These could be multiple rounds with different interviewers, such as hiring managers, team members, and other stakeholders. The goal is to learn more about the candidate’s qualifications, experiences, and suitability for the role.
  • Assessment Exercises: Along with traditional interviews, AIG may include assessment exercises. These can be case studies or problem-solving scenarios to show skills and how they would manage real-life challenges that might arise in their potential job.

It is important to remember that each position may have a different interview process tailored to its requirements. AIG’s overall aim is to effectively assess applicants’ abilities and make sure they fit in with AIG’s desired qualities and values.

AIG’s interview process has a focus on assessing not just technical competencies but also cultural fit. They look at alignment with core values such as taking ownership, setting standards, winning together, doing what’s right, and being an ally. This is to create a strong team environment.

Conclusion: Diverse Career Opportunities and Comprehensive Benefits at AIG

AIG offers a range of career paths and comprehensive benefits to its employees. Individuals can choose job options that match their interests and skills. AIG also provides a benefits package for employee well-being, including healthcare coverage, retirement plans, and other perks.

AIG recognizes the value of diversity in its workforce. It encourages different perspectives and ideas, which leads to innovation and success. AIG promotes an inclusive culture and seeks to hire individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Moreover, AIG emphasizes employee development. It offers programs and resources to help enhance skills and advance careers. AIG invests in its employees and encourages their learning and growth. This sets AIG apart and makes it an attractive employer for individuals seeking long-term career opportunities.

To sum up, AIG provides diverse job options and a comprehensive benefits package. It values its employees, promotes diversity, and fosters an inclusive environment. AIG also prioritizes employee development and supports their learning and growth. By offering these opportunities, AIG hopes to attract and retain talented individuals who can contribute to its success.

Some Facts About AIG Employee Handbook Example:

  • ✅ AIG, or the American International Group, Inc., is a global finance and insurance company headquartered in New York City. (Source: AIG)
  • ✅ AIG operates in over 70 countries and has nearly 50,000 employees. (Source: AIG)
  • ✅ AIG offers insurance plans for individuals and corporations, including home insurance, automotive coverage, accident insurance, and coverage for high-value collections. (Source: AIG)
  • ✅ AIG is the largest underwriter for commercial and industrial insurance in the U.S. (Source: AIG)
  • ✅ AIG provides diverse career opportunities in underwriting, risk assessment, claims management, business and sales, finance, and technology. (Source: AIG)

FAQs about Aig Employee Handbook Example

What is the difference between AIG and Prudential?

AIG and Prudential are both major players in the finance and insurance industry. However, reviews on Glassdoor show that AIG employees are generally more satisfied with their compensation package compared to Prudential employees.

What are some key points about working at AIG?

AIG is a global finance and insurance company headquartered in New York City. It operates in over 70 countries and is a Fortune 500 company. AIG offers diverse career opportunities in underwriting, risk assessment, claims management, business and sales, finance, and technology.

What opportunities does AIG provide for students and recent graduates?

AIG provides opportunities for students and recent graduates through its summer intern program and full-time analyst positions. These positions come with extensive training and development programs.

What insurance plans does AIG offer?

AIG offers a wide range of insurance plans for individuals and corporations, including home insurance, automotive coverage, accident insurance, and coverage for high-value collections. It is also the largest underwriter for commercial and industrial insurance in the U.S.

What is the culture like at AIG?

Employee reviews on culture at AIG are mixed. While there are high ratings for perks and benefits, there are lower ratings for professional development and sentiments about the executive team.

Who is Cornelian Vander Starr and how is AIG connected?

Cornelian Vander Starr is the founder of AIG. He established the company in 1919, and it has since grown into a large international insurance company.

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